5 of The Best High ROI Online Businesses You Can Start In 2020

Plus How You Can Start Even If You Have No Money Today

Now I want to make something very clear, many of you will rush in to read this article because you think it’s your ticket to making millions next month. While it is possible you can make millions from the business models I am about sharing with you, they are in no way get rich quick schemes.What I am trying to say here is that you must but in the adequate work.

So if you want a million naira from the businesses, you must put in the amount of work that can generate such figures for you.If you’re looking for ways to make millions in 2 days or you’re in the MMM group, then I am afraid, this isn’t for you. There are a whole lot of such schemes being peddled on the internet and good luck with them by the way.

Still here?

Then you must be up for the ride. But first let me tell you a story.

In 2012 during my 300L in Delta State University, I had a room-mate who was also interested in the whole online business thing. He will go out and come back with a discovery of a new online business. But I wouldn’t pay so much attention.And then it was one cold evening when I heard him calling my name from the door.

Joe, this will blow your mind away.

 And I was like what is it again.Designing book covers on fiverr.Prio to that day, I had heard of fiverr and even tried providing SEO and traffic generation services but had to quit because I was receiving so many negative reviews from buyers lol.The following year (2013), I came across a course on how to design book covers and offer the service on fiverr.

The course was selling for N10,000 and at that time, that was exactly my pocket money.

I remember being so confident that this would work, so I started consuming the videos in the course and had gone ahead to create an account on fiverr with the name “uniquedesignxx”. Just try googling that name to see what comes up lol.

My first 3 months on fiverr, I had made only $80. Now for most people, it was time to quit because comeon, $80 in 3 whole months?

Well, that wasn’t me.

I kept on it, honing my skills, promoting my gig, anything to make it succeed. I was consistent.And on my 6th month, I had added even logo design and that month, I made over $1000.

From that month, I continued generating funds through fiverr designing book covers and logos. And guess what?

My first million naira was made offering services on fiverr.

So, why did I share this story?

To keep you in the know ahead of time that you’ll encounter difficulties regardless of the business model you choose to go with. But what will separate you from the unsuccessful ones is consistency and a mentor (A mentor is someone who has done and gone through what you’re trying to do).

This brings me to the first business model you can start in 2020;


This is basically the act of you offering a service and getting paid for it.

This is actually very interesting because you can be here in Nigeria and offer your services to someone in the United States.The good thing about this is that you can start with arbitrage. Which simply means you get clients for a certain job and you find someone with adequate skills to handle the jobs.You can start with arbitrage if you think you have no skills to sell. However, I will advise you learn a skill. Becoming good at something only requires repetition as they say “repetition is the mother of skill”.

Below are a few sites where you can sell your services;


Note: You don’t even need money to start this. All you need is a device with an internet connection and the necessary skill

Below are some skills that are high in demand;

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO 
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Article Writing
  • Video Animation
  • Voice Over
  • Apps and Software Development

Below is what is possible with freelancing;

The screenshot above is from one of my fiverr accounts.

PS: I no longer manage it personally.PPS: You can get my video training on freelancing here using the coupon


Commerce has been here for long (almost as old as mankind) and the introduction of the internet making it possible to transact online with people regardless of their race or location was the birth of e-commerce.And, e-commerce is basically the selling or exchange happening on the internet.

So you have a product people need, you simply set up a sales system and get people to find it online via marketing and when they do, they order for it so you get it delivered to them.

In other words, e-commerce is electronic commerce.

The history of e-commerce is unthinkable without Amazon and Ebay which were among the first Internet companies to allow electronic transactions.

Thanks to their founders we now have a handsome e-commerce sector and enjoy the buying and selling advantages of the Internet.

Currently there are 3 largest and most famous worldwide Internet retailers: Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba.

E-commerce is growing so fast that In 2017 it reached around $2.3 trillion and is expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021 (according to a Statista report). And in Nigeria alone the current eCommerce spending in Nigeria is estimated at $12 billion, and is projected to reach $75 billion in revenues per annum by 2025.

While e-commerce is still growing, there’s no better time to start and dominate your own space.

This is a business model where it is possible to have a profit of over 1000% on a single product.

Imagine buying a product for as low as N1,500 and selling it for N15,000. I.E 1000% profit and that my friend is incredible!

Starting an e-commerce business might appear complex and cumbersome but with the necessary training and guidance the journey becomes simplified.

To run a successful e-commerce business, here are few keynotes;

  1. You must understand your market and calve out a section for yourself before thinking about a product to sell
  2. Don’t be so money focused that you lose sight of building a business (Think long term)
  3. Build a team (From sales to delivery)
  4. Never stop marketing and learning

When I look at the eCommerce marketplace today I see three problems that are widespread and putting most e-commerce entrepreneurs on life support.

1). Importing a product because it looks cool (this one is like a disease lol)

2). They don’t know how to advertise and sell

3. Not Paying attention to numbers

The truth is that if you are making just one of these mistakes your mini importation business probably won’t be around by this time next year.

That’s why I have created a FREE training that shows you everything you wanted to know about e-commerce and were afraid to ask

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1. How to find a hungry market

2. How to Find and import products for your market

3. How to pass your message to your market and not have to beg them to buy your products

Heck, I’ll even show you the only 3 categories of e-commerce products you should be buying that ensures you quickly sell out.

Check out the training here


I so love this one in the sense that you can start with little to no capital and you don’t even have to be an expert at something before marketing it.

Jonathan has started again you say?

Just relax let me explain.

You see, people are constantly searching online for information that either expands their skills or solves a problem.

YOU can provide that information in the form of digital information products.

Marketing and selling information products can help you start earning lots of money while helping others in a big way.

And even if you’re no expert at what they are looking for, you can partner with someone who can provide the answer/solution and package it into an information product.

Have you ever purchased an ebook or a video training course online?

Have you purchased a book from book stores or from stand still Lagos Traffic?Those are examples of information products.

For example, you were able to help some of your friends relocate to canada or get permanent residency in Dubai.

You can document the process and package it in form of a video series or pdf.

Once you create these informational products, you would then market and sell the products to people who want to know how to relocate to Canada or get a permanent residency in Dubai

With information marketing, you get to make money by selling information created by you!

Side Note: Most Pastors are also doing this. The likes of Chris Oyakhilome and David Oyedepo. 

Maybe your daddy G.O is too *wink*

These days, with everyone looking to the Internet to solve a variety of problems, selling informational products online is one method to satisfy the demand.

And guess what?

It’s about to get interesting.

Just keep reading.

What if I told you that, you don’t even have to create the information yourself before you can start selling information products online?

You don’t have to bother or go through the headaches of researching what people want or spending hours putting together a report or even worrying about how to satisfy customers?

What? Jonathan are you serious?

Yes! with 100% certainty.

This model alone made me N30 million in 2019

All you have to do is find someone who have created what people want and market it yourself for a certain percentage commission.

It could be 30%, 50%, 70% and this bring me to the next business model.

PS: I created a video training that breaks down the 3 steps you need to take to create an information marketing business that will continue to generate you income monthly, even if you’re just starting online.

You can watch the training CLICK HERE

PPS: This is the best business to start now in this global coronavirus pandemic. You don’t have to leave your house and many people are at home and spending more time on their devices.


The image you see above is my affiliate earnings and this was made possible because of an online platform


Expertnaire is an online platform that allows Experts(those with quality information, knowledge and expertise) to list and sell their products on their marketplace.

And other people who want to make some money can help them sell those products and smile to the bank.

Let me explain better.

I consider myself to be someone who is an expert at creating valuable knowledge products (books, videos,courses etc) Over the years, I have created knowledge products and sold tons of them on different areas like:

  • Relationship
  • Business
  • Etc

I have also taught a lot of people how to do the same.

There is no doubt that one of the surest ways to build an online business and make a lot of money is by creating and selling products that share valuable information in formats like e-books, videos etc.

But the truth is this:

At the end of the day, most people can’t create their own high demand knowledge products to sell for various reasons.

E.g. Some just don’t get it regardless of how easy I try to make it.

Some just don’t have the time because of their job and other life issues.  

Some just have other unexplainable reasons.

This is not only in Nigeria.

It happens to people all over the world.

So, someone (I actually don’t know who started this but that person must be one brilliant son or daughter of a mother) came up with this concept where you can sell another person’s product online and get a part of the commission.

In many cases, you can even use the same marketing materials that person created to sell the product and get paid (how interesting).

That is how the Clickbank marketplace was launched back in the day.

On Clickbank, there are 2 groups of people.

The first group are known as merchants.

These are people who are able to create high value products (digital) and list them on the Clickbank marketplace along with the marketing material to sell them.

The second group are the affiliates who simply sign up on Clickbank and what they do is to pick any product from the Clickbank marketplace.

For each product, there is something called an affiliate link attached to it.

It usually looks like this:

All the affiliate has to do is to find people who are most likely going to be interested in that product and recommend the product to them through his affiliate link so that they can buy through the link.

So let’s say a merchant lists a product about “dog training” and let’s say the product sells for $40.

The merchant can now set an affiliate commission for the product.

Let’s say 50% which is most common.

What this means is, if an affiliate makes a sale of the product (via his affiliate link), he gets paid 50% of that $40 which is $20.

Are you following me here?


Unfortunately, Clickbank blocked out Nigerians probably because we are known around the world as potential fraudsters.

Whatever was the reason, many Nigerians still find a way to register on Clickbank though but most of them (about 99.9%) don’t make any money because they don’t know how to market and because they are competing with other well trained and experienced affiliates from all over the world.

I actually told you all this long story to help you understand the concept of selling other people’s digital products.

So, Let’s Go Back to Expertnaire.

On Expertnaire, Nigerians with quality knowledge based digital products can list them along with marketing materials that makes selling them easier for affiliates.

Then affiliates can sign up to the Expertnaire platform,pick one or more products to market and use the affiliate links of each product to market them.

When someone buys the product via the affiliates’ link, the affiliate will get a commission for that product.

Now that you understand how this works, let me explain how you can become an affiliate of

Go  Here

Fill the form and click Register (you should read the terms and conditions too though)

Once you click REGISTER, the system will show you a popup notification informing you that the fee for becoming an affiliate on Expertnaire is N10,000 a year.

Just click the Yes, Continue button to move on.

Or click cancel if you are not willing to pay the fee.

If you follow through with the registration, you will be able to access all the products you can promote.

Let’s say you are promoting a mainstream product (a mainstream product is a product that appeals to a mass audience – E.g. Weight loss, making money etc)

Then let’s say you have about 2000 people on your FB friends list who are at least 28 years upwards.

Next, let’s say you make a post on your FB wall where you are simply recommending an article on the product for others to go and read:

If you have at least 2000 active people on your

FB/Instagram/Whatsapp friends list who are between ages 28-45, many of them will read the article, click on the affiliate link there and many will buy immediately.

Just imagine promoting a product like 10X ecommerce blueprint and for every person who joins the program you get 50% commission (N12,500).Or Information Business Machines and get N25,000 for every sale!

If you can get just 20 persons from your friends list monthly that will be an extra N250,000 or N500,000 from Information Business Machines for you.

But then, while this can make you some money fast, it is not a business strategy that can be ongoing.

And usually, the money you make from here might not really be much because it is all about leveraging the contacts you have already.

There are even better strategies to doing this.

You can download a free report on it here or watch a free video training by clicking here

PS: You can also decide to be an affiliate to companies like Konga and Jumia and sell their products for commissions.To register as Konga Affiliate Click here

To register as Jumia Affiliate Click here


The consulting business is the next level information marketing if rightly packaged can continue to generate you money till you die.

It’s basically offering advice based on your expertise to a specific group of people. So, you have to be an expert at something to do this. 

A consultant’s job is to consult. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s that simple. There’s no magic formula or secret that makes one consultant more successful than another one.

But what separates a good consultant from a bad consultant is the passion and drive for excellence.

And oh yes a good consultant should be knowledgeable about the subject he or she is consulting in.

That does make a difference.

You see, in this day and age, anyone can be a consultant. All you need to discover is what your particular gift is. 

For example, are you very comfortable working around computers?

Do you keep up with the latest software and hardware information, which seems to be changing almost daily? 

And are you able to take that knowledge you have gained and turn it into a resource that someone would be willing to pay money for?

Then you would have no trouble working as a computer consultant.

Now, don’t get the wrong picture here.

This is not about getting a fancy office and employing a thousand staffs.

You can do this from the comfort of your home and make 6-7 figures monthly and consistently.

That’s it, guys.

I hope you enjoyed it.

But most importantly, take action because without taking action there will still be no change and you’d remain in same position.

And don’t forget to share with others

How To Know If A Product Would Sell Before Investing Into It

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How To Sell More Of Your Products On Instagram Using Influencers

How To Sell More Of Your Products On Instagram Using Influencers

If you find this video interesting and would like to learn more and take your mini importation business to the next level, you can subscribe to my mentorship program by clicking HERE.

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What Is The Difference Between Men And Women?

9 out of every 10men asked will respond with the in the lines of “Men are logical, women are emotional”. I can bet even you reading this, thinks in the same light.

While you’re right. What you fail to know is that women are as logical and rational as men. And men are no less emotional. How they respond to situations is what differentiates them.

So what really differentiate the male and female?

Take, for instance, a friend’s father or mother or someone close to them dies, a man will try to find a solution and see how his friend is OK. But a woman will step into the friend’s shoes to feel what the friend is passing through. This is why she’s going to cry and the man wouldn’t.

Every woman responds to certain situations or conditions using a logical mechanism. This logical mechanism is the reason why a woman can perceive deceit, this is why she can tell something fishy is about you when you’re just meeting her. This is why she can just tell how nervous and less confident a man is when he tries to approach no matter the frame the man wears to mask it.

This logical mechanism is responsible for her survival through hard conditioning.

So, while a man is after the physical appearance of a woman, she’s is stepping into the aura the man carries. And when you hear her say “something isn’t right about that guy.” You wonder how she can tell something is wrong with a person she barely knows.

Two days ago, I was scrolling through my timeline and saw the video of a man explaining the difference between the male and the female brain. He was talking about how the parts of the female brain are connected and the male’s distinct and well separated. What this man was trying to illustrate is the connectivity of their brains.

This connectivity is the reason a woman wouldn’t be aroused by the picture of d!ck but will be aroused seeing the picture of a couple cuddling or kissing.

A woman feels every part of her brain. This is why a woman does so well even far better than a man when she chooses anything and pursues it. This is why she experiences mood swings and you start to question. “How can someone who was so happy a min ago turn out to be this bitchy?” This is why she can be seeing two men and thinks she’s in love with the both of them.

Whatever is thrown at a woman she responds to it in two ways. Understanding how she responds gives you the right tools the loving her the right way. If you don’t know and that understand these responses, you’ll have little to no success with women.

In Game mastery system I teach men how to understand women and love them the right way.

You can join the group by clicking the button below


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From My Heart To You

Author, Graphic Artist, Peak Performance Coach, and Entrepreneur

The “Just Got Dumped” GUIDE

WARNING: What you are about to read are facts proven to work every single time. Hence, I don’t want anyone who intends to use them to harm women to have access to them. If your intentions are to harm or hurt or break the heart of women, please STOP reading. However, if you want to attract the woman of your dreams and keep her attracted to you, then continue reading.

At one point or another, everybody ends up getting dumped or a break up for one reason or another, even Brad Pitt.


You know him huh?

Yes, that’s him. The sexy and charming man got dumped.

So there’s absolutely no problem with that. The woman just didn’t want to be with you anymore. Perhaps she only wanted the sex and it got boring or maybe she is looking for something more serious. Nobody is 100% compatible with each other and differences are going to occur and relationships will terminate. A lot of “Soulmate” or “the one” Myth flying around. There are many the one for everyone.

That’s story for another day.

But for today, I have a story for you. Once upon a time (please this is not fiction), one of my friends met a charming girl with massive butts. Sexy and hot as hell. Yeah, I mean it. Things were going great for the next 6 months and all of a sudden things changed. My friend was in a concert when he received an SMS from his charming girlfriend. She wanted a break up (I sh!t you not fellas).

My friend just read the message and ignored it. He was strong enough to go about his purpose just like I taught him. He made sure he completed what he was out there for and for the next 2 days, he didn’t flip, he didn’t reply nor texts her to ask what the problem. He completely acted aloof. On the 3rd day, the girl called and started pleading. That’s the grip a strong man can have over a woman.

Thing is, some of you guys just can’t handle being dumped by a woman and you feel like you absolutely NEED to get your ex-girlfriend back, or at least make them fall in love with you again, for your own self-validation. I really don’t understand why you’d want to seek validation from a woman.

Anyways, so what exactly do you need to do after a woman breaks up with you?

Should you offer to be friends? HELL NO. that’s obviously not what you want

Should you beg her to get together with you? HELL NO. Do this and I will find you and cut off your P!n!s. Just kidding. But seriously man, DON’T DO IT.

What if you think she is the woman you were destined to be with? – If she is so meant to be with you, she will come back sometime in the future and the ball will be in your court. I hope you know what to do when such a day comes?

What if she was a virgin and you are afraid other guys will take her virginity? – Oh well. Nothing you can do about it. She doesn’t feel you anymore so get that into your head!

ONCE a woman dumps you, she thought about it 100 times before she did it. She played it over and over in her head. Most likely she has another guy waiting up in line. Even more often, they usually have a man who is already sleeping with them and taking care of all their needs.

Yes, and she has been telling you but you were not just listening. She just used the notorious breakup protocol on you (The breakup protocol is a secret girls’ code that chicks activate when they are about to dump a guy) and you didn’t even notice because you were so wrapped up in your feelings for her. But a Man who has gone through the entry level the Game Mastery System just like my friend can easily decode every of her secret language and every move and turn things around FAST.

Once it is over, it is simply OVER.

Do not speak to her anymore.

Do not maintain contact with her anymore.

Do not have her on your friends’ list on facebook anymore and don’t chat with her on BBM or keep her on BBM.

Here are 5 rules:

1) Delete her phone number.

2) Delete her BBM.

3) Delete her facebook.

4) FORGET about all the websites she goes to and don’t stalk her on the internet or worse, in real life.

5) Do not initiate contact. Either on Instagram, internet, real life or over the phone.

Break any of those rules and you have lost the game. Yes, you just got defeated, bro.

Let me explain to you the way women’s minds work.

After a woman breaks up with a man, she is UNSURE about her decision (I know you don’t know this. Now you know). Women are very uncertain creatures. Women do not trust themselves. Very few women are extremely self-confident and even those will doubt their decisions a lot of the time.

When growing up, a lot of these women looked up to their fathers to make sure they made the right decisions. Daddy would approve or daddy would disapprove. And that is how they knew they made the right or wrong decision. But, they can’t really talk to DADDY about their decisions with men.

So what happens?

When they break up with you, they judge based on YOUR REACTION whether or not they made the right choice by dumping you.

If you CRY, BEG HER BACK, WANT TO BE FRIENDS, and proceed to call her and give her attention… SHE KNOWS SHE DID THE RIGHT CHOICE. This is what 97% of guys do. The other 3% know how attraction work and you can find them in the Game Mastery System.

If you smile, walk away and don’t say a word – then she will not know how to handle it. In a few weeks, she will start to DOUBT she made the right decision. Anxiety is going to go through her every time she thinks about you. After a while, she will start to think of you every day. Then it will become every few hours. Then it will become every few minutes.

Eventually, she will no longer know how to handle it and the curiosity and anxiety will drive her wild.

She will try to call you or email you or send a text.

If you pick up the phone and speak to her, you LOST.

If you answer her email, you LOST.

If she texts you and you reply back immediately, you lost. I mean it man, DON’T DO IT!

Once she INITIATES CONTACT with you, if you are too easy to get a hold of, she knows you are easy. The whole challenge would be lost. (You’ve been too easy, Now it’s time to be a challenge)

After she calls you once or twice, she will start to go crazy, even more.

You may not believe this happens but it really does.

Her anxiety will go through the roof and she won’t be able to sleep at night. Believe me. Especially if you put up a picture on your facebook with yourself and another girl holding hands or showing any type of affection or just a simple Facebook status showing you’re having fun. It will get her insane. She will start to think you found your dream woman and she is forgotten. This will drive her crazy.

Imagine her anxiety level like an EMPTY GLASS.

Once she dumps you, she usually has a little bit of anxiety. If you start to cry and blow up her phone, she TRUSTS HER DECISION and she feels no anxiety towards it. She looks at you and you are done.


However, if on the other hand, you don’t cry and you walk away with a big smile, she will wonder what happened. Give it a week, and that “glass” will start to fill up. Her anxiety level is going to rise.

Then she will try to call you. You don’t answer. Unconsciously she starts to think you are better than she is and she lost a good thing. Her anxiety and fear of loss go through the roof.

When she sees you with another woman, jealousy emotions will kick in and she will lose her mind.


When that glass gets all the way full and she can’t handle her anxiety anymore, she will do something insane.

This can be:

– call your phone 287 times in 12 minutes

– leave an email saying she will kill herself

– tell you she really needs your help and she can’t live without you

– say she needs you and wants you

– She tells you she loves and misses you

What do you do when she does this?

You go to the liquor store, buy yourself a whiskey, sit on the couch, SIP your drink, savour the moment and you do NOTHING.

You let that anxiety stay at a peak.

Her anxiety will be overwhelming to her and she will start to slowly build up other emotions toward you.

When a woman is given EXTREMELY strong emotions from a man, like ANXIETY or HAPPINESS or FEAR, or any other, she will begin to think she is in LOVE WITH HIM.


You read that right. You will make her feel high anxiety levels and she will start to think she is in love with you after a while.

Isn’t that the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard? But that is the way the human mind works.

You let her stay at that high peaked anxiety.

She can call you and beg to get back together, don’t do it YET.

Let her beg (remember she said she doesn’t want anymore?). Let her grovel. Don’t even pick up the phone or talk to her. Let her feel that anxiety. Every second you hold out more, she will fall in love a bit more with you and her feelings will intensify towards you.

If you dated a girl for 1 year, maybe let her grovel and beg for a month or 2.

If you dated her 3 months, let her grovel and beg for 3 weeks or so. Don’t give yourself away too fast though, use some judgment.

When she will come back, if you want to start a relationship with her, go ahead.


But again, the ball is in your court.

The purpose of this guide was to teach you how to be a man and handle yourself like a man would.

And that is how you handle getting dumped.

If you truly want to learn how to get your Game right Join the Game Mastery System By clicking the button below

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From My Heart To You

Why Girls Like Bad Boys

WARNING: What you are about to read are facts proven to work every single time. Hence, I don’t want anyone who intends to use them to harm women to have access to them. If your intentions are to harm or hurt or break the heart of women, please STOP reading. However, if you want to attract the woman of your dreams and keep her attracted to you, then continue reading.

This is a very popular subject. 99.9% of men are aware women are attracted to bad boys, they just can’t resist them but really don’t know why. They think they can use logical reasoning to make women see why they shouldn’t fall in love with the bad boys.
100% of women are aware they can’t resist the bad boys even though they are not what they want.
Well in this article you’re going to find out exactly why women find bad boys attractive and irresistible.

If you’re a movie fanatic, you must have come across guys like Brad Pitt, James Dean, Daniel Craig popularly known as James Bond to Just name a few. Oh, I should add Kanye West; If you don’t know the others, you should know this Hollywood’s star.
If you look closely into the lives of these men, you’ll notice these guys have similar traits. Traits of the bad boy.

Research has revealed that these men possess the Dark Triad personality traits of narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellism. The hallmarks of narcissism include dominance, a sense of entitlement, and a grandiose self-view. They possess the willingness and ability to compete with one’s own sex and to repel mates shortly after intercourse.

Society in general and the media in particular LOVE to paint the Bad Boy as the black hole of masculinity. That is to say, that nothing can escape them… no woman can resist their magnetism, no Nice Guy is nice enough to keep a woman away from their pull.
So what exactly are the traits possessed by these bad boys women find irresistible?

1. Bad boys keep it real
Unlike nice guys who want to make sure they do everything right even to their detriment to make sure a woman is satisfied. Bad boys are blunt and are not afraid to cause some turbulence and frustration in a woman’s life.

2. Boundaries: 
Bad boys set boundaries, they wouldn’t give a woman the opportunity to walk all over them. They just know how to put a woman in her place without mixing their words or shading their actions.

3. Approval Seeking:
Unlike Nice guys who constantly seek approval and be told how much they are loved, the bad boy doesn’t care as he knows he’s awesome and there are tons of other women who want him. He cares about himself more than any other person.

4. Challenge:
Another reason why bad boys are so appealing is simple: they’re more of a challenge than a lot of nicer guys. Part of what makes the difference between sexual attraction and platonic friendship is behaviour. A guy with many female friends may well be a good guy with lots to recommend to him, but he’s missing that spark or oomph that catches people’s attention. More often than not, they tend to be agreeable and eager to please… almost too eager in some cases. Once again, the bad boy cares more about himself

5. Mystery:
Bad boys are mysterious. They just can’t be predicted which is exciting to women. Nice guys are predictable which is boring. Predictable plus no excitement plus no challenge equals “women prefer a bad boy.” They always bring the fun and excitement.

6. Bad Boys are Charming:

Bad boys can be very charming and know exactly what women want to hear. However, they eventually switch over to being selfish. By the time they reveal their true colours, the woman has fallen hard and has a tough time letting go. They just know how to put a woman on a roller coaster.

7. Some women have low self-esteem:

Women don’t feel comfortable with a man who treats them better than they treat themselves (They feel such a man is too genuine to be real). So, the bad boy is simply reinforces their negative belief. A nice guy only treats her in a way she’s not familiar with and that feels uncomfortable.

8. Women just want to be bleeped:

Women sometimes like to be manhandled and think a nice guy won’t be able to take control and get the job done under the sheets. A bad boy comes across as being able to deliver, even though that may not always be the case.

9. Hormones:

Women are genetically programmed to seek the strongest of males to mate with and continue procreation. Hence are drawn to the masculinity of the bad boy. He gives her the vibes that she will be protected. Bad boys believe their genes are so strong that they aren’t afraid of losing a woman because of bad behaviour. Nice guys’ fear of losing their woman sends the exact opposite message.

10. Commitment:
If a woman is afraid of intimacy, she subconsciously knows she can avoid it with a bad boy, since she can never get close enough to him to have to go there. A nice guy will eventually want a commitment and too soon and that’s scary to a woman.

11. Women like to feel needed:

Nice guys don’t usually need “to be fixed.” Bad boys usually do, so they become a “project.” Some women think if they can “create” the perfect man, he will never leave them. Also, if they’re busy fixing someone else, they don’t have to look at what needs to be fixed in their own lives.

12. Bad boys go for what they want without hesitation:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a shy nice guy has a crush on an attractive woman. He spends weeks trying to tell if she likes him back. Then, after days of building up his courage, he makes his move.

That, of course, is when he discovers that she’s dating someone else. The problem for so many nice guys is that they are afraid of rejection. They refuse to make an approach unless they are 110% sure that they’ll succeed. They will dress it up in any number of excuses. They want to wait until the moment’s right, they don’t want to make it weird. But it all comes down to the same problem: they don’t want to take the risk of getting hurt from rejection.

There you have it guys, this is why women date the nice guys and sleep with the bad boys(flings). Women know they can’t have long-term relationships with the bad boy as it always leads or ends with heartbreaks and hurt. This is why they are now in search of the unicorns. Only 3% of the male population are unicorns. Those men who have been able to find the balance between the Nice Guy and The Bad Boy. In my group (Relationship and Dating matters with Jonathan Melody), I teach guys how to become a Unicorns and Not being seen or labelled a scum. Yet still, possess the bad boy traits. You can search on facebook to join others.

Truth is Women don’t like bad boys, they like what bad boys do.

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The Art of Conversations: Build Instant Connection With Women

WARNING: What you’re about to read is very effective. Hence I don’t want those who intend to harm or hurt women to use this. If you intend to hurt women please stop reading. I mean it. STOP right hereNow,Building a rapport with women is the second stage in the attraction level and most men find it difficult to move past it, they just hit a dead zone. Just like the teller machine when it no longer has any cash to dispense, leaving the woman frustrated. Same happens when you can’t hold a conversation with a woman. But that would be a thing of the past once you’re able to read through this article.If you’ve ever watched Blind Date, I’m sure you’ve seen or experienced these two types of dates: Date A: Conversation goes well. Guy and girl are talking and no awkward silences. These are usually the ones where both say they want a 2nd date Date B: Conversation doesn’t go well. Guy and girl talk a little, but it’s just random questions here and there and full of awkward silences. These dates don’t usually lead to a 2nd. The girl always says she didn’t feel they made any type of connection. If you’re out with a girl, she needs to feel that you and her are connected on a personal level. This connection leads to attraction or builds on it. But most guys can’t carry a conversation. They have no idea what to say, they ask a question, the girl answers, then they sit there looking around like a broken alarm clock because they ran out of questions. The girl thinks the guy is boring, dull, and unable to handle the simplest of tasks. Girls love to talk, but they will toss you aside if you can’t keep them interested with a basic conversation. If you have being able to intrigue the lady, it’s time to create a rapport, as well as sustain it. Every human loves the feeling of importance, we want to talk about ourselves, the battles we have won, the heights we have attained and it’s no different when it comes to keeping a rapport with a woman.You need to understand that every woman loves to talk about herself and loves stories. You don’t have to be super smart to get a conversation going with a woman if you can understand these two things and how to apply them. Please, don’t go out there and start throwing questions upon questions on her as she will get pissed. No woman wants to feel as though she’s being interrogated. However, you only need to apply a twist to this. Truth is, having a girl talk about herself by asking questions is one of the best ways to maintain your mystery. 80-90% of our communication is done non-verbally. Your body language is extremely important because it says more than you think. When you’re talking to a girl, keep eye contact. Don’t sit there staring at her chest or looking around the room at other people. Don’t look like someone with a short attention span. Tone is also very important. How you say something is more important than what you actually say. Words, tone and body language make up a conversation. But words are the least of the 3. Keep in mind tone and body language will actually deliver what you’re saying. You need to know that you’re responsible for the emotions you project onto a woman and are in total control of every rapport. This is why the cube game which I talked about in my group (relationship and dating matters with Jonathan melody) is the fastest way to create an instant connection and build up emotions in her.Click here to join groupTake a genuine interest in what she’s saying. Don’t try to fake it. When she tells you she spent 3 months in Abuja during her summer vacation, don’t say, “That’s cool.” That’s a big thing. Ask her about it. What did she like about the place? Where in Abuja did she spend her time? What differences are there between Abuja and Lagos (assuming that’s her permanent place residence)? You could talk to her for hours just about her trip. Ok, now let’s get into some techniques and tips for holding or initiating conversation. 1. Always be aware of your surroundings! Some of the best conversation starters are based on what’s going on around you. Maybe something funny happened, maybe there’s a guy that looks like Hanks Anuku. Maybe the girl dropped her cell phone in water. Whatever is going on around you, learn to use it to your advantage. Ways to practice this: When you go out, look for things happening to people or in your surroundings. Then, approach anyone (guy or girl) and talk to him or her about it. Make it seem smooth and if you can, funny. Then, let that lead to more conversation. This is probably the best way to do a Cold Approach(an approach to someone you’ve never met).2. Use open-ended questionsIt’s no news at this point that women love talking, especially about themselves. Asking a woman questions about herself will help you gather enough information to increase her attraction level for you through seduction.Don’t come up sounding like a robot configured to ask questions and risk turning her off. Be genuinely interested in what she tells you and mirror her expressions and gestures and speech patterns but don’t be obvious about it.See these conversations below;I want to assume you have passed the intrigue stage of getting her interestedYou: what do you do for fun?Her: reading and playing chessYou: Do you always play chess?Her: YesYou: That’s NiceHer: OKNow I want to go through that same conversation with a little twist to it.You: So tell me, what do you do for fun?Her: Reading and playing chessYou: that sounds awesome! You must be a walking library and a goddess of chess. Played in a championship?Her: Hahaha, you’re funny. I always wanted to but time and my job wouldn’t allow me. I work in a bank as a marketing officer and that takes a chunk out of my time. Do you do anything for fun?You: Yes I do and that’s talking to you(she’s going to blush at this) and what feelings exactly do you derive from playing chess?Her: Playing chess relaxes my nerves and turns on my thinking cap. If you understand what I mean?You: Hell no I don’t! Tell me, what do you me by thinking cap?Can you see the direction of the two conversations? You act like you’re interested. Because when you do, she will tell you more without asking. And the cube game will make her appear like an open book and you get to read into her desires and needs.Tip: The harder a woman works on building rapport with you, the more you’re going to be worth to her3. Listen to Her! I’m sure you’ve all heard women complain about guys that don’t listen. If you ask the girl the proper questions and just sit back and listen, she’ll tell you exactly how to seduce her. She’ll tell you what she looks for, what she likes, and what she doesn’t like. You guide the conversation then use this so you know what she wants to hear and how she wants to hear it. If any of you have ever done sales, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Always let the customer talk first and they’ll tell you what they want to hear. (The cube method is the fastest way to achieve this without her even knowing)Girls like guys who can keep them interested. Try to keep the conversation different. Take risks. Talk to her about stuff other guys usually wouldn’t; you’ll stick in her mind. Watch the news so you know what’s going on in the world. You can use that to get opinions out of her if you need something to talk about. One more technique, which is a little more advanced, is using statements instead of questions. This isn’t to carry a conversation, it’s just a technique you can use to change things up a bit and display a lot of confidence. Are you tired of meeting weird guys? => You must be tired of meeting weird guys. What school did you go to? => So tell me what school did you graduate from How was your day? => Tell me about your day They usually start with “So…”, “Then…” “You must…” “You could…” “It must be…” Statements they take a position and a risk.Saying, “I’m not interested in a long-term relationship right now” is taking a risk. Making these statements shows her your courage and confidence instead of being a guy who sits back and asks safe questions. It also gives you more control because you’re telling her to tell you something, not asking her nicely (but stating it isn’t rude either). This is where a little bit of negging when used with the cube game works magic. She’ll be telling you how much fun she had at the end of the date or how you get to know so much about her which instantly increases your value in her eyes and shoots her attraction for you up.The Cube game is something of a mystery. It is the Holy Grail in getting women drawn to you instantly. But few men know about it and how to use it. You don’t need Q-Cards to keep a conversation going or building a connection. Just go with what she says and build on it. It’s as easy as that.Join group here

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Escape The Friend Zone

97% of Guys Out There Do Not Know What I am About Sharing With You

Guys, I am sure this has happened to you before,Sometimes you meet an amazingly gorgeous woman who you just connect with, you are blown away by her personality, intelligence, appearance and can’t help thinking about how a life with her would look like.You were able to strike a rapport with her and got her phone number and you are now in contact. Then you went on the first date, and then the second date, maybe even a third date and you can see yourself dating her and you want her to be your girlfriend. So you decide, “today I am going to ask her out”The D-day comes and you make your intention known to her. You tell her she’s the most amazing thing that has happened to you and you want her to be your girlfriend.But, she says NO.Her reasons? She not ready yet. Or she says she has a boyfriend already. Worse, she may say, she sees you as just a friend and she’d prefer you guys just stay friends.But that’s not all. After that day, she goes cold, she no longer responds with the same enthusiasm as she did at the start, she starts giving you some wishy-washy reasons why she doesn’t return your calls and why she can’t spend time with you.You become frustrated, asking yourself what exactly you did wrong. At this point, two things happen to a lot of guys who face this issue with the women they like and are interested in dating.1. You may also become cold towards her. Then she sees you as a jealous jerk, someone who can’t take rejection and be mature about it. If you do this, you go further down the ladder of appropriate boyfriends, and she believes her decision was the right one.Only one person loses out here. You.2. You take it “as a man” and continue being friends with her. She is glad you didn’t end your relationship with her, but you still get put down the ladder of an appropriate boyfriend and because now you’re “just a friend”, she basically treats you as one of her fellow girls. She will date other boys but not you because women do not date their friends. She will bring her boyfriend problems to you to solve. And the truth is, you will hate every single minute of it but you can’t complain because hey, you’re just a friend.You really do not want to be in any of the two scenarios above. What you want is for the woman you’re interested in to also be interested in you and see you as the sort of man they would be willing to date.In this article, I’m going to tell you why women who were hot and aggressive at the beginning of a relationship go cold and eventually pull away. And how you can turn the tables around and get her to start chasing you again.Science has proven it time and time again that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear, the moment a woman gets a clear hold of all that there is to you (becoming a plain book), you start losing your value in her eyes and her attraction for you starts going down. And when this starts happening you because you don’t understand how attraction works the first thing you think, you have to do is something to get her attraction back up. For many guys, what they do first is they start begging her to change her mind. And when she doesn’t they beg some more, and then some more, even asking her friends to plead on their behalf. The pressure becomes too much and she becomes afraid and unsure of how to respond.Now here’s the thing, when you beg a woman to change her mind, you have psychologically given her power over you. You have put yourself below her, and as far as dating is concerned, that’s not a good thing. Here’s why.Women prefer men who are in charge, not wimpy men who beg and plead with them. This only shows you don’t value yourself or know your worth. A woman wants a man she can be comfortable with, one who has control over his emotions, who is a challenge, a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. If a woman sees you as weak, and begging to her is a weak behaviour, she will never date a weak man. Period.Another thing some guys do is, they try to do too much for the girl. This type of attitude is called “The illusion of action”.You think you have to do something to get her to like you more and that the more you do, the more she will like you. That is bullshit! When a woman who was initially aggressive starts taking steps back, it shows you’re pursuing her too much, you’re forcing yourself on her and it’s choking her. You’re becoming too needy. She wants some air, so she tries to get some space. And the more you pursue her, thinking if you don’t, you’d lose her, she backs off making it more likely you might just eventually lose her.You must understand that men and women respond to things differently and in the issues of love and relationships, women want you to take it slow but because men are visual, we want to get it all to a conclusion quickly. Hence, tend to come on too aggressive, asking for a relationship too soon.Well, you see my friend, women are emotional beings and their actions are almost always different from what they say. That’s why a woman tells you when she breaks up with you or rejects your advances, “It’s not about you, it’s me” or “You’re not the problem but me”. A man hears these words and they sound gibberish to him. But that’s because you really do not understand how to deal with these situations when they happen to you.What do you do to stay in control when you meet and like a woman and want to date her? What do you do to make sure you don’t enter the dreaded “friend zone” or if you’re already in it, to get out and turn things around? Don’t ask your female friends, they won’t tell you the truth because they don’t want to hurt your ego. Your guys can’t provide you good advice because they are also clueless (their relationships are shit). And if any of them are successful with women, they can’t tell you because honestly, they don’t know exactly what they are doing because they are just naturals (it’s inborn in them). But all hope is not lost. You can avoid getting sucked into the “friend zone”, and if you are in one, you can get out of it. You can become the man no woman can resist. How do I know this? Because, I was once like you, a wussy. Women used to walk all over me until I stripped myself of the “normal guy routine” and started using some ancient biological attraction triggers that have been used for more than 2,000 years since men used to live in caves and were gatherers. This is the same secret that the world’s famous lovers like Casanova, Mark Anthony, Elvis Presley, “Hugh Hefner (PlayBoy) Bill Clinton, etc used to get into the hearts and subsequently pants of the women they desired.Since I learnt these ancient secrets my life has completely changed, 100 percent. I am now “The Man”. I am now the guy who women want to be with and STAY WITH. I am now the guy who has it all.I am sure you want to have it all too, right? If you truly want to get the woman of your dreams to fall totally in love with you and keep her in love with you, then these ancient biological attraction triggers are what you should be using.I want to share what I know with you, and if you’re willing to learn from me, just do three things:

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