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Dude Game Over! She is Not Interested


As a Guy in the dating and relationship circle, you need to learn how to tell if a woman is interested in you or not and cut your losses quickly and move on to the next woman. You don’t want to get fixated on someone who you can’t have and isn’t interested.

No matter how beautiful you think a woman is if she sees you as the ugliest guy she has met, that you’ll remain in her eyes. Hence you need to learn the answer to the question “Sweetie are you in or out?” Not that you are going to say it in that way, but you simply want to know as quickly as possible upon meeting a woman, if you have any chance with her at all.

The reason why most people get so fixated on another person is that they think moving on to finding another is painful and just try to settle for who they can’t have is less painful. You can’t project your high-interest level on another person. People can spend so much energy to avoid pain than they will do to gain pleasure. So messed up I tell you. And you need to cut this shit and not get caught up.


let woman goYou must understand that a woman who is interested in you, will make it easy for you to get into her world however she can because she wants herself in your orbit. Learn to read the subtle signs early and prevent yourself from chasing what keeps running and throwing your heart down the lagoon.

Stop making yourself believe you have to do something to get her interested. Oh, I have to call her some more, I have to send her flowers, I have to send her this and that. That’s all BS. If someone is not making the effort to get to know you, what the hell! Let them out the door.

Attraction is not a choice. You can’t make someone feel attracted to you. If they don’t want in, move on bro! stop wasting your valuable and limited time carrying a torch for a woman who is simply not attracted to you. There are better things you need to take care of! And get this “There’s always another bus every 15 mins”.

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From My Heart To You

Jonathan Melody

Author, Graphic Artist, Peak Performance Coach, and Entrepreneur


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The 10 Commandments Of Self Confidence


[dropcap]The[/dropcap] first thing I want you to understand is, developing self-confidence is a process and you need not hit yourself so hard if you’re still making mistakes as you need them to grow. Your ability to face your fears makes you grow and the more you face your fears the more your fears dissipate.

You may well have the perfect job, the perfect relationship and a perfect house, you can not fully enjoy if you’re not standing firmly in your shoes. Hence I have laid before you, the 10 commandments of self-confidence and be sure to read and follow these ten signs to a life of self-confidence!how to build self confidence


1. Thou shalt love you
Become your own cheerleader and give your self-esteem a boost. Know your weaknesses and face them (don’t ever run away from them. Remember what you face dissipates), but focus on what you can do well. Dare to be proud of your talents and accept compliments straight, without having to wave away with an excuse.

2. Thou shalt not compare you with others
“Comparison is the thief of joy,” Roosevelt once said. There will always be someone smarter, richer or more handsome than you. But if you want to build confidence, you need to focus on improving your own life. Hang out where your interests are!

A little challenge has never died. But if your challenges consist of life, it can cause a lot of unrest. It is not wrong to do something, just because you’re good at it. That gives you back energy and self-confidence for the rest. Think of a sport, volunteer or committee work in an association.

3. Thou shalt not be a perfectionist
Perfectionism paralyzes. Set realistic and achievable goals for yourself and learn to be happy. Find a way to be happy with what you have accomplished, rather obsessively to handle. And don’t let a failed attempt stop you from giving it another shot. Your project fails, does not mean you failed. It sounds like blah but really works: see failure as a learning process. And you’re studying to learn, right? The moment you see it really as a failure, it is in your way and you can not leave it behind.

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4. Thou shalt push your limits
Step out of your comfort zone and try something completely new(Do that thing you’re dead scared to do: Yes just do it). Whether you’re making a trip or going on a blind date: by embracing you learn to accept the unknown that you do not need to have everything under control.

5. Honor yourself and your values
Be true to yourself and to the things for which you stand. If you take away from your values, you destroy your own hands, your self-image and you forget something important: That you’re forever with your decisions to live with.

6. Thou shalt fake it
Be yourself and be clever about it: by being yourself and acting how you want to be, you start to believe you are too. Some tips: walking upright with head high and never cross your arms.

7. Remember to keep learning
Exchange the boring evening TV shows for books, cult films, inspirational talks … increasing your capacity to learn, build a confident mentality. You are what you know!

8. Thou shalt get involved in sports
Sport has a huge effect on your confidence. You improve your appearance, get masses of energy and achieve something positive, where you can afterglow of the day. So register with a gym house close to you tomorrow.

If you take care of yourself, you feel better. And that makes you radiate. So put on those clothes that you think are awesome, go get that body you’ve always wanted, pay extra attention to your body and take time for yourself. If you have the idea that you look good (look/appearance), you have more confidence. Note that you do these things for yourself, not for others.

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9. Thou shalt avoid negativity
Take away every form of negativity from your life: friends that make you feel bad, a tedious job … Try to see the positives. Do not focus on ‘what ifs?’ but in the here and now. A negative attitude has a negative impact on your self-confidence (and your mood). If your approaches are all optimistic, you’re much happier in life. So instead of thinking that you can not do something, you can also encourage yourself.

10. Thou shalt live in the present
Although reminiscing or dreaming can certainly do sometimes sound to the future, focus your best as possible in the here and now.


From my heart to you

Jonathan Melody

Author, Graphic Artist, Peak Performance Coach, and Entrepreneur

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How To Maintain Your Emotional Center As a Man And Avoid Relationship Drama

[dropcap]You[/dropcap] finally found your way here? Then I must say nature just smiled on you.  Are you short tempered? Yes, I mean you just snap at every offense?can’t maintain your emotional center? I was once like that and damn it’s no good thing bro. Not healthy for your relationships. And I want you to understand that as a man, your job is always to give to the world and make others feel good and safe. If you leave someone and they don’t feel better about themselves than they met you, then you’ve not played your role as a man.

Not being able to maintain your emotional center as a man can result in lots of issues and drama in your relationships. Your lady becomes bitchy, cold and distant, you start losing clients and money. And the fact that you want to keep your lady interested and happy is the more reason why you need to have your emotions in check always. Yes, amigo, you read that right; always.

See what Proverbs 25 vs 28 says “A person without self-control is like a breached city, one with no walls.” 

And today I want to share with you tips on how to maintain your center as a man;

maintain your emotional center

TIP 1: Speak Your Mind

I don’t mean start shouting or screaming; NO dude. Women do not like the screaming and all the emotional venting. You ain’t wiping winds, lay no gloves, no, just say what you think. In this way, they do not have to have the flight hormones kicking in. Acknowledge that you’re not happy with whatever the situation is and be clear, calm and loving about it. Not every man out there understands or knows this. Hence your lady will appreciate it. JUST COMMUNICATE LIKE AN ADULT.

how to stay cool around a woman


Tip 2: Be yourself
Hey, don’t try to be honey when all your taste buds are covered in vinegar. Women are like cats; they can smell a rat from afar. Adapt your answers or responses to her attitude, not her personality? Women tend to understand men better than men do them and really, when you say something that pleases or when something comes from your own heart, they know. The preference is always one’s own center! Give your limits and needs (make clear what you can take and what you can’t take) And yes, you’re still very sweet, even if you indicate your limits.

how to not stay angry with woman


Tip 3: Be happy
True happiness comes from within. If someone depends on you, that brings a lot heavier demand. Being with someone who is happy and well even happier in your presence is delicious. We want more, women do too! So don’t think she is responsible for your happiness. No man! Use the gym sometime and focus on your purpose, be ambitious. Set some goals and be passionate about them and stop expecting too much from her. Remember she got a life of her own.

a smile can help your confidence


Tip 6: Understand the difference between your Lady and your Buddies
There are things you discuss with your friends, and there are things you discuss with your lady. Women often think aloud. As they themselves increasingly understand how to accommodate the steam. If something bothers them, they first go to their girlfriends to get clear what they want before telling you ( i.e if they want to). And you have to respect this as a woman wouldn’t tell you everything. So stop digging into everything.


Tip 7: Enjoy the moment

Sincerely, why worry so much about what happens tomorrow when it’s possible you might not live to see tomorrow. I’m not saying you’re going to die. Of course, you will die; someday anyway lol. My point is Enjoy the NOW, be present in the NOW and take in all the good things the NOW has to offer. Happiness is contagious.


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make her happy by staying in your center


From my heart to you

Jonathan Melody

Author, Graphic Artist, Peek Performance Coach and Entrepreneur