You might be thinking to change a woman’s mind, you have to be extraordinarily nice to her? Well. you can’t change her mind.You can only influence it.

Seduction is an art which you must learn if you don’t already know how it works. And you can’t know it all. Hence must continue to learn and grow.

The following is an e-mail I got from a reader. He wants to know if he can still have his ex-girlfriend back. He thinks trying to use logic will get her to change her mind about her decision of leaving him. He still needs to read my book a couple of times so as to have the information laid in its pages become part of him. My comments are (in bold brackets like this) in the body of his e-mail:

Before I go ahead, I would like to share a quote with you.

When someone takes your presence for granted, you must give them the gifts of your absence.

Greetings sir, I just completed the first two books “Become the man she can’t resist” & “4 rules to getting her to do what you want”. I must say you’re a very articulate gentleman and the books were informative and insightful.

(Thank you! seeing relationships become fun and loving and for growth and giving is my aim. That is the purpose of all relationships and this I want every man to be aware of. However, you must not read the book just once and think you know it all. You have to read the book at least 10 times and when you think you know it all, you go read it again.)

Going by the dictates of the books, I realized I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my previous relationships.

(Yes, definitely, that’s what led you to my book. You have been doing some things wrong in your relationships and you needed a change)

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me almost a month ago. She started withdrawing and wouldn’t return my ” I love you” & “I miss you”. I complained. She insinuated that she did love me, but wanted her space cos I was choking her. She also said she wanted to pay more attention to her business and less to me.

(This shows you were not letting her come to you. Women love slowly than men do. Men love on sight. With women, it’s all a different game. A woman who is totally in love with you wouldn’t ask for space or break as she can give up anything just to be with you and make you happy. But here you are, assuming the position of a woman by bitching about what you’re not receiving. The more you focus on what you receive the more pain you get in return when your expectations are not met.She’s not returning the “I Love You”  because she’s already shut down and has been shutting down for long but you were too busy about how you felt to notice. Your job as a man is to give. You penetrate your woman in all respects. You need to read my book over and over again until you own the information and can give a lecture on it.)

I agreed and reassured her of my love, also told her she could take her time with her business and give it all the attention she wants. But she still wasn’t returning my I love yous (which I pointed out again). She broke up with me a few days later and said she wasn’t ready to commit because of her budding business and goals unachieved.

( You reassured her of your love but still withdraw your gifts of love from her? Give her space! She wasn’t going to end it, but you kept pushing your foot down her throat. Who would want that? The superior man gives freely and expects nothing in return. You need to rid your self of expectations. She says, she is not ready to commit? That’s BS! She just wants to sweeten it for you. She’s saying,”I have had it with you fu!ked up Pus!y. You ain’t man enough to handle an independent and confident lady.  Man up and take care of business”.)

I’ve tried my best to remain in communication with her, of course, her calls and texts are brief since our breakup. We’ve argued few times over the phone after the breakup, she insulted me twice, hung up the phone on me few times. I never retaliated anyway. Yesterday was her birthday and I reached out to her.

(There you go again, someone is saying give me space and you’re busy crowding her space. Would you like that? Time to get off the phone and work on yourself. And you don’t argue with a woman because you will not win but only end up stirring up negative emotions in her. Not a superior man’s way of handling issues. And you don’t wish someone happy birthday when they want space from you(Stop being Mr Nice Guy). You also need to learn how to maintain your emotional centre Please read my book again and again and again)

But I’m still burning with desire for her. I want her back. Do I have any chance of getting her back? I’d like to know. If there is, what do I do? Do I just follow the dictates of your Ebooks? I anticipate your reply. 


(Give her what she wants, I outlined the 5 principles of getting an ex back in my book “Become The Man She Can’t Resist”. follow them and watch the magic happen if she’s still in her 5s/50s on the interest level scale).

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