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What Is The Difference Between Men And Women?

9 out of every 10men asked will respond with the in the lines of “Men are logical, women are emotional”. I can bet even you reading this, thinks in the same light.

While you’re right. What you fail to know is that women are as logical and rational as men. And men are no less emotional. How they respond to situations is what differentiates them.

So what really differentiate the male and female?

Take, for instance, a friend’s father or mother or someone close to them dies, a man will try to find a solution and see how his friend is OK. But a woman will step into the friend’s shoes to feel what the friend is passing through. This is why she’s going to cry and the man wouldn’t.

Every woman responds to certain situations or conditions using a logical mechanism. This logical mechanism is the reason why a woman can perceive deceit, this is why she can tell something fishy is about you when you’re just meeting her. This is why she can just tell how nervous and less confident a man is when he tries to approach no matter the frame the man wears to mask it.

This logical mechanism is responsible for her survival through hard conditioning.

So, while a man is after the physical appearance of a woman, she’s is stepping into the aura the man carries. And when you hear her say “something isn’t right about that guy.” You wonder how she can tell something is wrong with a person she barely knows.

Two days ago, I was scrolling through my timeline and saw the video of a man explaining the difference between the male and the female brain. He was talking about how the parts of the female brain are connected and the male’s distinct and well separated. What this man was trying to illustrate is the connectivity of their brains.

This connectivity is the reason a woman wouldn’t be aroused by the picture of d!ck but will be aroused seeing the picture of a couple cuddling or kissing.

A woman feels every part of her brain. This is why a woman does so well even far better than a man when she chooses anything and pursues it. This is why she experiences mood swings and you start to question. “How can someone who was so happy a min ago turn out to be this bitchy?” This is why she can be seeing two men and thinks she’s in love with the both of them.

Whatever is thrown at a woman she responds to it in two ways. Understanding how she responds gives you the right tools the loving her the right way. If you don’t know and that understand these responses, you’ll have little to no success with women.

In Game mastery system I teach men how to understand women and love them the right way.

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Reasons Why She Is Losing Interest

Top 3 Reasons Why She Is Losing Interest In You

There are quite a number of reasons she is losing interest in you. It will happen at some point in every relationship once you’re not doing everything right. And you can’t do everything right always.

There are times you’ll be more focused on other things and neglect your relationship. It happens to the best of men. However, knowing what to do and how to turn things around quickly is important.

Here are the 3 top reasons the woman you have been with for a while will or is losing interest in you;

Top 3 Reasons Why She Is Losing Interest In You

  • You Became Complacent
  • There’s Someone In The Picture
  • She got Lazy

Before I go ahead and broaden the points made above, I want to share a quote with you

“In life, you can ignore reality. But you cannot ignore the consequences that come with it”


You Became Complacent:

Men are goal oriented beings and they tackle situations as they come. When resolved, they tend to move on to the next task. The same thing happens at the initial stage of a relationship. You worked hard to make sure you get her attention, you take her out on dates, you leave her surprise notes and messages, you were fun to be with, etc. However, as the relationship deepens you slowly begin to slip into complacency forgetting how you treated her during the initial stages of your relationship. You are now engrossed with other activities, you think you’ve conquered her.

You start ignoring the little signals and vibes she gives and slowly starts losing interest in you.

The dating never stops if you want to keep her interest. She needs to continue to receive doses of the fun and suspense you made her feel at the beginning of the relationship.


There’s Someone In The Picture

A woman can be losing her interest in you because there is someone else competing for her attention and because women are emotional beings and can’t have their emotions invested in two persons equally her interest level is more affected or increased by the person who is doing everything right. If the other guy continues to do everything right like you did at the onset of your relationship and she is insecure and has doubts about her relationship with you, she eventually cheats on you.

This is why you must continually look out for her attraction level and know where she’s at on a scale of 4-10. Anything below 4 can’t be salvaged.

In my book “Become The Man She Can’t Resist”, I explain in detail how to know where she’s at and what to do when she is below the expected level of where she’s in love with you.


She got Lazy

A lot of women get lazy at a point in the relationship. When a woman doesn’t work to get anything from you, she gets lazy of returning the affection and love you show her. When you continue to reward bad behaviour from her and she knows that no matter what she does, you’ll always be there, she starts losing interest unknowingly to her. This is when you send messages and she doesn’t reply yet you continue to send her messages regardless of her bad behaviour, you call her, she doesn’t return your missed calls, the enthusiasm to spend time with you starts plummeting, she has become too comfortable and knows her stand with you. Which shows you’re pursuing her more than she is pursuing you.

If a woman isn’t returning your love and affection, you must withdraw them lest she starts taking it all for granted and thinking it’s her birth right. If she takes you for granted, she won’t respect you and if she doesn’t respect you, she can’t be in love with you.

You should also be able to tell when the game is over and she’s no more interested

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How can I change her mind

Maybe If I Tell Her How I Feel, She Would Change Her Mind?

You might be thinking to change a woman’s mind, you have to be extraordinarily nice to her? Well. you can’t change her mind.You can only influence it.

Seduction is an art which you must learn if you don’t already know how it works. And you can’t know it all. Hence must continue to learn and grow.

The following is an e-mail I got from a reader. He wants to know if he can still have his ex-girlfriend back. He thinks trying to use logic will get her to change her mind about her decision of leaving him. He still needs to read my book a couple of times so as to have the information laid in its pages become part of him. My comments are (in bold brackets like this) in the body of his e-mail:

Before I go ahead, I would like to share a quote with you.

When someone takes your presence for granted, you must give them the gifts of your absence.

Greetings sir, I just completed the first two books “Become the man she can’t resist” & “4 rules to getting her to do what you want”. I must say you’re a very articulate gentleman and the books were informative and insightful.

(Thank you! seeing relationships become fun and loving and for growth and giving is my aim. That is the purpose of all relationships and this I want every man to be aware of. However, you must not read the book just once and think you know it all. You have to read the book at least 10 times and when you think you know it all, you go read it again.)

Going by the dictates of the books, I realized I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my previous relationships.

(Yes, definitely, that’s what led you to my book. You have been doing some things wrong in your relationships and you needed a change)

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me almost a month ago. She started withdrawing and wouldn’t return my ” I love you” & “I miss you”. I complained. She insinuated that she did love me, but wanted her space cos I was choking her. She also said she wanted to pay more attention to her business and less to me.

(This shows you were not letting her come to you. Women love slowly than men do. Men love on sight. With women, it’s all a different game. A woman who is totally in love with you wouldn’t ask for space or break as she can give up anything just to be with you and make you happy. But here you are, assuming the position of a woman by bitching about what you’re not receiving. The more you focus on what you receive the more pain you get in return when your expectations are not met.She’s not returning the “I Love You”  because she’s already shut down and has been shutting down for long but you were too busy about how you felt to notice. Your job as a man is to give. You penetrate your woman in all respects. You need to read my book over and over again until you own the information and can give a lecture on it.)

I agreed and reassured her of my love, also told her she could take her time with her business and give it all the attention she wants. But she still wasn’t returning my I love yous (which I pointed out again). She broke up with me a few days later and said she wasn’t ready to commit because of her budding business and goals unachieved.

( You reassured her of your love but still withdraw your gifts of love from her? Give her space! She wasn’t going to end it, but you kept pushing your foot down her throat. Who would want that? The superior man gives freely and expects nothing in return. You need to rid your self of expectations. She says, she is not ready to commit? That’s BS! She just wants to sweeten it for you. She’s saying,”I have had it with you fu!ked up Pus!y. You ain’t man enough to handle an independent and confident lady.  Man up and take care of business”.)

I’ve tried my best to remain in communication with her, of course, her calls and texts are brief since our breakup. We’ve argued few times over the phone after the breakup, she insulted me twice, hung up the phone on me few times. I never retaliated anyway. Yesterday was her birthday and I reached out to her.

(There you go again, someone is saying give me space and you’re busy crowding her space. Would you like that? Time to get off the phone and work on yourself. And you don’t argue with a woman because you will not win but only end up stirring up negative emotions in her. Not a superior man’s way of handling issues. And you don’t wish someone happy birthday when they want space from you(Stop being Mr Nice Guy). You also need to learn how to maintain your emotional centre Please read my book again and again and again)

But I’m still burning with desire for her. I want her back. Do I have any chance of getting her back? I’d like to know. If there is, what do I do? Do I just follow the dictates of your Ebooks? I anticipate your reply. 


(Give her what she wants, I outlined the 5 principles of getting an ex back in my book “Become The Man She Can’t Resist”. follow them and watch the magic happen if she’s still in her 5s/50s on the interest level scale).

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woman not interested

Do I still have a chance with her?

If you truly want to be successful with women, you want to be able to differentiate women with a low level of interest from those with a high level of interest. In my book, I talked about the signs a woman gives when her level of interest is high. You want her interest level to be in the 5s/50s, to begin with.

denied by womanYou don’t want to waste your time and resources on a woman who at the end of the day doesn’t give a jack about you when there is a dozen of women who are waiting for you just to sweep them off their feet.

The following is an e-mail I got from a reader. He wants to know if he still has a chance with a girl who has told him, she is uninterested in him. He thinks his friend lied to him regards his relationship with the girl in question. My comments are (in bold brackets like this) in the body of his e-mail:

Before I go ahead, I want to share a quote with you

“You cannot force someone to comprehend a message that they are not ready to receive. Still, you must not underestimate the power of planting a seed.”


Hi Sir,
I commend u for the great advice in-depth coach. God bless you 

(Amen and this is my purpose, to help solve problems the best way I can and I love interacting and meeting women. When you understand women, meeting them becomes easy. A woman can instantly sense a confident male from afar and are easily drawn to him)

I have a problem which I trust u can help me out. There is this lady ve been trying to woo over a year now but to no avail.She is very close to a friend of mine. I told my friend I was interested in this lady and he encouraged me to go forward and try my luck with her.
I propose to her but she turned me down…she told me she had somebody in mind which I pushed her to tell me who this guy is. Unfortunately, it is my own friend who had lied to me. I realised he has not been truthful to me.
I use to call text n chat her a lot but have since stopped doing that tho am still interested in her.

(You don’t give up. Do you? What I see from your email though it isn’t as descriptive as it should is that; you have been treating this girl like a friend would instead of how a lover would. If you are interested in a woman romantically, you must treat her exactly how a lover would and not an errand boy or a female boyfriend. A woman will always respond to how you treat her

You need to understand that attraction is not a choice. We don’t get to choose who we get attracted to. The world and dating would have been so much easier. Don’t you think? When you understand the fundamentals which I teach, you will be able to know when a woman isn’t interested and when to move on
And saying your friend lied to you? about what? that the girl is interested in him? or am I missing something? It could be that your friend doesn’t even know she likes him.
You see, women are like cats who are sometimes drawn to the person who least cares about them. You need to learn the basics and that’s why you should get my book.)

Please, how do I go about it?
Thank You and stay blessed.

(What you should do right now is nothing and wait to hear from her. And go out there and find someone else (don’t get fixated on one woman who isn’t even attracted to you).

If she misses the times you spent with her, she would call you and when she does, ask her if she has changed her mind of you two becoming romantically involved. If she says no. Tell her you would like to hear from her only when she changes her mind (Don’t be rude while you say this). If she says yes, set a date and go have fun. If she says she doesn’t know, tell her to call you when she decides in a sweet and loving tone.
So, go out there. Someone is waiting for you to just come and sweep her off the ground.
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How To Get Over An Ex Girlfriend

How To Get Over An Ex Quickly

Is it Possible To Get Over An Ex

Getting over a break up with someone one once shared everything with is never easy. However, there’s a how to get over an ex.

I remember when it happened to me(It has happened severally in the past). But there was one that hit me so hard. I felt used, I felt stupid to have ever loved her the way I did. I was so heartbroken that I could feel the pain in my stomach and chest. I was emotionally tortured at that time. My taste buds died. I would lie on my bed and cry. I couldn’t believe how it happened. How she just let go so easily. My business and health started suffering as I cared less and less about them. But thanks goodness I was able to pull myself backup within 2 weeks! And I want to share these same tips with you.

Even though these tips are directed towards males, it can be used by anyone(male or female) to get over an ex.


Steps On How To Get Over An Ex Quickly

These are same steps I took and I am very certain this will help you get over him/her

Forgive Yourself: I know you might be feeling sorry and stupid and upset for loving your ex the way you did. But if you want to get over them, you need to stop beating up yourself. Accept that it happened and you gave it your best. We are humans and we grow through mistakes. You have to understand that every relationship is an opportunity for self-growth.


Let it out and Let go: It’s OK to cry it out if you must. Let the negative emotions you feel out. Don’t try to hold on to the hurt or to how you have being hurt by this person. I know it can be really hard to let go and forget all the memories shared. I’m not saying you should forget these memories but rather you should embrace and appreciate them. Don’t think of them as bad persons because they changed the terms of the relationship you had with them. It’s not about them but you. Your self-worth and value at this point are more important and that you should focus on.


Let your close friends in: Sometimes, during the course of our relationships, we tend to abandon close friends. Now is the time to talk to them, spend time with time. Your close pals will help ease your pain as well as make you heal faster. You want to spend more time with them than you do alone.


Get Fit and Healthy: If you’re really into the how to get over your ex, this is an important step in the process. I know the end of the relationship had eaten into you. But you can’t let your body and health suffer. This is the time to hit the gym and get fit. Start eating healthy. Your time with them is over doesn’t mean your life is over. There’s so much out there to achieve and you don’t to ruin it for yourself just because someone couldn’t see the gold in you.


No Regrets: While it’s OK to reflect on the relationship, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for things you did or shouldn’t have done during the relationship. Accepting the split will not only make you heal faster but also make you feel less lonely. Focus on only the positives of the split.


Get a New Hobby: Find something new to engage yourself. Learn a new skill or start reading new books or learn how to cook the meal you always wanted to. Just do something new to keep you busy. Now is the time to increase your value by learning something new and have a shift from depression.

Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

Love yourself: Remember the first step on how to get over an ex was about forgiving yourself? If you have done that, now is the time to start loving and dating yourself. Take yourself out, start treating yourself the way you want others or a partner to treat you.

This step will help you to destroy any form of emotional suffering. One reason why you still feel attached to your ex is; she gave you something you couldn’t give yourself. It could be that she made you feel wanted and appreciated. It could be that she helped to give a boost to your self-esteem. Whatever it is she gave you, now is the time to start giving that to yourself.


No Contact: If you’re serious about the how to get over an ex, then you want to take this very seriously. Do not contact her, lose all form of contact. Emails, phone numbers, resist the urge of spying on them to see what they are up to. Spying on your ex will only aggravate your pain. Make a conscious effort not to contact them; no birthday wishes, no condolences, no season greetings. Their role in your life is over so keep it that way. While some will say it isn’t good to burn bridges which I agree to. But for now, we have to burn that bridge. No, they ain’t your enemy.


Don’t rush into a new relationship: Yes it is possible to fall in love again. But stay away from the relationship rush for the now and focus on developing yourself. Be who you want your future partner to be. What are the lame things you did in your previous relationship? Now is the time to work on them and become a better version of you.

Don’t get caught up in the process of getting over your ex that you lose yourself. It’s not about them but you. So focus on yourself and become an interesting person.

Become The Real Man She Can’t Resist: How To Attract And Re-Attract The Woman Of Your Dreams

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what makes sex Good

Good Sex: What women wish men knew

[dropcap]Good[/dropcap] sex and sexual satisfaction are vital if you want to maintain a happy relationship. Sadly, a lot of couples struggle with this. A study on the sexual behavior of women found that heterosexual woman had fewer orgasms. The study, conducted by The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, and Chapman University found that while 98% of heterosexual men achieved orgasm during sex, only 65% of heterosexual women did.

One of the many reasons that have been found for many women, not into casual sex is that straight fellas suck under the sheaths to a reasonable degree. And the untold truth is: becoming a legend in bed doesn’t take so much if only you could be more attentive.

So, pay attention if you want to be Better at bringing her home.

Good Sex

Say no to porn

If you want to be amazing in bed, just forget porn. You’ll end up learning just the wrong things from watching porn. You can’t learn how to fight just by watching bruce lee fighting. The least fun-sex anyone is having is porn sex. It’s less about how it feels and more about how it looks good on camera. Porn sex is more about getting it to the penetration as quickly as possible, No mutual pleasure involved.


Good Sex Last Longer Than You Think

Not exactly what you’re thinking right now. Duration is part of what makes good sex. Studies have shown that women who have longer sex for longer durations experience orgasms more frequently. I’m not talking about a man’s staying power/strength. Constant hardcore sex starting hurting after lasting for too long. Porns make it look fine when it’s so easy with editing, seeming like it can last forever. Vaginal hang-time doesn’t equate good sex. Truth is, perfect penetration time to ejaculation is between 10 and 15minutes. What’s important is the overall duration of sex.

The way men handle female arousal and the differences in how males and females get aroused is one of the many reasons men are so lousy under the sheaths. Everyone is just different. Many women have a slow responsive arousal pattern. This is why it is important to start making love to her mind rather than I’m horny, so I’m just going to starting touching and kissing you. Because of this, a man can peak so quickly as he’s in a rush to get in, leaving his partner frustrated and disappointed. So instead of being quick to start the journey, wait for her to cross the finish line.

what makes good Sex

So how do you get her to the finish line first? Good, you asked…

Foreplay is the key. A lot of women are craving for this. So if you can become someone who loves foreplay, women will love to have you in bed.  But you must realize that a woman has more erogenous zones than just her boobs or nipples. You must find these spots and take advantage of them.

A kiss on the right spot can drive a woman wild. Running your hands through her clavicles can make her shudder in the best ways. Even running your fingers through her lips can just be what will get her engine humming. Explore, take your time to arouse her instead of being focused on the main event. Your goal here is to give to her and not get your shots out as quickly as possible.

This is why;

You should stop thinking with your d!ck and start thing with your lips, hands, and tongue

The biggest mistake you’d make whilst trying to have good sex is thinking your d!ck is all you need. In fact, you think to have the right gadgets, especially that just big enough to accommodate a secondary circulatory system is all you need to take your woman home, make her moan and then go on about her much you satisfied her is the wrong thinking. In all sincerity, she just hoping you don’t get off the plane while she’s still getting the engine warmed up.

make love to a woman

You need to know that while all men can orgasm just with penetration, just a few can reach that point with penetration alone. Penis shape, size, length are secondary haves. 91% of women will almost orgasm with a combination of oral sex, hand stimulation, and deep kissing and this does not mean pressure or speed. Far from it, attacking a woman’s clitoris with your like your you’re trying to take off and attached seal isn’t going to do the trick neither would finger banging. When it comes to good sex, oral sex and hands are important but then it’s very easy to end up being too intense and hurt her. Some women require intense stimulation while others lighter. The reason you have to ask her which she prefers. Don’t play a dumb. Also. It’s vital you take note of other areas of her vagina and not just her clitoris as it is bigger than you can imagine, with wings reaching down the sides of the pubic mound. Just rubbing your palm against the vulva can be more pleasurable than tracing the letter ”1”  with your tongue.

Having her sit and grind on your thighs while work on stimulating her can get her more excited than having your finger inside of her. (and please trim your fuc!ng nails).

And while you’re at it…

Good with Sex and women

Spice Things Up

God sex is more than just the technique you bring it. One worst thing you would bring under the sheaths is boring sex. Good sex can quickly turn mediocre if it becomes a routine. Bring in some fervor in it as the human brain craves excitement and novelty. Part of what made the honeymoon stage so passionate was the readings the brain was being flooded with(a lot of dopamine). The Sad news is, the human can be used to just about anything and that includes good sex. What was mind blowing 2 months ago can become boring today.

Boredom kills attraction quickly and a muffler of orgasms. If you want to keep your game tight and strong, then you need to employ variety. New positions, sex toys, role playing can make good sex into great sex.

This brings me to…

Using Words

Like I have said before, becoming a great lover has more to do with what lies between your ears than what lies between your legs. And I am talking about your brain and mouth. Talk form a great part in sustaining sexual arousal. Starting treating sex as more than just bodies. Flirt outside the bedroom, give compliments at little things your woman does in bed. Tell her how you like the way she turns you on. Tell her how you love the melody from her lips. Tell her what next you’re going to do to her.

The purpose of this is to stimulate her mind. Teasing and tantalizing one another keep the arousal heightened. Communicate with her so she feels comfortable talking about what she wants from you. Being good in bed means you’re ready to practice giving.

Being able to make her comfortable in communicating her needs and you providing them in bed is what makes you a great lover who she’ll always remember and good in bed.


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stop your relationships from falling apart

Reasons Why Modern Relationships Are Falling Apart So Easily Today

The fail of modern relationships. What is really happening you may ask? Looking for reasons why relationships fail in the modern society? Even with the amount of time and emotions we invest, relationships still head for the rocks? Has the concept of love eluded us that we are no more concerned to make it last?

Reasons why relationships fail

We seem not to the prepared. We have become narcissists on the loose. Uncontrollable, more concerned about our own needs than the other, not ready/willing to give. We just want things laid on a platter of gold! Quitting so soon and not prepared for the growth.

We are just in for the excitement, thrill, and fun that comes with being with another. We hardly spend time together and even when together we can’t just create memories. We are so concerned about our immediate gratification! Oh, what level of selfishness. We are more concerned about the adventure than the beauty of being loved and in love. We don’t have the time to love the other because we are so busy chasing the things that would someday all go away. Nothing is worth our time anymore-not even love.

why is my relationship failing

Upset young woman sitting with her husband in the background

We’d rather spend an hour each with a hundred other than a day with one. We want options because of course, we are social beings. This keeps dragging us down the drain and eating deep into our relationships like a cankerworm eating up the buds and leaves of a tree. We take so much pleasure in lies than being truthful. Reasons why relationships fail: We don’t know why we lie but we still lie anyway. At the slightest distraction, we give in to temptation and we are out. We want perfection when we are not even perfect.

reasons why modern relationships fail today

We no longer value the importance of spending time together. Technology has replaced physical presence with texts, instant messages, video calls. We have had too much of each other and so what’s the need of spending quality time together?

We just can’t stay in one place for too long. We get bored so quickly, as quick as the air leaving a deflating balloon. The thought of settling down has become so scary. Reasons why relationships fail: We still need more time for some more fun. We want to believe we are different and can’t/don’t conform to social norms. We are rid of all morality and commitment.

relationships fail easily

We have become more driven by sex more than we are by love. Loyalty has been hastily kicked out the window. Reasons why relationships fail: We find the temporary fulfillments more important. It’s OK to cheat on even the one we say we love. Love means nothing to us more than it’s felt on our lips. We are more controlled by logic than we are of the heart. No, we can’t take a mile flight just to see the one we love.

Reasons why relationships fail: We have become a scared generation. Who are we to blame? We got ourselves here. We let this eat this deep into us. We can’t just let down our guard and be vulnerable. Our hearts have been shattered too many a time we are scared to bare our souls than we are to launch ourselves down the depth of the dead sea.

prevent relationship from failing


We place more value on things than we do on relationships. We let go of the wonderful people because of course there are more fishes in the sea. Despite the conquests we’ve had, here we are bugling at the game of love.


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fun man mountain climbing

Want To Become The Most Interesting Man? Here’s How.

Whenever the subject of attraction is to be discussed, being interesting is one of many things that is not often mentioned. Come to think of it, can you date someone who isn’t interesting? No one wants to be around a boring person. When you can hold a simple rapport, you lose your appeal even if you look better than Leonardo Decaprio. On the other hand, people want to talk or be around people who are interesting, because, in the real sense, they are the ones who are most attractive. They can hold a rapport not by how they look but by who they are as individuals.
The fact that people want to be around or date those who are interesting shouldn’t come as a surprise. The thing is, other than existing what else do you do? It really doesn’t take a lot to be that interesting and most wanted individual who is capable of fascinating and captivating others. You must understand that it goes beyond looks and be willing to learn the secrets that will make you the most interesting person in a room.

better man

American actor Leonardo DiCaprio


Engage Yourself With Interesting Things
You might say this sounds dismissive and I admit. But come to think of it, a lot of persons do no other thing other than wake up in the morning, do chores, go to work, come back home and they are off to bed. They live in a repetitive world, it’s like a circle! Endless. Ok fine, they could go see a movie some other day. But that’s it.
Being an active individual, someone whose activities varies and multidimensional makes you an interesting person. This is not about being able to talk about random topics and views on topics. When you’re interesting, you don’t wait for another to pave the course of your life but you shape and determine the direction of your life.
Now, you might ask, what then should I be doing? And the answer is not far fetched. You should ask yourself: someone who you find interesting, what should they be doing? These persons who interest you, what are the qualities you find in them? If you can answer these questions, it should be a starting point to your goal of becoming an interesting person. Maybe you’ve wanted to learn web design and graphics? Maybe you want to be on an island and watch the waves and tides of the ocean? Perhaps you just want to cook a different meal?
Really it doesn’t take much to be an interesting individual, you don’t have to be extreme by jumping planes and cars or partying every night to be interesting.

woman want an interesting man

How I long for a man who dares to be different

Although doing these things will create memories and some fascinating stories, they are not the only way to become interesting. Being able to have diverse interests and experiences and then being able to communicate them with others is what makes your interesting. Often times, it’s about going deep not broad. You can’t travel the whole/visit Europe but you can start with your own town; explore and get into its histories and mysteries. How you relate experiences is what makes them interesting/fascinating.


Nurture Your Intellectual Mind
One of the things that make an individual interesting is how they interact with their surroundings. These people don’t just let things come and go but find themselves interrogating and examining things as they come. Something new is always out there to learn.
You need to nurture your sense of curiosity and drive if you want to become interesting. You become more fun to be around the more your explore and have a broader view of your surrounding.
Reading is one way you want to cultivate your intellectual mind and become more interesting. A lot of persons do not read. You want to be ahead of the pack. Not that these people CAN’T read but they just DON’T. This is why most persons are boring. But you my friend should have a broad understanding of things, events, histories, biographies, social trends. The truth is being informed will give you a better and broader understanding of the world and why things unfold.

man seeking knowledge to become interesting

so much knowledge to be absorbed. Yes even in the park

Read books from various authors, books written by women, fictions, people whose views about life is different from yours. This will only broaden your view and help you connect and understand others. Know that the more you read the more you learn and the more things to talk about will be at your disposal. You will be able to open up conversational opportunities with a wider base of knowledge. With more knowledge, you’ll be able to interact with a whole lot of people.
Things have become so easy that every book out there has an audio book version of it, Explore your intellectual curiosity with them. There’s so much knowledge out there to be absorbed. Don’t let your life be a routine.
Take classes, attend webinars if not for anything but for the sake of your own curiosity. Don’t get lasered. Engage in things not directly focused on your day to day activities. Get involved in things you normally wouldn’t. There might not be a practical reason to take taekwondo lessons but this will give you another facet to how you view things and separate you from the usual and boring.


Interact with People You Don’t Know
Most people don’t know that you become interesting when interested. This is so ignored by those who strive to become interesting and fascinating to be around. While people want to out cool those around them, they forget that even those being the focal point of attention can be fun, being a good listener is more valuable.
There are a lot of persons who love to talk. But often times find no audience. No one cares to listen as they are so much concerned about what they also have to say. So finding someone who is available to listen is invaluable. We just want people who are genuinely interested in what we have to say. When you find yourself interested in what others have to say, they tend to be free and can tell you anything. Trust me, they would want to spend more time with you.

interesting man interacting

You can connect with anyone.

And, you can’t make new friends and lovers without talking to people you don’t know. Get used to talking to people you don’t know. Most importantly, you’ll become an interesting person the moment you develop the habit of being interested in others. Everyone has a story and they are all dying to tell it to someone. Be that person. I am nothing talking about just females but also males. You can’t just tell who you might meet out there.
Maybe that person you met at a bar will be the one to get you a place at the concert you’ve always wanted. This is not about building long lasting relationships/friendship but being able to express a genuine interest in others will create immense opportunities to help cultivate your own.
This might be difficult for a lot of persons and you know what? It’s actually a good thing! You know why?


You Just Have To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The one thing that often makes people interesting is just how they go about things that other’s wouldn’t do. Being able to step out and do the unusual, explore things others can’t just explore or daring to be different makes you more fascinating to others. I agree your comfort zone will put you at ease but then it can be a limiting factor to becoming interesting. Come to think of it, there’s a reason why there are so many stories about how other’s do amazing things the moment they embrace and adapt to new circumstances, they just become more compelling. And that my friend is growth.

becoming an interesting man

mountain climbing can be fun. Yeah?

This makes you more exciting and you know what is boring? Being comfortable is boring. You just have to push past your limits and grow into the person you should be. Change can be very scary but necessary if you’re not satisfied with what and who you are. Taking is a must if you want to become interesting to others. Just go against the odds, do something different and grow.


Be Open To Mistakes
One thing all interesting person can be tied to is having stories to tell. This is just a by-product of someone who lives an active life with varieties. You can’t help but have stories to tell. It doesn’t have to be extreme but just meeting an old friend randomly can be it.
You should always ask yourself if an event would lead to an interesting story and if the answer is yes, go for it. You shouldn’t be too bothered about how it turns out as making mistakes only add a twist to your stories. Getting stuck isn’t as important to how you got out.

what an interesting male does with friends

And he said “damn that was some head cracker”

So, challenge yourself by getting involved in things that scare you. Go on that trip, try a new meal, visit that awesome place you’ve always wanted.
And remember, the more experiences you have, the more stories you’ll have to tell and the more the stories, the more you become interesting.


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exactly what women want from men

What Exactly Do Women Want?

The dating preferences of women are the ultimate paradox. A woman tells you she wants something yet respond to another. Have you ever come across a group of women talking about men and asking where are all the nice guys yet they still fall for the bad guys?

This leaves men confused with the question “what exactly do women want?”

This is why you shouldn’t act according to what women say but what they respond to. There are two sides to every woman  “The strait-laced woman” and “The Fly woman”. The strait-laced woman is that woman whom society and religion have trained to respect and do things the societal way. You can call her the moral woman. The fly woman is the high/free spirited woman who wants to do her own thing and have mind blowing fun when no one is watching.

how to make her happy

What am I driving at? A woman wants the modern day prince charming!

And who is the modern day prince charming you ask?

He Gives Her Space

As much as women would tell you they want a man who calls and texts them every now and then. Which they find nice at the beginning of the experience, it soon turns smoldering to them and you start losing value in her face as you come on being too available. You need to give a woman the space to wonder about you, the space to miss you. I am not saying you should turn a cold d!ck by not calling or texting your woman. Far from that. Don’t just be on her neck every now and then wanting to know her every move.

One of the most frustrating texting time to a man is when a woman goes cold on you and never replies your texts. The average guy(Mr. Nice guy) would lose his cool but the modern day prince charming wouldn’t care but rather maintain his cool and allow her to come to him at her on pace.

make a woman excited to see you

He Can Hold An Intelligent Conversation

Women don’t want to anchor or pave the direction of your relationship. They want you to be in control. Able to engage her in intelligent fights. You don’t want to always be a calm sea around her. She wants to be excited! She wants the trail of the experience. When it comes to love for women, it’s all in the process. You should be able to start/build and hold a rapport with her. If she’s being a spoilt child, tell her so and don’t argue with her and if she’s being awesome, tell her so and mean it.

listening to woman like she want you to


He Knows What He Wants

Like I said earlier, a woman wants a man who isn’t afraid to go for what he wants and able to stand on his grounds. Even the highly independent woman craves for such a man. A woman doesn’t want to be responsible for the direction of your relationship. I’m not saying you should start arguing with your woman on everything. No man! Make your points known to her, what you don’t want or want and go about your thing. Feminism and feminists (hey, I have nothing against them) have made a turn around in the relationship circle between men and women. In the early days, you wouldn’t find a man acting wussy and wanting to do all a woman asks just because he wants to please her (have you seen James Bond doing that?). But now, the tables have turned! No matter how people paint it, a woman isn’t looking for a pleaser but a man who knows what he wants and can stand his ground. And when it comes to sex, he doesn’t go faster because the woman requested and he shouldn’t orgasm before she does. Rather, you should give her multiple orgasms. For he’s confident and confidence is sexy.

dress confidently as man

He’s Centered And Mysterious

Complacency is one of the reasons most relationships hit a dead end. Women want to have fun, they want to continue in same excitement they experienced from the onset. You should be able to bring in different activities to excite her every single time. You don’t have to take things so personal with a woman as she wants someone who can make fun of her and himself and still sound complimenting and mean it. Check this “Baby your boobs are as big as a watermelon and they can make any man go on a 360”. Did you see that? You just compared her boobs to a watermelon which is insulting and at the same time, you made her know no man wouldn’t find her attractive.  Try to learn different games to spice up your dating experience. No matter what a woman throws at you, it shouldn’t sway you off your emotional center because you know how to maintain your emotional center. Love should be playful and not serious.

how to keep her guessing

He Can Turn Her On Passionately

Have you ever wondered why woman want to marry nice guys yet they fall for the bad guys? Because they can’t help it! The bad boy is mysterious like I have said before. Building sexual attraction with a woman is kind of like baking a cake. You put the cake in the oven, you put the timer on, and you can look through the window with the light on in the oven and just watch it slowly rise.

What the average guy(Mr. Nice Guy) does is, he’s in a hurry and a rush to get the cake to rise, so he’s constantly opening the oven door every couple of minutes to see if it’s rising yet. What happens is, all the heat comes out of the oven, kind of like dissipating sexual anticipation, so it never really grows. You shouldn’t be in such a rush with women.

When it comes to attraction and women, patience and confidence go a long way in seduction.


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How To Build and Hold a Rapport With Women

[dropcap]Building[/dropcap] a rapport with a woman? This is the second stage in the attraction level and most men find it difficult to move past it, they just hit a dead zone. Just like the teller machine when it no longer has any cash to dispense, leaving the individual frustrated. Same happens when you can’t hold a conversation with a woman. But that would be a thing of the past once you’re able to read through this article.

building rapport

If you have being able to intrigue the lady, it’s time to create a rapport, as well as sustain it. Every human loves the feeling of importance, we want to talk about ourselves, the battles we have won, the heights we have attained and it’s no different when it comes to keeping a rapport with a woman.

You need to understand that every woman loves to talk about herself and loves stories. You don’t have to be super smart to get a conversation going with a woman if you can understand these two things and how to apply them. Please, don’t go out there and start throwing questions upon questions on her as she will get pissed. No woman wants to feel as though she’s being interrogated. However, you only need to apply a twist to this. Truth is, having a girl talk about herself by asking questions is one of the best ways to maintain your mystery. Read on

how to make her laugh

You need to know that you’re responsible for the emotions you project onto a woman and are in total control of every rapport. Hence, to hold a rapport you must be in control of the conversation but don’t try too hard to impress. Don’t even try to impress.

I’m going to talk about asking a woman questions and telling her stories to build rapport;

start a conversation with a woman

Asking questions:

It’s no news at this point that women love talking, especially about themselves. Asking a woman questions about herself will help you gather enough information to increase her attraction level for you through seduction.

Don’t come up sounding like a robot configured to ask questions or risk turning her off. Be genuinely interested in what she tells you and mirror her expressions and gestures and speech patterns but don’t be obvious about it.

See these conversations below;

I want to assume you have passed the intrigue stage of getting her interested

You: what do you do for fun?

Her: reading and playing chess

You: Do you always play chess?

Her: Yes

You: That’s Nice

Her: OK

Now I want to go through that same conversation with a little twist to it.

You: So tell me, what do you do for fun?

Her: Reading and playing chess

You: that sounds awesome! You must be a walking library and a goddess of chess. Played in a championship?

Her: Hahaha, you’re funny. I always wanted to but time and my job wouldn’t allow me. I work in a bank as a marketing officer and that takes a chunk out of my time. Do you do anything for fun?

You: Yes I do and that’s talking to you(she’s going to blush at this) and what feelings exactly do you derive from playing chess?

Her: Playing chess relaxes my nerves and turns on my thinking cap. If you understand what I mean?

You: Hell no I don’t! Tell me, what do you me by thinking cap?


Can you see the direction of the two conversations? You act like you’re interested. Because when you do, she will tell you more without asking.

Tip: The harder a woman works on building rapport with you, the more you’re going to be worth to her

make her comfortable

Telling Stories:

I sent a friend a teaser the other day ” I was walking down my street yesterday majestically and in a very light mood. I just completed a deal with a company. This kept me smiling but was soon snapped  out from this state by a pregnant woman, she was so heavy, she struggled to move and was  about crossing a busy road ahead of me when…”

She was on me for the rest of that day to complete my story.

You need conversational hooks to build rapport with women. You build it, break it and then rebuild and break again and of course in quick successions.

Check this out:

“I just got back from cross river state and all those well told delicacies of that state? Well I finally had 2 of their meals and I must say it’s true of what I have heard about their meals”

Can you see what I have done here? I’m creating the opportunity for her to be an aggressor and slip into the conversation! She might start asking things like;

Was it calabar you visited?

Which of their meals did you have?

What were you told or have heard about their meals?


If you can do this, she will seduce herself for you.


Mistakes To avoid When Trying To build Rapport With a Woman

  • Don’t be too dependent on the outcome of the whole process
  • Don’t be too agreeable, pleasant and nice
  • Don’t fake familiarity: I mean don’t try too hard or you risk looking awkward
  • Don’t develop contextual rapports
  • Lacking authentic interest


Now go out there and build rapports with women!

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From My Heart To You

Jonathan Melody

Author, Graphic Artist, Peek Performance Coach and Entrepreneur