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Cash For Apps: How To Make Money Building Apps Without Coding Knowledge

I know you might be wondering if it is even possible to develop an app without having the knowledge of coding. Yes, it is possible! But before we dive deep into cash for apps, I want to talk about how you can increase your chances of developing successful apps.

Do Your Own Research

Before thinking about developing an app. You must first conduct a research to ascertain if there are people who will make use of your app. If you skip this, you might just end up wasting your time and resources. I need you to understand how important this is if you want cash for apps you develop.

When you’ve concluded on what the market want, you move on to;

Build a Paid and a Free Version of your app

I want you to take this seriously. Make sure you have a paid version of your app where you upload exclusive contents. This is where you have the updated contents found in the free version. I’m not saying you should go ahead and develop or build a crappy app or not to have quality contents in the free version of the app. The goal here is to attract users to start using your app. This is to get them to know about the app and its contents with the hopes that they upgrade to the premium version of your app. They will do this either to reward whoever is behind the app or just to gain access to the exclusive contents and features. This can only happen if the contents in the free version added value to their lives.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get the cash for apps on the free version. All you need do is run ads on these free version and only offer an ad free app on the paid version.

Users Contents must be unique

If you have been following, you’ll understand that you can’t get the cash for apps if it doesn’t add value to your users. The reason why you must have a thorough research on your target market as this would help you carve contents tailored to them and that would benefit them. Because the contents that you create is the real app and not the framework design.

Build more than one app

With the cash for apps goal in mind, you need to build more than one app is this is how you make lots of money. As you get to earn from every app built. The Little money can easily add up to become huge sum. You can do this by taking advantage of easily building apps without coding skills using MobiMatic.

One way to determine an idea to focus on is to build many apps. My point here is you need to continue trying until you eventually find an idea that works. Your chances of success increase with more apps you make/build.

Hold on there! Before you think of running off and spamming the market with your apps, keep in mind there is a host of app out. Hence, it is important you put some thought and effort into what you want to build so it stands out and gets noticed. As your reputation plays a great part in your career as a developer of apps.

You should also take to note that maintaining apps and making them bug-free takes effort.  Although most apps would eventually be retired, you would want to keep them updated from time to time some your chances for cash for apps increases. Because updating your app with new contents is how you keep your users.

Link Apps Using free apps

What I mean here is promoting your apps on your free apps using direct links. This would be more effective if the promotional app is related to the promoted app.

You can use house ads. You get to control ads shown on your apps. A good advertising network to use is AdMob.

Have your apps on the Google play store as users will get to see apps from the same developer. Google play has a section that shows more apps from a developer. This is a very good way to get your apps discovered as it serves as an automatic filter to discovering your apps by anyone who browses one of your apps.

Always update your apps

Keeping your apps fresh with new features and contents is important if you want to keep your existing users. Always updating your apps will give your app a bump in the eyes of the user.

Monitoring your reviews from users will help you know what is working and what is not and how to fix. This is a great way to what next feature to add to your app. The aspect is speedy update you can easily achieve with MobiMatic.

Freelancing to have cash for apps

There are lots of businesses out there in search of app developers. Mobimatic has made it so easy that you don’t even need to know coding to build apps. You can make as much as $1000 monthly building mobile apps for small and large businesses. Freelancing is one of the make money online strategies and a great way to start making quick bucks building apps

About Mobimatic

Mobimatic is a revolutionary software that can help you to create your own app in few steps. You simply drag and drop. How simple can that be?

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Features of MobiMatic

It doesn’t matter what niche you wish to build an app for, MobiMatic covers it, from e-learning to business apps. And for someone without the knowledge of coding or technical skills and want cash for apps, this is the perfect software to use for that purpose. Remember how I talked about knowing what the market wants? This software provides all that trend/data.

One other great feature is the MobiMatic Academy, where all instructions and videos tutorials are laid out to power your app development career.

You definitely should check out MobiMatic if you’re serious about cash for apps.

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Focusing and refining your monetization strategies is important to achieving your business goals and giving to your users exactly what they want. You don’t want to have ads on your apps if they are meant for your brand. Just having the app can make you loads of money by simply expanding ways your customers can easily reach and interact with your business.  Be sure to keep track of your data to ensure your returns matches your investment. Once you have enough data, you innovate. Don’t be limited, try new things, test, test, and test based on your results to find the best monetization strategy for your users and business.

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