2057-Year-Old Ancient Secret Used By Ancient Italian Army General To Conquer The Heart of the World’s Most Beautiful Woman Reveals The Simple System For Breaking Out Of The Friend Zone And Getting Any Woman You Want To Date To Fall Hopelessly In Love With You And Remain In Love For As Long As You Want  


This system has been used from time immemorial by men like Casanova, Elvis Presley, “Hugh Hefner of PlayBoy, Bill Clinton Etc, to not only get women fall hopelessly in love with them, but also to slip into their pants effortlessly


Picture this.


 It’s over 2,057 years ago… 

you’re a Roman Army General asking the queen of Egypt to date you. 

Her name?

Queen Cleopatra of the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt, a woman who was not only famous for being fearless and no-nonsense but was also known as


 The Most Beautiful Woman In The World


 She was drop dead beautiful. Already has a son for your mentor.

Even though you are a General, with thousands of soldiers under your command, she also commanded the entire Army of the Kingdom of Egypt.

But because you’re from Rome and you believed you had the upper hand, you summoned her to appear before you. You wonder, “Would she come?” or would she say, “NO and risk war between your soldiers and her kingdom?

If you were this Roman Army General,

What Would You Do?

This is not a story-line copied out of a movie. 


The Roman Army General’s name is Mark Anthony, and for the last 6 years he had been in love with Cleopatra but had been unable to do anything about it, for two reasons:

1.      Cleopatra was Julius Caesar’s (Mark Anthony’s mentor), mistress

2.      Even though they knew each other and were friends, Cleopatra never considered him an equal.

But now, things were different, Julius Caesar was dead and Mark Anthony had been appointed to rule over the Eastern part of the Roman Empire which included the Kingdom of Egypt.


 Cleopatra Honored The Invitation

 A war was averted and over the next 12 months, things changed. Cleopatra agreed to date Mark Antony. One year later, they had twin boys and she crowned him King of Egypt. Four years later, they had another daughter and in another 5 years both of them would die side by side after been defeated and losing in a war.


What Changed?

How did a Queen who was fearless and the most beautiful woman in the world, hopelessly fall in love with an ordinary soldier enough to make him King of her Country and even kill herself when he died.

How did Mark Anthony take himself out of the “friend zone” to becoming master over a Queen?

And how can you use the same secret to avoid trapping yourself inside the “friend zone” with a woman you’re in love with, or if you’re already in love, get yourself out like Mark Anthony did with Cleopatra?

I Will Tell You

 A new study published in the journal Scientific American found that women who want to be “just friends” are doing so because they are not sure if you’re the type of man they want to date. And there is a high possibility that she still have countless sexual impulses bubbling deep inside her and you only need the right opportunity to unleash her romance on you if you do certain things.

The problem is, what do you and how should you do it to

 Break Down Her Defences


Escape The Friend Zone: How To Trance-Form That Female ‘Friend’ Into Your Willing, Eager Lover

Before I tell you more, I will like to take a moment and introduce myself so you can understand how I was able to figure all these out.

My name is Jonathan Melody. I have been researching and publishing books on dating and relationship for over 5years now and the reason I started was because I used to be a wussy, women were walking all over me, my relationships ended in disappointment or break-ups and I was tired of it all. One day I said to myself “enough is enough

I decided to once and for all figure out what the deal was with women and how to have the upper hand in my relationship with them.

I Burned The Mid-Night Oil Almost Every Night, Sifting Through Phycology Journals, Classic Textbooks, Dating eBooks And Videos – Looking For the “Hidden Secrets” for Handling And Winning With Women.

I am happy to announce that I found it. For example here is one of the many things I found

 And more...

To be honest, many of the things I tried didn’t work but some of them did incredibly well. In fact, I got so good using them, if you knew me 5 years ago, you will see I am a completely different person now.

Which is why I decided to share what I learnt with guys like you. And the easiest way to do it was to create the “Escape The Friend Zone” report.

Here’s what you’re going to learn inside the report when you open it and start reading.

  • The reason WHY Nigerian women are addicted to Telemundo, Zee World and romance novels and how to use this knowledge to get her addicted to you. ·Page 24       
  • A secret biological "hack" you can play on any woman you have an interest in designed to turn her on and start sending off scents whenever she’s in your presence. (Scientists have known about this for years, and you must use it within a particular 14day period or it will not work) ·   Page 41    
  • How to exploit the 'curiosity factor' and boost your success rate with women by up to 400%  ·  The real reason why ugly rough looking guys always date the hot chicks. No it’s not good looks, money or working in shell. There’s something they know you don’t and you’re going to find out in Page 43·       
  • How to "ethically manipulate" a woman into falling hopelessly in love with. (If ALL you do is just this one very simple thing, she will cook for you, sleep with you. Wash your clothes and even kill for you if the situation is right. · Page 46  
  • How to use the friend zone you’re already inside to make her MORE attracted to you, even if she has given you the "let's just be friends speech" (Almost nobody understands how to do this, and those who do usually do it on accident). ·Page 16       
  • The one thing that most guys do and you're probably doing right now that makes women lose interest in you (The more you do this, the faster you’ll drive her into the arms of another man) ·Page 36      
  • A very simple way to understand the mixed signals women give that usually throws 97% men into confusion and leave them unsatisfied and bitchy (Hint: It's not about what she says but what she does. Immediately you understand this, you’ll see how to use them to your advantage). Page 21
  • How to turn the friend zone to your advantage. (You'll look forward to being friend zoned -- because it can help you get better and hotter women than you would normally.) ·Page 62     
  • How to use texts and phone calls to get her to start CHASING after you to kingdom come (If Giacomo Casanova, the world’s most famous lover who chased and slept with princesses had a phone and lived in 2017, this is exactly what he would be doing). ·  Page 50     
  • "The takeaway test"...How to cut DOWN to ZERO the chances of a woman standing you up after setting a date. Page 53·       
  • The 3 things you need to make women attracted to you. (And NO -- they have nothing to do with looks, money or being a smooth talker. Page 50
  • A curious "mystery phenomenon" that lets ugly, scummy, outright loser men effortlessly steal a typical handsome and successful nice guy’s girlfriend right out from under his nose and how to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

This is extremely important to know.


(Especially in today's hostile dating environment where women are becoming stronger and independent.)

After you read about this phenomenon on page 40, you will understand why that ugly guy who lives with 6 of his friends in a single room apartment was able to steal the “good” church-going girl from under your nose... Why all the money you make didn’t mean jack squat to that chick who now pines for a broke musician who’s screwing 10 other women on the side, and only calls her when he needs money... And, why women routinely dump “nice” and “dependable” and “kind” guys for the manipulative “jerks”, “assholes” and “douche bags” they swear they hate.

But don't worry. 

This GUIDE shows you how to use their exact same tactics...

Without Losing Your Values 

Or Having To Act Like Scum To Women.  


This powerful tip gets women chasing YOU.   

(Instead of you chasing them.)  

And, gives you complete peace of mind dating hot women.    

Plus, it's perfect if you're a frustrated "nice guy" who women always pass up for bad boys who treat them like rag. 

But that's not all, here are even more secrets you'll learn inside: ·       

  • How to know exactly what she means when she says "It's not about you but me" and how to turn it around and have her beg you to have a committed relationship with her. Page 11      
  • When exactly to tell her "I Love You" and not look like a fool in her eyes. Page 28      
  • The right time to go for the first KISS even if you're shy and not get KICKED between your legs. Page 53 ·       
  • 6 "counter-intuitive" things you must do if you want women to stay attracted to you in a long-term relationship or marriage. (Most men do the exact opposite of these 6 things -- and, as a result, are usually the ones getting dumped and divorced. Page 58      
  • A strange "6th sense" possessed by EVERY woman and it's responsible for millions of breakups and divorces... and how to exploit it to get a woman to love and want you, and not ever consider leaving you. Page 40      
  • Why you should never ask a woman you want out on a "second date."  (And the one thing you should do instead to shoot her attraction for you through the roof) Page 53 ·       
  • The single best (and easiest) way ever invented to get women who go cold on you to ”melt” and start chasing you down... practically begging for your attention. (Women who go cold and withdraw WANT you to do this on a biological level -- give them what they want and they'll give you what you want.)  ·Page 38     
  • What to do when a woman tries to play "Mind Games" with you and turn the table around, have her STOP and focus on impressing you. Page 41 ·       
  • Here's one of my favourites...How to make a woman want you more than you want her.(This one never fails) · The exact words to say to a woman when she asks you "Do you have a girlfriend"...This will get her more interested and see you as a high valued man. ·Page 64       
  • How to be sensitive without losing your manhood in the process! Page 54


But Just In case You’re Wondering If All Of These Is True, Here’s What Other Guys Just Like You Have To Say About The Guide


 Here’s what else you’re getting with a copy of “Escape The Friend Zone”



From Shy To Mr Confident



This short eBook will show you how to you can transform your self from a shy guy to a confident guy who beautiful women can't help but become attracted to and beg to have.


4 Rules To Get Her To Do What You Want Almost Immediately



This short eBook will show you how to get the kind of obedience from a woman that has her wanting to follow your lead, please you, and help you achieve your goals as your "helpmate" - without any of the naggings, whining, sexual blackmail or usual female "drama queen" nonsense.


Text Her To Bed


There’s a secret method to seduction that very few men are aware of, and all it takes to succeed is the cell phone in your pocket. It’s simple, it’s easy and you can use it to guarantee your success and turn a chance encounter with a hot girl into the bedroom gymnastics you wanted all along.

This book will let you into the secrets of how certain messages can be your most powerful ally in the dating game. You'll find out how to use messages to get into her mind, her heart – and ultimately her pants.



Unmentioned Bonuses

 You can get a copy of “Escape The Friend Zone” and I will add the 3 bonuses for free

Only N5000

You Have Nothing To Fear Because You’re Protected By My 100% Of Your Money Back Guarantee If This Doesn’t Work For You.

So go ahead, buy it and use it for the 365 days. If it doesn’t help you in any way become more confident in landing the women you desire, all you have to do is send me your name and bank details to jonathan@jonathanmelody.com.

And I will refund every single kobo that you paid once I get it.

You Have Only Two Choices Now

Option 1 is, you refuse to listen to me or believe anything I am telling you here.

Here’s what will happen when you choose this option; 

You’ll go back to your normal life, stay friend zoned by the girl you want and still trying old tactics that would never work on her. While you watch another guy date her. And possibly even marry her.

You’ll feel worse the day she gives you an invitation to her wedding.

Or you can choose,

Option 2 which is, you get a copy of “Escape The Friend Zone plus The 3 Bonuses” which reveal the proven women-getting tactics that had been used by the high and mighty for over 2000 years now and start putting them into practice.
If you choose this option, you’ll get the woman you want Period. And if for any unavoidable reason you don’t get that particular woman, you can get any other woman you want.


Here’s How To Pay

OPtion 1: Pay With You Card And Download Immediately

OPtion 2: Pay Into Bank 


Account Name: Oviomaigho Jonathan

Account Number: 0240470659

Amount to pay: N5,000


After payment, please send details below to 08101172175 

  1. Name
  2. email address
  3. Amount paid

You'll receive all 4 books within 24hrs


if you have any questions please send them to questions@jonathanmelody.com


To your success with women

Jonathan Melody



P.S. All the techniques and strategies have been PROVEN and tested by me personally on real-life situations and can for you. It doesn't matter where you are from or where your woman is from. Plus you have 365 days money back guarantee


P.S.S You have my support to guide you step by step and answer all your questions to fine tune your approach. But you have to purchase today to LOCK this offer IN



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