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Want To Become The Most Interesting Man? Here’s How.

Whenever the subject of attraction is to be discussed, being interesting is one of many things that is not often mentioned. Come to think of it, can you date someone who isn’t interesting? No one wants to be around a boring person. When you can hold a simple rapport, you lose your appeal even if you look better than Leonardo Decaprio. On the other hand, people want to talk or be around people who are interesting, because, in the real sense, they are the ones who are most attractive. They can hold a rapport not by how they look but by who they are as individuals.
The fact that people want to be around or date those who are interesting shouldn’t come as a surprise. The thing is, other than existing what else do you do? It really doesn’t take a lot to be that interesting and most wanted individual who is capable of fascinating and captivating others. You must understand that it goes beyond looks and be willing to learn the secrets that will make you the most interesting person in a room.

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American actor Leonardo DiCaprio


Engage Yourself With Interesting Things
You might say this sounds dismissive and I admit. But come to think of it, a lot of persons do no other thing other than wake up in the morning, do chores, go to work, come back home and they are off to bed. They live in a repetitive world, it’s like a circle! Endless. Ok fine, they could go see a movie some other day. But that’s it.
Being an active individual, someone whose activities varies and multidimensional makes you an interesting person. This is not about being able to talk about random topics and views on topics. When you’re interesting, you don’t wait for another to pave the course of your life but you shape and determine the direction of your life.
Now, you might ask, what then should I be doing? And the answer is not far fetched. You should ask yourself: someone who you find interesting, what should they be doing? These persons who interest you, what are the qualities you find in them? If you can answer these questions, it should be a starting point to your goal of becoming an interesting person. Maybe you’ve wanted to learn web design and graphics? Maybe you want to be on an island and watch the waves and tides of the ocean? Perhaps you just want to cook a different meal?
Really it doesn’t take much to be an interesting individual, you don’t have to be extreme by jumping planes and cars or partying every night to be interesting.

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How I long for a man who dares to be different

Although doing these things will create memories and some fascinating stories, they are not the only way to become interesting. Being able to have diverse interests and experiences and then being able to communicate them with others is what makes your interesting. Often times, it’s about going deep not broad. You can’t travel the whole/visit Europe but you can start with your own town; explore and get into its histories and mysteries. How you relate experiences is what makes them interesting/fascinating.


Nurture Your Intellectual Mind
One of the things that make an individual interesting is how they interact with their surroundings. These people don’t just let things come and go but find themselves interrogating and examining things as they come. Something new is always out there to learn.
You need to nurture your sense of curiosity and drive if you want to become interesting. You become more fun to be around the more your explore and have a broader view of your surrounding.
Reading is one way you want to cultivate your intellectual mind and become more interesting. A lot of persons do not read. You want to be ahead of the pack. Not that these people CAN’T read but they just DON’T. This is why most persons are boring. But you my friend should have a broad understanding of things, events, histories, biographies, social trends. The truth is being informed will give you a better and broader understanding of the world and why things unfold.

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so much knowledge to be absorbed. Yes even in the park

Read books from various authors, books written by women, fictions, people whose views about life is different from yours. This will only broaden your view and help you connect and understand others. Know that the more you read the more you learn and the more things to talk about will be at your disposal. You will be able to open up conversational opportunities with a wider base of knowledge. With more knowledge, you’ll be able to interact with a whole lot of people.
Things have become so easy that every book out there has an audio book version of it, Explore your intellectual curiosity with them. There’s so much knowledge out there to be absorbed. Don’t let your life be a routine.
Take classes, attend webinars if not for anything but for the sake of your own curiosity. Don’t get lasered. Engage in things not directly focused on your day to day activities. Get involved in things you normally wouldn’t. There might not be a practical reason to take taekwondo lessons but this will give you another facet to how you view things and separate you from the usual and boring.


Interact with People You Don’t Know
Most people don’t know that you become interesting when interested. This is so ignored by those who strive to become interesting and fascinating to be around. While people want to out cool those around them, they forget that even those being the focal point of attention can be fun, being a good listener is more valuable.
There are a lot of persons who love to talk. But often times find no audience. No one cares to listen as they are so much concerned about what they also have to say. So finding someone who is available to listen is invaluable. We just want people who are genuinely interested in what we have to say. When you find yourself interested in what others have to say, they tend to be free and can tell you anything. Trust me, they would want to spend more time with you.

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You can connect with anyone.

And, you can’t make new friends and lovers without talking to people you don’t know. Get used to talking to people you don’t know. Most importantly, you’ll become an interesting person the moment you develop the habit of being interested in others. Everyone has a story and they are all dying to tell it to someone. Be that person. I am nothing talking about just females but also males. You can’t just tell who you might meet out there.
Maybe that person you met at a bar will be the one to get you a place at the concert you’ve always wanted. This is not about building long lasting relationships/friendship but being able to express a genuine interest in others will create immense opportunities to help cultivate your own.
This might be difficult for a lot of persons and you know what? It’s actually a good thing! You know why?


You Just Have To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The one thing that often makes people interesting is just how they go about things that other’s wouldn’t do. Being able to step out and do the unusual, explore things others can’t just explore or daring to be different makes you more fascinating to others. I agree your comfort zone will put you at ease but then it can be a limiting factor to becoming interesting. Come to think of it, there’s a reason why there are so many stories about how other’s do amazing things the moment they embrace and adapt to new circumstances, they just become more compelling. And that my friend is growth.

becoming an interesting man

mountain climbing can be fun. Yeah?

This makes you more exciting and you know what is boring? Being comfortable is boring. You just have to push past your limits and grow into the person you should be. Change can be very scary but necessary if you’re not satisfied with what and who you are. Taking is a must if you want to become interesting to others. Just go against the odds, do something different and grow.


Be Open To Mistakes
One thing all interesting person can be tied to is having stories to tell. This is just a by-product of someone who lives an active life with varieties. You can’t help but have stories to tell. It doesn’t have to be extreme but just meeting an old friend randomly can be it.
You should always ask yourself if an event would lead to an interesting story and if the answer is yes, go for it. You shouldn’t be too bothered about how it turns out as making mistakes only add a twist to your stories. Getting stuck isn’t as important to how you got out.

what an interesting male does with friends

And he said “damn that was some head cracker”

So, challenge yourself by getting involved in things that scare you. Go on that trip, try a new meal, visit that awesome place you’ve always wanted.
And remember, the more experiences you have, the more stories you’ll have to tell and the more the stories, the more you become interesting.


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