Christmas BIG Bonus

The christmas season is a period when certain products do better than others and in this article we would be looking at these products and how you can go on selling them.

During this season there are two types of products that sell so well

  1. Personal Products
  2. Gift Products

The first are products people buy for themselves and the second are products people buy as gifts for others. So it could be gift for;

  1. Their kids
  2. Their Lover/spouse
  3. Friend/Family

For personal products, hoodies and sweaters sell well during these periods

and even cheaper on 1688

You can even dig deeper for other hoodies and sweaters. Don't just stick to this.

The reason why this works for me is because I don't have to worry about size. The bigger the more appealing a hoodie is. So I always go for the biggest size.

It is rare to see someone who wants a fitted hoodie. All they need is for it to cover them up.

Also, there have been more success from hoodies targetting south easterners probably because they usually travel to the village for the christmas holiday and this simply help them cover up against the cold.

So I always spin the promotion around that. Something as simple as;

 ‘’Going to the village this Christmas? This will help you cover against the cold’’ will cut it.

Another product that sell well are handbags. Especially brown one. Ladies find them very attractive. Reason why this is I don't know. 

But they always outsell every other colour. Brown and Black. So try and stick to these colours when making your purchase

From experience, the higher the price, the more people want it. People tend to associate high price with quality.

Also, when purchasing make sure that you download the various images of the products as you will need them during your ad creation.

see more bags

Travelling bags also sell well during this period. 

You can buy for N4,000 and sell as high as N18,000

I love this one because you can package it as a laptop bag, or travelling or even a gift to a man.

Products for Kids

Toys for kids do well during christmas season. But here is the thing when you buy toys make sure they are toys that are meant to improve the child and can easily be run on facebook. 

Note: don't buy weapons as you won't be able to run ads on them on facebook
(and people don't buy such toys for their kids anymore.).

Here are some samples of toys

Get more toys

Another hot seller are clothes. But from experience this sells better on Instagram than on Facebook. I don’t know why. So when promoting, do more of Instagram ads

See more

Gift people buy for others

Hot Christmas Selling Days

The product are just ONE PART of the equation.

There are days where the dopamine level of buyers is high, and these are days where the most killing are made. This is when you have to run aggressive ads.

They include:

November 1 – Christmas Sales starts.

Friday, November 23 – Black Friday

Monday, November 26 – Cyber Monday

Saturday, December 1 – Hot Sales Rushes Begin

Saturday, December 8 – Hot Sales Intensifies.

Sunday, December 23

Saturday, November 24 – Last Minute purchases (Danger period for high returns).

But here is the strategy.

This is the Hot Sale System. Use this and you will make a killing, guaranteed.

The ‘’magic date’’ is November 23. Black Friday.
But the killing is made BEFORE that date, and then repeated throughout the dates listed above.

Let me explain.

In the days leading up to November 23, apart from the Christmas shopping frenzy, there would be a lot of buzz by big brands about Black Friday. Konga, Jumia, Shoprite. The noise will be loud.

The ‘’secret’’ of this System is to tap into that noise, and feed off the buzz. Jumia and all the big brands will be running ads, making people remember that black Friday is in a few days’ time. And you simply take advantage of that buzz.

There are three ways to do this.

WAY No1.

‘’The list Launch strategy’’.

Build a Chatbot list. Tell people on the list that you are planning a Black Friday sale on November 23. Show them images of the product.

I already provided videos on how to set up something like this using woocommerce.

Tell them how much discount you are giving it out for the Black Friday. Tell them the time on Black Friday you will open up sales. Have them pre-order, but that nothing goes out till that date.

…here is what will happen. A day before that day your products will sell out. If you have 10 wrist watches for instance, tell them how many you have in stock and then send them messages as pre-orders increase telling them the stock remaining.

The buzz and build up always sells out my stuff. Every time.

The good part is that this helps bring in large bulky cash at once

Here are the implementation steps.

1. Create a Chatbot account at or
(I already created a video explaining the process)

2. Pick a ‘’store name’’, use it for your page name and Domain name.

3. Create a Chatbot inside chatfuel or manychat and start sending people to it.

Ad Copy Example to use for general merchandize:

‘’Black Friday! We are selling out everything on Our Store at 20% Discount on the 23rd Of November. Go here to Pre-order now = > insert link’’

For specific merchandize. Example: Watches

‘’Black Friday! We are selling out all wrist watches on Our Store at 20% Discount on the 23rd Of November. Go here to Pre-order now = > insert link’’

The kind of ad format that works well, from experience, is the Facebook ad collection format.

It looks like this;

And the reason it works so well is because it feeds the ‘’window shopping’’ feel and the way you can arrange your products in this kind of ad creates desire for it.

Then they are taken to a page with images of the product, and a link below that leads to your chatbot saying; ‘’Click This Link To Get Details When Sales Start’’.

Don’t display the price. Just 20% Discount below them. And a link to your chatbot.

Usually I run this campaign heavily 3 days to Black Friday, so they don’t get cold on Black Friday. And I send them warm up messages before that time, messages on the products. The price, how much discount they are getting On Black Friday I send them a blast.

‘’Black Friday Sales. 20% off everything. Sales Stops by midnight. Place your order Now’’

The scarcity and the dopamine mental state induced by the Black Friday buzz causes a Purchase stampede.

You can sell upfront if you want, but the reason I like building a list is so I can do more promotions on the other dates or if I don’t sell off on black Friday.

WAY No 2

This is done simultaneously with way no1.

Simply run ads a day before, on black Friday and a day after black Friday with the ad copy format above, but this time they are taken to an order page with the price and order details.

Run this with way No1 and it usually pull in crazy orders

Target the following keywords

Black Friday.

Christmas Shopping.

and other related keywords like this.

Also go Product specific in your targeting. If you are selling watches for example, it is also important to throw in wristwatch related keywords. ‘’Swatch’’, ‘’Rolex’’ and keywords like that as interest.

Maximizing Your Profit

After that initial sale, the next step of what I do is to make sure I keep selling. This process is what I call profit maximizers.

I basically do TWO things during this period to increase the amount of money I make from the whole process.




Let’s get into it.

METHOD 1: Call every buyer once they get their product and pitch them a ‘’special gift service’’.

Note – only call to pitch when they have had the product delivered and they have paid. Don’t pitch them a new product before product delivery.

I tried it once and it didn’t work so well. But the moment they receive, my sales rep calls them and asks if the product is what they wanted.

Then they are asked if the delivery guy was polite…and then we ask them if there is anyone they’d like to give a gift for Christmas.

If they say yes. We ask him if it’s a male or a female.

Then we tell them that we have a special service just for him. We will professionally wrap a product, put a card with his name inside and ship it to the person he wants to send the gift to, for free.

All he needs is just to pay for the gift, and we will handle shipping, wrapping and the card.

Usually this would not cost more than one thousand naira, and shipping fee would already be in the price of the product.

If they say they’d like it, only then would you tell them the product you want to ship. ‘’We have a bag available now, brown. It will make a perfect gift and our promo is still on so you will get it at a discounted price. Would you want this sir?’’

Notice the progression. The focus is on selling the Christmas gift package and not the product. We tried making the product the focus at first and it bombed, then we switched it and this worked. So try it out.

METHOD 2: Sell on the other days with a coupon

After black Friday, some more products might remain. To sell them off, use a coupon sales strategy.

Here is how it works

Simply use this Facebook ad copy.

‘’Clearance sale! To Celebrate Christmas for Our Customers, Grab our 18,000 naira watches for just 14,000 naira. Send this coupon ‘’CLEARANCE’’ to 090888***** to Claim This Special Discount’’

You can also send this as a broadcast to the list you build with chatbot in ‘’Way No1’’ above.

Promote heavily on the dates listed above. They are the days people are most likely to buy.

A little word of warning, when selling anything after 8th of December, be very careful, this is when returns start to increase. People will buy, but they might travel or use the money budgeted for something else. So always double confirm before sending out the product.

Now Time To Take Action.

Here are the steps.

1. Get the products.
2. Set up a chat fuel account.
3. Set up your ad account and deploy heavily around the hot sale dates using the hot sale strategies.

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