How To Build and Hold a Rapport With Women

[dropcap]Building[/dropcap] a rapport with a woman? This is the second stage in the attraction level and most men find it difficult to move past it, they just hit a dead zone. Just like the teller machine when it no longer has any cash to dispense, leaving the individual frustrated. Same happens when you can’t hold a conversation with a woman. But that would be a thing of the past once you’re able to read through this article.

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If you have being able to intrigue the lady, it’s time to create a rapport, as well as sustain it. Every human loves the feeling of importance, we want to talk about ourselves, the battles we have won, the heights we have attained and it’s no different when it comes to keeping a rapport with a woman.

You need to understand that every woman loves to talk about herself and loves stories. You don’t have to be super smart to get a conversation going with a woman if you can understand these two things and how to apply them. Please, don’t go out there and start throwing questions upon questions on her as she will get pissed. No woman wants to feel as though she’s being interrogated. However, you only need to apply a twist to this. Truth is, having a girl talk about herself by asking questions is one of the best ways to maintain your mystery. Read on

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You need to know that you’re responsible for the emotions you project onto a woman and are in total control of every rapport. Hence, to hold a rapport you must be in control of the conversation but don’t try too hard to impress. Don’t even try to impress.

I’m going to talk about asking a woman questions and telling her stories to build rapport;

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Asking questions:

It’s no news at this point that women love talking, especially about themselves. Asking a woman questions about herself will help you gather enough information to increase her attraction level for you through seduction.

Don’t come up sounding like a robot configured to ask questions or risk turning her off. Be genuinely interested in what she tells you and mirror her expressions and gestures and speech patterns but don’t be obvious about it.

See these conversations below;

I want to assume you have passed the intrigue stage of getting her interested

You: what do you do for fun?

Her: reading and playing chess

You: Do you always play chess?

Her: Yes

You: That’s Nice

Her: OK

Now I want to go through that same conversation with a little twist to it.

You: So tell me, what do you do for fun?

Her: Reading and playing chess

You: that sounds awesome! You must be a walking library and a goddess of chess. Played in a championship?

Her: Hahaha, you’re funny. I always wanted to but time and my job wouldn’t allow me. I work in a bank as a marketing officer and that takes a chunk out of my time. Do you do anything for fun?

You: Yes I do and that’s talking to you(she’s going to blush at this) and what feelings exactly do you derive from playing chess?

Her: Playing chess relaxes my nerves and turns on my thinking cap. If you understand what I mean?

You: Hell no I don’t! Tell me, what do you me by thinking cap?


Can you see the direction of the two conversations? You act like you’re interested. Because when you do, she will tell you more without asking.

Tip: The harder a woman works on building rapport with you, the more you’re going to be worth to her

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Telling Stories:

I sent a friend a teaser the other day ” I was walking down my street yesterday majestically and in a very light mood. I just completed a deal with a company. This kept me smiling but was soon snapped  out from this state by a pregnant woman, she was so heavy, she struggled to move and was  about crossing a busy road ahead of me when…”

She was on me for the rest of that day to complete my story.

You need conversational hooks to build rapport with women. You build it, break it and then rebuild and break again and of course in quick successions.

Check this out:

“I just got back from cross river state and all those well told delicacies of that state? Well I finally had 2 of their meals and I must say it’s true of what I have heard about their meals”

Can you see what I have done here? I’m creating the opportunity for her to be an aggressor and slip into the conversation! She might start asking things like;

Was it calabar you visited?

Which of their meals did you have?

What were you told or have heard about their meals?


If you can do this, she will seduce herself for you.


Mistakes To avoid When Trying To build Rapport With a Woman

  • Don’t be too dependent on the outcome of the whole process
  • Don’t be too agreeable, pleasant and nice
  • Don’t fake familiarity: I mean don’t try too hard or you risk looking awkward
  • Don’t develop contextual rapports
  • Lacking authentic interest


Now go out there and build rapports with women!

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