WARNING: What you are about to read are facts proven to work every single time. Hence, I don’t want anyone who intends to use them to harm women to have access to them. If your intentions are to harm or hurt or break the heart of women, please STOP reading. However, if you want to attract the woman of your dreams and keep her attracted to you, then continue reading.

At one point or another, everybody ends up getting dumped or a break up for one reason or another, even Brad Pitt.


You know him huh?

Yes, that’s him. The sexy and charming man got dumped.

So there’s absolutely no problem with that. The woman just didn’t want to be with you anymore. Perhaps she only wanted the sex and it got boring or maybe she is looking for something more serious. Nobody is 100% compatible with each other and differences are going to occur and relationships will terminate. A lot of “Soulmate” or “the one” Myth flying around. There are many the one for everyone.

That’s story for another day.

But for today, I have a story for you. Once upon a time (please this is not fiction), one of my friends met a charming girl with massive butts. Sexy and hot as hell. Yeah, I mean it. Things were going great for the next 6 months and all of a sudden things changed. My friend was in a concert when he received an SMS from his charming girlfriend. She wanted a break up (I sh!t you not fellas).

My friend just read the message and ignored it. He was strong enough to go about his purpose just like I taught him. He made sure he completed what he was out there for and for the next 2 days, he didn’t flip, he didn’t reply nor texts her to ask what the problem. He completely acted aloof. On the 3rd day, the girl called and started pleading. That’s the grip a strong man can have over a woman.

Thing is, some of you guys just can’t handle being dumped by a woman and you feel like you absolutely NEED to get your ex-girlfriend back, or at least make them fall in love with you again, for your own self-validation. I really don’t understand why you’d want to seek validation from a woman.

Anyways, so what exactly do you need to do after a woman breaks up with you?

Should you offer to be friends? HELL NO. that’s obviously not what you want

Should you beg her to get together with you? HELL NO. Do this and I will find you and cut off your P!n!s. Just kidding. But seriously man, DON’T DO IT.

What if you think she is the woman you were destined to be with? – If she is so meant to be with you, she will come back sometime in the future and the ball will be in your court. I hope you know what to do when such a day comes?

What if she was a virgin and you are afraid other guys will take her virginity? – Oh well. Nothing you can do about it. She doesn’t feel you anymore so get that into your head!

ONCE a woman dumps you, she thought about it 100 times before she did it. She played it over and over in her head. Most likely she has another guy waiting up in line. Even more often, they usually have a man who is already sleeping with them and taking care of all their needs.

Yes, and she has been telling you but you were not just listening. She just used the notorious breakup protocol on you (The breakup protocol is a secret girls’ code that chicks activate when they are about to dump a guy) and you didn’t even notice because you were so wrapped up in your feelings for her. But a Man who has gone through the entry level the Game Mastery System just like my friend can easily decode every of her secret language and every move and turn things around FAST.

Once it is over, it is simply OVER.

Do not speak to her anymore.

Do not maintain contact with her anymore.

Do not have her on your friends’ list on facebook anymore and don’t chat with her on BBM or keep her on BBM.

Here are 5 rules:

1) Delete her phone number.

2) Delete her BBM.

3) Delete her facebook.

4) FORGET about all the websites she goes to and don’t stalk her on the internet or worse, in real life.

5) Do not initiate contact. Either on Instagram, internet, real life or over the phone.

Break any of those rules and you have lost the game. Yes, you just got defeated, bro.

Let me explain to you the way women’s minds work.

After a woman breaks up with a man, she is UNSURE about her decision (I know you don’t know this. Now you know). Women are very uncertain creatures. Women do not trust themselves. Very few women are extremely self-confident and even those will doubt their decisions a lot of the time.

When growing up, a lot of these women looked up to their fathers to make sure they made the right decisions. Daddy would approve or daddy would disapprove. And that is how they knew they made the right or wrong decision. But, they can’t really talk to DADDY about their decisions with men.

So what happens?

When they break up with you, they judge based on YOUR REACTION whether or not they made the right choice by dumping you.

If you CRY, BEG HER BACK, WANT TO BE FRIENDS, and proceed to call her and give her attention… SHE KNOWS SHE DID THE RIGHT CHOICE. This is what 97% of guys do. The other 3% know how attraction work and you can find them in the Game Mastery System.

If you smile, walk away and don’t say a word – then she will not know how to handle it. In a few weeks, she will start to DOUBT she made the right decision. Anxiety is going to go through her every time she thinks about you. After a while, she will start to think of you every day. Then it will become every few hours. Then it will become every few minutes.

Eventually, she will no longer know how to handle it and the curiosity and anxiety will drive her wild.

She will try to call you or email you or send a text.

If you pick up the phone and speak to her, you LOST.

If you answer her email, you LOST.

If she texts you and you reply back immediately, you lost. I mean it man, DON’T DO IT!

Once she INITIATES CONTACT with you, if you are too easy to get a hold of, she knows you are easy. The whole challenge would be lost. (You’ve been too easy, Now it’s time to be a challenge)

After she calls you once or twice, she will start to go crazy, even more.

You may not believe this happens but it really does.

Her anxiety will go through the roof and she won’t be able to sleep at night. Believe me. Especially if you put up a picture on your facebook with yourself and another girl holding hands or showing any type of affection or just a simple Facebook status showing you’re having fun. It will get her insane. She will start to think you found your dream woman and she is forgotten. This will drive her crazy.

Imagine her anxiety level like an EMPTY GLASS.

Once she dumps you, she usually has a little bit of anxiety. If you start to cry and blow up her phone, she TRUSTS HER DECISION and she feels no anxiety towards it. She looks at you and you are done.


However, if on the other hand, you don’t cry and you walk away with a big smile, she will wonder what happened. Give it a week, and that “glass” will start to fill up. Her anxiety level is going to rise.

Then she will try to call you. You don’t answer. Unconsciously she starts to think you are better than she is and she lost a good thing. Her anxiety and fear of loss go through the roof.

When she sees you with another woman, jealousy emotions will kick in and she will lose her mind.


When that glass gets all the way full and she can’t handle her anxiety anymore, she will do something insane.

This can be:

– call your phone 287 times in 12 minutes

– leave an email saying she will kill herself

– tell you she really needs your help and she can’t live without you

– say she needs you and wants you

– She tells you she loves and misses you

What do you do when she does this?

You go to the liquor store, buy yourself a whiskey, sit on the couch, SIP your drink, savour the moment and you do NOTHING.

You let that anxiety stay at a peak.

Her anxiety will be overwhelming to her and she will start to slowly build up other emotions toward you.

When a woman is given EXTREMELY strong emotions from a man, like ANXIETY or HAPPINESS or FEAR, or any other, she will begin to think she is in LOVE WITH HIM.


You read that right. You will make her feel high anxiety levels and she will start to think she is in love with you after a while.

Isn’t that the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard? But that is the way the human mind works.

You let her stay at that high peaked anxiety.

She can call you and beg to get back together, don’t do it YET.

Let her beg (remember she said she doesn’t want anymore?). Let her grovel. Don’t even pick up the phone or talk to her. Let her feel that anxiety. Every second you hold out more, she will fall in love a bit more with you and her feelings will intensify towards you.

If you dated a girl for 1 year, maybe let her grovel and beg for a month or 2.

If you dated her 3 months, let her grovel and beg for 3 weeks or so. Don’t give yourself away too fast though, use some judgment.

When she will come back, if you want to start a relationship with her, go ahead.


But again, the ball is in your court.

The purpose of this guide was to teach you how to be a man and handle yourself like a man would.

And that is how you handle getting dumped.

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