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Want To Become The Most Interesting Man? Here’s How.

Whenever the subject of attraction is to be discussed, being interesting is one of many things that is not often mentioned. Come to think of it, can you date someone who isn’t interesting? No one wants to be around a boring person. When you can hold a simple rapport, you lose your appeal even if you look better than Leonardo Decaprio. On the other hand, people want to talk or be around people who are interesting, because, in the real sense, they are the ones who are most attractive. They can hold a rapport not by how they look but by who they are as individuals.
The fact that people want to be around or date those who are interesting shouldn’t come as a surprise. The thing is, other than existing what else do you do? It really doesn’t take a lot to be that interesting and most wanted individual who is capable of fascinating and captivating others. You must understand that it goes beyond looks and be willing to learn the secrets that will make you the most interesting person in a room.

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American actor Leonardo DiCaprio


Engage Yourself With Interesting Things
You might say this sounds dismissive and I admit. But come to think of it, a lot of persons do no other thing other than wake up in the morning, do chores, go to work, come back home and they are off to bed. They live in a repetitive world, it’s like a circle! Endless. Ok fine, they could go see a movie some other day. But that’s it.
Being an active individual, someone whose activities varies and multidimensional makes you an interesting person. This is not about being able to talk about random topics and views on topics. When you’re interesting, you don’t wait for another to pave the course of your life but you shape and determine the direction of your life.
Now, you might ask, what then should I be doing? And the answer is not far fetched. You should ask yourself: someone who you find interesting, what should they be doing? These persons who interest you, what are the qualities you find in them? If you can answer these questions, it should be a starting point to your goal of becoming an interesting person. Maybe you’ve wanted to learn web design and graphics? Maybe you want to be on an island and watch the waves and tides of the ocean? Perhaps you just want to cook a different meal?
Really it doesn’t take much to be an interesting individual, you don’t have to be extreme by jumping planes and cars or partying every night to be interesting.

woman want an interesting man

How I long for a man who dares to be different

Although doing these things will create memories and some fascinating stories, they are not the only way to become interesting. Being able to have diverse interests and experiences and then being able to communicate them with others is what makes your interesting. Often times, it’s about going deep not broad. You can’t travel the whole/visit Europe but you can start with your own town; explore and get into its histories and mysteries. How you relate experiences is what makes them interesting/fascinating.


Nurture Your Intellectual Mind
One of the things that make an individual interesting is how they interact with their surroundings. These people don’t just let things come and go but find themselves interrogating and examining things as they come. Something new is always out there to learn.
You need to nurture your sense of curiosity and drive if you want to become interesting. You become more fun to be around the more your explore and have a broader view of your surrounding.
Reading is one way you want to cultivate your intellectual mind and become more interesting. A lot of persons do not read. You want to be ahead of the pack. Not that these people CAN’T read but they just DON’T. This is why most persons are boring. But you my friend should have a broad understanding of things, events, histories, biographies, social trends. The truth is being informed will give you a better and broader understanding of the world and why things unfold.

man seeking knowledge to become interesting

so much knowledge to be absorbed. Yes even in the park

Read books from various authors, books written by women, fictions, people whose views about life is different from yours. This will only broaden your view and help you connect and understand others. Know that the more you read the more you learn and the more things to talk about will be at your disposal. You will be able to open up conversational opportunities with a wider base of knowledge. With more knowledge, you’ll be able to interact with a whole lot of people.
Things have become so easy that every book out there has an audio book version of it, Explore your intellectual curiosity with them. There’s so much knowledge out there to be absorbed. Don’t let your life be a routine.
Take classes, attend webinars if not for anything but for the sake of your own curiosity. Don’t get lasered. Engage in things not directly focused on your day to day activities. Get involved in things you normally wouldn’t. There might not be a practical reason to take taekwondo lessons but this will give you another facet to how you view things and separate you from the usual and boring.


Interact with People You Don’t Know
Most people don’t know that you become interesting when interested. This is so ignored by those who strive to become interesting and fascinating to be around. While people want to out cool those around them, they forget that even those being the focal point of attention can be fun, being a good listener is more valuable.
There are a lot of persons who love to talk. But often times find no audience. No one cares to listen as they are so much concerned about what they also have to say. So finding someone who is available to listen is invaluable. We just want people who are genuinely interested in what we have to say. When you find yourself interested in what others have to say, they tend to be free and can tell you anything. Trust me, they would want to spend more time with you.

interesting man interacting

You can connect with anyone.

And, you can’t make new friends and lovers without talking to people you don’t know. Get used to talking to people you don’t know. Most importantly, you’ll become an interesting person the moment you develop the habit of being interested in others. Everyone has a story and they are all dying to tell it to someone. Be that person. I am nothing talking about just females but also males. You can’t just tell who you might meet out there.
Maybe that person you met at a bar will be the one to get you a place at the concert you’ve always wanted. This is not about building long lasting relationships/friendship but being able to express a genuine interest in others will create immense opportunities to help cultivate your own.
This might be difficult for a lot of persons and you know what? It’s actually a good thing! You know why?


You Just Have To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The one thing that often makes people interesting is just how they go about things that other’s wouldn’t do. Being able to step out and do the unusual, explore things others can’t just explore or daring to be different makes you more fascinating to others. I agree your comfort zone will put you at ease but then it can be a limiting factor to becoming interesting. Come to think of it, there’s a reason why there are so many stories about how other’s do amazing things the moment they embrace and adapt to new circumstances, they just become more compelling. And that my friend is growth.

becoming an interesting man

mountain climbing can be fun. Yeah?

This makes you more exciting and you know what is boring? Being comfortable is boring. You just have to push past your limits and grow into the person you should be. Change can be very scary but necessary if you’re not satisfied with what and who you are. Taking is a must if you want to become interesting to others. Just go against the odds, do something different and grow.


Be Open To Mistakes
One thing all interesting person can be tied to is having stories to tell. This is just a by-product of someone who lives an active life with varieties. You can’t help but have stories to tell. It doesn’t have to be extreme but just meeting an old friend randomly can be it.
You should always ask yourself if an event would lead to an interesting story and if the answer is yes, go for it. You shouldn’t be too bothered about how it turns out as making mistakes only add a twist to your stories. Getting stuck isn’t as important to how you got out.

what an interesting male does with friends

And he said “damn that was some head cracker”

So, challenge yourself by getting involved in things that scare you. Go on that trip, try a new meal, visit that awesome place you’ve always wanted.
And remember, the more experiences you have, the more stories you’ll have to tell and the more the stories, the more you become interesting.


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make money with affiliate marketing

How To Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

When you want to mention well-known methods of earning online, Affiliate marketing is one of the first to come to mind.

If you’re just starting out online, this is one of the fastest methods of making yourself some money. And for someone who already knows what it means to have a business online, promoting products from others is a great way to increase your income.

The notable thing about affiliate marketing is that as an affiliate you have nothing to worry about other than a product with potential for substantial sales. Every other thing is taken care of by the product creator.

Having a website is not a priority when it comes to affiliate marketing. You can choose to send people directly to the creator’s sales page and make money. The downside to this is the fact that a lot of other affiliates will be doing same and you’ll be faced with competing with them for same space. However, you can break out of this by promoting your affiliate links more intelligently and constructively.

What makes the big affiliates stand out is because they promote other’s products just the way they would promote theirs. And in turn, make loads of money.
They create their own pages different from that of the product creator and prepare the minds of the potential prospects through pre-sells.

They also pay for their own advertising to gain quality and highly targeted prospects. These players understand the 80/20 rule. And have so mastered these things and know exactly what works and what doesn’t in other to attract prospects otherwise called leads.

This is one of the reasons they make lots of money because they understand the game of being an affiliate so well. They know they would generate more money if they spend on advertising rather than relying on free advertising.

start affiliate marketing

Some of the strategies they make use of are listed below;
• PPC also known as pay per click advertising
• Reviews and personal testimonials
• The use of Niche sites directed to the products they promote
• Guest blogging
• Sweetening offers by adding their own bonuses through their affiliate links
• Giving away free yet valuable contents in form of articles and e-books
• Email Marketing

Even though all of the above-mentioned strategies are highly effective, the importance of email marketing can’t be over emphasized.

So you see, while other affiliates are busy ctrl C and ctrl V with solo ads and the rest, the supercharged affiliate marketer is bent and busy developing his own selling content. He puts a spin on his methods making the offer more alluring and appealing to the prospect. And yes more original. This sole method generates them more sales

But that’s not all they do…

There are other things they also do; they don’t hop on every product released and start promoting. They make sure to judiciously select products and programs they are confident about and can be effectively promoted.

Even though experience and instincts play a part when it comes to picking a product, there are factors to help pick a product worth promoting. Factors like;
• Is there a market for it? How is the market demand?
• Is the sales page well organized and able to convert prospects to buyers?
• What is the overall quality and value of the product?
• Do you have enough information about the product to aid your marketing?

So you see these affiliates didn’t get to where they are in a glimpse of an eye. There’s a lot of work they put into what they do. Time and effort are mandatory to be ahead of the pack.
And a substantial income that can be generated over and over again, month after month and year after year, for as long as they wish to continue marketing and promoting affiliate products the ultimate payoff?

Choosing The Best Product To Promote

It can be overwhelming trying to choose the right product with the great potential to promote. Especially when you are faced with loads of programs and products.
Most times you wouldn’t know for sure if a product has great potential until you start promoting it. However, this can be diminished if you stick to certain factors to distinguish products with high potential from products with almost to no potential.

Firstly, you need to determine if there is a market for the product and then find out what the target audience is and if they are interested in the product.

Secondly, how does the sales page look to you? It has to be clean and appealing and able to grab attention and if trying to override it is worth your time.
You need to make the decision of going all in or out. Is it really worth your effort? Go with your instincts.

Thirdly, should you start promotion, will it make you enough profit? Some creators can be very generous when it comes to giving their affiliates commissions while others can only part with a little percentage. You will see most of these when you look into digital and physical products.

For instance, selling e-books and software products can make you as much as 75% to 100% commissions while with physical products commissions can be somewhat low(5% to 10% on the average)
Even though the percentage is important, you must know that price of products still matters. If you sell a physical product worth $1800 and a commission of 10%, that’s $180 in commissions.

On the other hand, selling products with low prices need you to generate a large volume of sales to make a substantial income.

Fourthly, the quality of the product is very important as you can’t promote a product you are not confident about. If you do, maintaining it, in the long run, would pose a problem.

Lastly, You want to make sure you can keep track of activities such as visits, click-throughs, the number of sales, etc.

Be certain this can be done, either with an independent tracking tool or the program provides that. This would keep you up to date with how your products are performing and thus, allowing to determine what campaign you need to tweak, terminate or scale.

Time To Finding Affiliate Programs

Basically, finding great affiliate programs, 3 methods are employed;
1. Conducting adequate research on a specific niche
2. Using the services of an affiliate network
3. Going through the directories of the affiliate network

Now, you must be informed that the fist method would require a considerable amount of time. But. Trust me it would be worth every effort. Of course assuming every other thing is in place to guarantee your success.

This would involve determining your target market, your choice of specific and relevant keywords.
Searching for a program would be in two stages
In stage one, a list of keywords and highly targeted phrases and of course relevant to the product would be needed. A further search on each keyword will be done which in turn leads to niche markets and products.

Adding your keyword to the word affiliate would be the start of stage two. For instance, “cat training affiliate” or “affiliate cat training”. What this would produce will either be a program tied to the keyword or a content site already an affiliate. Either way, this allows you to take action regards becoming an affiliate for a particular keyword.
With this option, all you need do is sign up with the affiliate network and you get entitled to promote products from their directory.

Even though affiliate networks might not provide you exact matches to your search queries, they can be awesome time savers.

Here are a few affiliate marketing networks;

These are extremely good networks with almost products from every niche.

However, I would like to point out that of the listed networks, only Commission Junction offers all ranges of products, services, and programs – both digital and tangible.
You can also check out amazon

On the other hand, click bank only has digital products. If it can’t be downloaded, it can’t be found in the marketplace ( ).

For the third and fourth option, you get to sign up to promote products you choose independently and creators get to approve your requests. These affiliate networks only provide the platform to search and keep products and processes organized.

Here are several popular affiliate marketing directories…

Associate Programs

Affiliate Match

Affiliates Directory

Affiliate Programs Directory

If you need more resources, simply conduct a search using the term “affiliate program directory”.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing and would like to be taken by hand with outlined steps, I recommend Affilorama. They have all the necessary guides suitable for beginners to professionals and it is free. You can join their program by clicking here.


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how to get paid for writing

You Love Writing?Make Some Money With It

[dropcap]Love[/dropcap] writing? Writing can be a great way of earning massive income online. There are many people who like to write, but most people do not know that they can earn money doing so. Should you like to write about your hobby, or about the latest rules of the mortgage or about illnesses, it’s all topics that many people are looking for. You can now write these articles and place them on a website and see how much money you can make.

Love writing for money

It could be through the use of google adsense or affiliate marketing. It is on these site you’re going to place your articles. When writing, take note of the requirements of an article. It may be that a minimum number of words is required per article. In any case, all items must be written uniquely!

Writing articles is a fun activity for most persons. For example, if you spend hours writing, you can spend some free time on the internet and start making money online. For example, you can first find information on the internet, write the most important and best facts and then write your own article. The most important thing is that your article appeals to the audience and that it is a completely unique text. When you know the reader, it’s likely they will also read other articles of yours and return often. This allows you to earn more money with articles writing, making the writing ever more fun, a challenge to produce more good texts about particular or common subjects.

make money writing articles

So How Do You Make Money From This Love of Yours?

  1. Freelancing: This is beyond the scope of this blog post. However, freelancing is basically offering your services to someone who then pays you in return. There are some notable freelancing websites which I will mention shortly;
  • Fiverr: Here is a great marketplace where people go to for the purchase of services ranging from graphics to articles to video animations to almost anything needed for internet marketing. You should definitely check it out. Similar sites are upwork , freelancer, iwriter etc.


  1. Blogging: Now, this is you setting up a website and uploading your unique contents and then monetising your contents either with your writing services, affiliate marketing, donation, Adsense , sell your own products, etc.


  1. Jobs Online: Now this is my favorite for writers when compared to other freelancing websites and here is how it works


The website and its partners bring you fresh and creative opportunities to get writing jobs online and get paid to boot!!!

This is a perfect opportunity for freelance writers and just about anybody who can write that just don’t have time for a commute to a dead-end, part-time job. Or, for anyone for wants to sit in their pajamas and work at home!

When you join Writing jobs you will:

  • Earn as much $30-$120per hour
  • Get paid up to $50per article
  • Get paid $500-$1,000for short Ebooks
  • You Get cash from 1,000’s of our daily high-paying writing jobs
  • All kinds of writing jobs from you to choose from
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  • No experience needed to join!

Now you can live the laptop lifestyle and make a full-time income or make extra cash by providing written content to thousands of our partners that need them for their websites, blogs, books, magazines, marketing materials and many more!

These are just SOME of the ways you can make money with their online writing jobs and strategic partnerships with MAJOR corporations!


Here are some of their partner. So you’ll have enough jobs on your hands to choose from!

make money writing on any subject online


And the thrilling part is;


You Get To Choose From Thousands of Available High-Paying Writing Jobs!

·        Article Writing

·        Blogging

·        Book Reviewer

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·        Coordinator

·        Copy Editing

·        Copy Writing

·        Corporate Writing

·        Creative Writing

·        Documentation Writing

·        Entertainment Writing

·        Essay Writing

·        Financial Writing

·        FAQ’s Writing

·        Games and Gadgets

·        Ghost Writing

·        Grant Writing

·        Journalism

·        Legal Writing

·        Magazine Writing

·        Medical Writing

·        News & Journalism

·        Proof Reading

·        Press Release

·        Research

·        Resume Writing

·        Research Writing

·        Reviews Writing

·        Screenwriting

·        SEO Writing

·        Technical Writing

·        Transcription

·        Translation

·        Travel Writing

·        Website Writing

·        And Many More!


So, if you’re yet to start earning with your writing skills, I suggest you click the button below and get started with the online writing jobs plus you get paid instantly!



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how to get free web traffic

Take Down The Virus And Increase Traffic

[dropcap]More[/dropcap] and more people are making intensive use of the Internet to generate additional income. Actually, this could be predicted because the internet does not go through a financial crisis and can even be very profitable. There are people who think they can make a fortune on the web in no time but that’s not entirely true. In order to achieve online success, you’ll have to work hard like in a full-time job, and even then, there’s always the question of whether you will succeed. If you’re looking for a way to get rich soon, I’d shoot the internet!

 Increase Traffic to blog

Making money on the internet is possible in many different ways but the most used option is of course affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is recommending services and products that are not made by you. Often this happens by placing banners and hyperlinks on websites, forums, Google Video or social media platforms, but the professionals know that there are many more possibilities.

If you intend to start affiliate marketing shortly then you will need an account together with a mouse and a keyboard to connect an affiliate network. An affiliate network is a website that companies and product owners can report to promote their products by the help/use of affiliates and making extra sales. There are dozens of affiliate networks, for example, warriorplus, Jvzoo, PayPro, Daisycon, and M4N, but personally, I only use Warriorplus and Jvzoo.

I’ve said it before and will repeat it again. It’s possible to earn a lot of money online with affiliate marketing but it’s not a “get rich quick method”. To start with, affiliate marketing would be useful if you have the necessary technical knowledge, but it is not necessary! If you want to earn money early through affiliate marketing, you will have to work well in the beginning of your career for a few months without realizing sales. Affiliate marketing will only be profitable if you have enough website articles, videos, and social media followers, the more links you can spread across the internet, the farther you go!

how to Increase Traffic to website

If you want to learn how to earn money online through this model, then there are enough websites on the Internet to help you. Also, check out the website’s  millionaire model for more information on affiliate marketing and making money online(it’s free to join).

The Virus; Avoid it!

And what is this virus that plagues affiliate marketers? poor traffic! Yes, that’s it, you need quality traffic to your offers to generate money with this model. How can this be done you ask? keep reading my friend.

A marketing blog can be a great tool for generating targeted online leads for your business. You only not have to be able to lead large amounts of traffic to your blog, but also to maintain a loyal audience who will end up on your email list.
how to build list from free trafic

When you ask yourself how to do it right now, read the following tips:

Always share quality content: The chances to keep your affiliate business blog traffic, let alone expand, are very small when your contents are of low quality. So do thorough research on a topic before you make content. Your readers will only come back if they find your content useful. Just about the topics: focus on solving the problems of your audience. Identify your audience’s issue and strive to access them through your blog posts. This will help you improve the quality of your leads.

Develop one special mail per week: Leave one day a week in which you post a regular post, next to your regular posts. Spend some time studying the topics and demonstrate your expertise in this topic through these posts. This is the only way to put yourself down as an expert, where anyone can go for advice and in the long run, it’s an easy way to attract prospects towards you and your affiliate business.

Post frequently and consistently: This helps in increasing and retaining traffic.   Search engines keep fresh contents, making blogs higher in rank than websites. So by posting frequently and consistently, you increase the chance of getting higher in search engines, especially when you use efficient SEO strategies. Your audience will also expect you to add more content each time and when they find themselves in your posting rhythm, they will return to your blog as well as bookmark contents.

Be interactive with your readers: Allow readers to leave comments on your posts and respond to their comments. Thank them for their compliments and discuss issues they submit. Responds above all to their questions every time should you want them to come back. Nobody wants to be ignored.

Networking With Other affiliate marketers In Your Niche: It would be very useful to get backlinks to your business marketing blog, sure of other bloggers/affiliate marketers in your niche. So, get in touch with them, ask them to link to your blog and do the same to them. Respond to their blogs and maybe ask them for guest posts.


Paul and Mark shared A Simple Newbie-Friendly Method That Makes You $300 Per Day With FREE Traffic And Just Minutes To Get Setup
These are all ways to attract targeted traffic.


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healthy eating habits

Want To Shed Those Unwanted Pounds?

[dropcap]Weight[/dropcap] loss is often an unsuccessful venture for many people. But it is often not the diet or exercise program that is at fault, but the fact that the diet or exercise program is not right for that person. There are many factors that help determine which regimes can help you the most. This article presents some solid advice that will work for most people.

best weight loss tips

Avoiding soda is an easy way to lose weight without reducing food intake. Water is the best substitute, but milk, juice, and other natural, healthy choices are also important. Reducing the amount of sugar and calories you consume by avoiding soda and other unhealthy drinks will greatly supplement any weight loss effort.

Make your own snack packs and keep them with you to stave off hunger attacks. By keeping healthy, low-calorie snacks around, you can avoid that stop at the vending machine. Try items like raw almonds, string cheese, and whole grain crackers, to keep you full without the excess calories.

No more soda: lose weight tips

I worked with a slim fellow once who told me he only ate twice a day. He had a huge breakfast, a moderate lunch and no dinner at all. This sounds impossible for most of us to follow, but the logic is sound. Ideally, to lose weight, you should eat an enormous breakfast, a middle-sized lunch, and a very light dinner. This is because taking your calories early in the day gives you the most time to burn them off. Whereas, if you start noshing after you get home from work and continue until bedtime, your body will have no chance during your sleeping hours to metabolize what you’ve eaten.

cut down calories and look better

Most of us drink coffee or tea. What we put into our hot drinks can be surprisingly caloric. Starting tomorrow, if you want to help yourself take baby steps to lose weight, dial down the creamer in your coffee. Better yet, switch to milk. Ramp it down gradually and see if you can get to skim milk (stay away from the artificial fat-free creamer: too fake). You will find your taste buds adjusting, and with each cup, you’ll be taking in significantly fewer calories and animal fats. Over the course of a typical day of coffee drinking, you will be surprised how many fewer calories you have consumed by following a diet plan.

In order to have and maintain a healthy body, exercise is necessary. It is instrumental that we have a regular aerobic and strength training routine. This will not only help us achieve a better body but it will also lower the risks of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and even osteoporosis.

how to start exercise and lose weight

During the course of you starting to lose weight, you are going to go out with your friends and possibly have a huge dinner that is not at all part of your diet plans. Instead of just giving up and continuing to do the same thing, just continue on your regular workout and diet. A 3 week diet plan will be perfect and be sure to stick to it.

Pack your own lunch. By taking a lunch to work, you won’t have the option of being tempted by a fat-filled fast food lunch or calorie ridden chain restaurant. Make a lean sandwich, bag up some baked chips and don’t forget the fruit or vegetables for added nutrition.

Purchasing a pedometer can help you lose weight. A pedometer measures how many steps you take a day, allowing you to calculate the distance traveled. Wearing a pedometer can serve as a reminder to walk and exercise more too.

As was commented on at the beginning of the article, weight loss is often unsuccessful. This can happen when a person chooses an unrealistic diet or has unrealistic goals. By embracing the information in this article, you can come up with a regime that suits you, and this time you can be successful. However, if you’re struggling to stick with your diet program? You aren’t alone. Millions of people worldwide start up and fall off diet programs every day. Why is it so hard to stick with something? Why they can’t carry out a plan once and for all?

Often, it’s due to a few key mistakes they’re making along the way. Let’s take a closer look at three secrets that you need to know about sticking with a diet program. When you put these secrets into action, you’ll find it’s easier than ever to get the results that you are looking for.

Get A Diet Buddy

One word of advice: don’t go at it alone. Those who get a diet buddy to do a diet and experience the high’s and low’s with them tend to stand a much better chance of seeing success in the long run.

If you can’t convince someone to do the diet with you, at the very least, find someone who will stand by your side and be there for support when you need it.

You will hit a hard time, and during that hard time, it can really help if you have someone there to encourage you through it.

Use Hunger-Busting Strategies

Hunger is another reason why many people can’t stick with a fat loss diet plan. Either they are cutting their calories back too far, thereby causing the hunger, or they are not eating foods that encourage satiety.

You want to focus your diet on foods that break down and digest slowly. Lean proteins coupled with fibrous carbohydrates are the best choices, followed closely by small doses of dietary fat.

While the calories in fat do add up quickly, a small amount added to your diet can work wonders to help you better control hunger.

Set Short Term Goals

Finally, consider setting some short term goals. Think about what it is that you want to accomplish within the next two or three weeks. Far too many people have a long-term view of what they hope to achieve in a year’s time, but it’s too easy to lose sight of that light at the end of the tunnel.

Instead, focus on the here and now. Find a program such as The 3 Week Diet that has you focusing on the coming weeks ahead. Build good habits in those three weeks and you will be well set up for the future months.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t lose all the weight you have to lose in just a week. Be patient, but at the same time, don’t fixate too far in the future. Otherwise, you’ll just lose motivation and give up.

Want to learn more about how to make the 3-week concept work for you? Check out The 3 Week Diet plan, which teaches you how to build proper habits over the course of three weeks that result in great weight loss and set you up for a future of weight loss and maintenance.

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exactly what women want from men

What Exactly Do Women Want?

The dating preferences of women are the ultimate paradox. A woman tells you she wants something yet respond to another. Have you ever come across a group of women talking about men and asking where are all the nice guys yet they still fall for the bad guys?

This leaves men confused with the question “what exactly do women want?”

This is why you shouldn’t act according to what women say but what they respond to. There are two sides to every woman  “The strait-laced woman” and “The Fly woman”. The strait-laced woman is that woman whom society and religion have trained to respect and do things the societal way. You can call her the moral woman. The fly woman is the high/free spirited woman who wants to do her own thing and have mind blowing fun when no one is watching.

how to make her happy

What am I driving at? A woman wants the modern day prince charming!

And who is the modern day prince charming you ask?

He Gives Her Space

As much as women would tell you they want a man who calls and texts them every now and then. Which they find nice at the beginning of the experience, it soon turns smoldering to them and you start losing value in her face as you come on being too available. You need to give a woman the space to wonder about you, the space to miss you. I am not saying you should turn a cold d!ck by not calling or texting your woman. Far from that. Don’t just be on her neck every now and then wanting to know her every move.

One of the most frustrating texting time to a man is when a woman goes cold on you and never replies your texts. The average guy(Mr. Nice guy) would lose his cool but the modern day prince charming wouldn’t care but rather maintain his cool and allow her to come to him at her on pace.

make a woman excited to see you

He Can Hold An Intelligent Conversation

Women don’t want to anchor or pave the direction of your relationship. They want you to be in control. Able to engage her in intelligent fights. You don’t want to always be a calm sea around her. She wants to be excited! She wants the trail of the experience. When it comes to love for women, it’s all in the process. You should be able to start/build and hold a rapport with her. If she’s being a spoilt child, tell her so and don’t argue with her and if she’s being awesome, tell her so and mean it.

listening to woman like she want you to


He Knows What He Wants

Like I said earlier, a woman wants a man who isn’t afraid to go for what he wants and able to stand on his grounds. Even the highly independent woman craves for such a man. A woman doesn’t want to be responsible for the direction of your relationship. I’m not saying you should start arguing with your woman on everything. No man! Make your points known to her, what you don’t want or want and go about your thing. Feminism and feminists (hey, I have nothing against them) have made a turn around in the relationship circle between men and women. In the early days, you wouldn’t find a man acting wussy and wanting to do all a woman asks just because he wants to please her (have you seen James Bond doing that?). But now, the tables have turned! No matter how people paint it, a woman isn’t looking for a pleaser but a man who knows what he wants and can stand his ground. And when it comes to sex, he doesn’t go faster because the woman requested and he shouldn’t orgasm before she does. Rather, you should give her multiple orgasms. For he’s confident and confidence is sexy.

dress confidently as man

He’s Centered And Mysterious

Complacency is one of the reasons most relationships hit a dead end. Women want to have fun, they want to continue in same excitement they experienced from the onset. You should be able to bring in different activities to excite her every single time. You don’t have to take things so personal with a woman as she wants someone who can make fun of her and himself and still sound complimenting and mean it. Check this “Baby your boobs are as big as a watermelon and they can make any man go on a 360”. Did you see that? You just compared her boobs to a watermelon which is insulting and at the same time, you made her know no man wouldn’t find her attractive.  Try to learn different games to spice up your dating experience. No matter what a woman throws at you, it shouldn’t sway you off your emotional center because you know how to maintain your emotional center. Love should be playful and not serious.

how to keep her guessing

He Can Turn Her On Passionately

Have you ever wondered why woman want to marry nice guys yet they fall for the bad guys? Because they can’t help it! The bad boy is mysterious like I have said before. Building sexual attraction with a woman is kind of like baking a cake. You put the cake in the oven, you put the timer on, and you can look through the window with the light on in the oven and just watch it slowly rise.

What the average guy(Mr. Nice Guy) does is, he’s in a hurry and a rush to get the cake to rise, so he’s constantly opening the oven door every couple of minutes to see if it’s rising yet. What happens is, all the heat comes out of the oven, kind of like dissipating sexual anticipation, so it never really grows. You shouldn’t be in such a rush with women.

When it comes to attraction and women, patience and confidence go a long way in seduction.


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How To Build and Hold a Rapport With Women

[dropcap]Building[/dropcap] a rapport with a woman? This is the second stage in the attraction level and most men find it difficult to move past it, they just hit a dead zone. Just like the teller machine when it no longer has any cash to dispense, leaving the individual frustrated. Same happens when you can’t hold a conversation with a woman. But that would be a thing of the past once you’re able to read through this article.

building rapport

If you have being able to intrigue the lady, it’s time to create a rapport, as well as sustain it. Every human loves the feeling of importance, we want to talk about ourselves, the battles we have won, the heights we have attained and it’s no different when it comes to keeping a rapport with a woman.

You need to understand that every woman loves to talk about herself and loves stories. You don’t have to be super smart to get a conversation going with a woman if you can understand these two things and how to apply them. Please, don’t go out there and start throwing questions upon questions on her as she will get pissed. No woman wants to feel as though she’s being interrogated. However, you only need to apply a twist to this. Truth is, having a girl talk about herself by asking questions is one of the best ways to maintain your mystery. Read on

how to make her laugh

You need to know that you’re responsible for the emotions you project onto a woman and are in total control of every rapport. Hence, to hold a rapport you must be in control of the conversation but don’t try too hard to impress. Don’t even try to impress.

I’m going to talk about asking a woman questions and telling her stories to build rapport;

start a conversation with a woman

Asking questions:

It’s no news at this point that women love talking, especially about themselves. Asking a woman questions about herself will help you gather enough information to increase her attraction level for you through seduction.

Don’t come up sounding like a robot configured to ask questions or risk turning her off. Be genuinely interested in what she tells you and mirror her expressions and gestures and speech patterns but don’t be obvious about it.

See these conversations below;

I want to assume you have passed the intrigue stage of getting her interested

You: what do you do for fun?

Her: reading and playing chess

You: Do you always play chess?

Her: Yes

You: That’s Nice

Her: OK

Now I want to go through that same conversation with a little twist to it.

You: So tell me, what do you do for fun?

Her: Reading and playing chess

You: that sounds awesome! You must be a walking library and a goddess of chess. Played in a championship?

Her: Hahaha, you’re funny. I always wanted to but time and my job wouldn’t allow me. I work in a bank as a marketing officer and that takes a chunk out of my time. Do you do anything for fun?

You: Yes I do and that’s talking to you(she’s going to blush at this) and what feelings exactly do you derive from playing chess?

Her: Playing chess relaxes my nerves and turns on my thinking cap. If you understand what I mean?

You: Hell no I don’t! Tell me, what do you me by thinking cap?


Can you see the direction of the two conversations? You act like you’re interested. Because when you do, she will tell you more without asking.

Tip: The harder a woman works on building rapport with you, the more you’re going to be worth to her

make her comfortable

Telling Stories:

I sent a friend a teaser the other day ” I was walking down my street yesterday majestically and in a very light mood. I just completed a deal with a company. This kept me smiling but was soon snapped  out from this state by a pregnant woman, she was so heavy, she struggled to move and was  about crossing a busy road ahead of me when…”

She was on me for the rest of that day to complete my story.

You need conversational hooks to build rapport with women. You build it, break it and then rebuild and break again and of course in quick successions.

Check this out:

“I just got back from cross river state and all those well told delicacies of that state? Well I finally had 2 of their meals and I must say it’s true of what I have heard about their meals”

Can you see what I have done here? I’m creating the opportunity for her to be an aggressor and slip into the conversation! She might start asking things like;

Was it calabar you visited?

Which of their meals did you have?

What were you told or have heard about their meals?


If you can do this, she will seduce herself for you.


Mistakes To avoid When Trying To build Rapport With a Woman

  • Don’t be too dependent on the outcome of the whole process
  • Don’t be too agreeable, pleasant and nice
  • Don’t fake familiarity: I mean don’t try too hard or you risk looking awkward
  • Don’t develop contextual rapports
  • Lacking authentic interest


Now go out there and build rapports with women!

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woman not interested in me

Dude Game Over! She is Not Interested


As a Guy in the dating and relationship circle, you need to learn how to tell if a woman is interested in you or not and cut your losses quickly and move on to the next woman. You don’t want to get fixated on someone who you can’t have and isn’t interested.

No matter how beautiful you think a woman is if she sees you as the ugliest guy she has met, that you’ll remain in her eyes. Hence you need to learn the answer to the question “Sweetie are you in or out?” Not that you are going to say it in that way, but you simply want to know as quickly as possible upon meeting a woman, if you have any chance with her at all.

The reason why most people get so fixated on another person is that they think moving on to finding another is painful and just try to settle for who they can’t have is less painful. You can’t project your high-interest level on another person. People can spend so much energy to avoid pain than they will do to gain pleasure. So messed up I tell you. And you need to cut this shit and not get caught up.


let woman goYou must understand that a woman who is interested in you, will make it easy for you to get into her world however she can because she wants herself in your orbit. Learn to read the subtle signs early and prevent yourself from chasing what keeps running and throwing your heart down the lagoon.

Stop making yourself believe you have to do something to get her interested. Oh, I have to call her some more, I have to send her flowers, I have to send her this and that. That’s all BS. If someone is not making the effort to get to know you, what the hell! Let them out the door.

Attraction is not a choice. You can’t make someone feel attracted to you. If they don’t want in, move on bro! stop wasting your valuable and limited time carrying a torch for a woman who is simply not attracted to you. There are better things you need to take care of! And get this “There’s always another bus every 15 mins”.

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Jonathan Melody

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alpha male

The 10 Commandments Of Self Confidence


[dropcap]The[/dropcap] first thing I want you to understand is, developing self-confidence is a process and you need not hit yourself so hard if you’re still making mistakes as you need them to grow. Your ability to face your fears makes you grow and the more you face your fears the more your fears dissipate.

You may well have the perfect job, the perfect relationship and a perfect house, you can not fully enjoy if you’re not standing firmly in your shoes. Hence I have laid before you, the 10 commandments of self-confidence and be sure to read and follow these ten signs to a life of self-confidence!how to build self confidence


1. Thou shalt love you
Become your own cheerleader and give your self-esteem a boost. Know your weaknesses and face them (don’t ever run away from them. Remember what you face dissipates), but focus on what you can do well. Dare to be proud of your talents and accept compliments straight, without having to wave away with an excuse.

2. Thou shalt not compare you with others
“Comparison is the thief of joy,” Roosevelt once said. There will always be someone smarter, richer or more handsome than you. But if you want to build confidence, you need to focus on improving your own life. Hang out where your interests are!

A little challenge has never died. But if your challenges consist of life, it can cause a lot of unrest. It is not wrong to do something, just because you’re good at it. That gives you back energy and self-confidence for the rest. Think of a sport, volunteer or committee work in an association.

3. Thou shalt not be a perfectionist
Perfectionism paralyzes. Set realistic and achievable goals for yourself and learn to be happy. Find a way to be happy with what you have accomplished, rather obsessively to handle. And don’t let a failed attempt stop you from giving it another shot. Your project fails, does not mean you failed. It sounds like blah but really works: see failure as a learning process. And you’re studying to learn, right? The moment you see it really as a failure, it is in your way and you can not leave it behind.

better self confidence

4. Thou shalt push your limits
Step out of your comfort zone and try something completely new(Do that thing you’re dead scared to do: Yes just do it). Whether you’re making a trip or going on a blind date: by embracing you learn to accept the unknown that you do not need to have everything under control.

5. Honor yourself and your values
Be true to yourself and to the things for which you stand. If you take away from your values, you destroy your own hands, your self-image and you forget something important: That you’re forever with your decisions to live with.

6. Thou shalt fake it
Be yourself and be clever about it: by being yourself and acting how you want to be, you start to believe you are too. Some tips: walking upright with head high and never cross your arms.

7. Remember to keep learning
Exchange the boring evening TV shows for books, cult films, inspirational talks … increasing your capacity to learn, build a confident mentality. You are what you know!

8. Thou shalt get involved in sports
Sport has a huge effect on your confidence. You improve your appearance, get masses of energy and achieve something positive, where you can afterglow of the day. So register with a gym house close to you tomorrow.

If you take care of yourself, you feel better. And that makes you radiate. So put on those clothes that you think are awesome, go get that body you’ve always wanted, pay extra attention to your body and take time for yourself. If you have the idea that you look good (look/appearance), you have more confidence. Note that you do these things for yourself, not for others.

increase your confidence

9. Thou shalt avoid negativity
Take away every form of negativity from your life: friends that make you feel bad, a tedious job … Try to see the positives. Do not focus on ‘what ifs?’ but in the here and now. A negative attitude has a negative impact on your self-confidence (and your mood). If your approaches are all optimistic, you’re much happier in life. So instead of thinking that you can not do something, you can also encourage yourself.

10. Thou shalt live in the present
Although reminiscing or dreaming can certainly do sometimes sound to the future, focus your best as possible in the here and now.


From my heart to you

Jonathan Melody

Author, Graphic Artist, Peak Performance Coach, and Entrepreneur

how not to lose your cool

How To Maintain Your Emotional Center As a Man And Avoid Relationship Drama

[dropcap]You[/dropcap] finally found your way here? Then I must say nature just smiled on you.  Are you short tempered? Yes, I mean you just snap at every offense?can’t maintain your emotional center? I was once like that and damn it’s no good thing bro. Not healthy for your relationships. And I want you to understand that as a man, your job is always to give to the world and make others feel good and safe. If you leave someone and they don’t feel better about themselves than they met you, then you’ve not played your role as a man.

Not being able to maintain your emotional center as a man can result in lots of issues and drama in your relationships. Your lady becomes bitchy, cold and distant, you start losing clients and money. And the fact that you want to keep your lady interested and happy is the more reason why you need to have your emotions in check always. Yes, amigo, you read that right; always.

See what Proverbs 25 vs 28 says “A person without self-control is like a breached city, one with no walls.” 

And today I want to share with you tips on how to maintain your center as a man;

maintain your emotional center

TIP 1: Speak Your Mind

I don’t mean start shouting or screaming; NO dude. Women do not like the screaming and all the emotional venting. You ain’t wiping winds, lay no gloves, no, just say what you think. In this way, they do not have to have the flight hormones kicking in. Acknowledge that you’re not happy with whatever the situation is and be clear, calm and loving about it. Not every man out there understands or knows this. Hence your lady will appreciate it. JUST COMMUNICATE LIKE AN ADULT.

how to stay cool around a woman


Tip 2: Be yourself
Hey, don’t try to be honey when all your taste buds are covered in vinegar. Women are like cats; they can smell a rat from afar. Adapt your answers or responses to her attitude, not her personality? Women tend to understand men better than men do them and really, when you say something that pleases or when something comes from your own heart, they know. The preference is always one’s own center! Give your limits and needs (make clear what you can take and what you can’t take) And yes, you’re still very sweet, even if you indicate your limits.

how to not stay angry with woman


Tip 3: Be happy
True happiness comes from within. If someone depends on you, that brings a lot heavier demand. Being with someone who is happy and well even happier in your presence is delicious. We want more, women do too! So don’t think she is responsible for your happiness. No man! Use the gym sometime and focus on your purpose, be ambitious. Set some goals and be passionate about them and stop expecting too much from her. Remember she got a life of her own.

a smile can help your confidence


Tip 6: Understand the difference between your Lady and your Buddies
There are things you discuss with your friends, and there are things you discuss with your lady. Women often think aloud. As they themselves increasingly understand how to accommodate the steam. If something bothers them, they first go to their girlfriends to get clear what they want before telling you ( i.e if they want to). And you have to respect this as a woman wouldn’t tell you everything. So stop digging into everything.


Tip 7: Enjoy the moment

Sincerely, why worry so much about what happens tomorrow when it’s possible you might not live to see tomorrow. I’m not saying you’re going to die. Of course, you will die; someday anyway lol. My point is Enjoy the NOW, be present in the NOW and take in all the good things the NOW has to offer. Happiness is contagious.


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make her happy by staying in your center


From my heart to you

Jonathan Melody

Author, Graphic Artist, Peek Performance Coach and Entrepreneur