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Dude Game Over! She is Not Interested


As a Guy in the dating and relationship circle, you need to learn how to tell if a woman is interested in you or not and cut your losses quickly and move on to the next woman. You don’t want to get fixated on someone who you can’t have and isn’t interested.

No matter how beautiful you think a woman is if she sees you as the ugliest guy she has met, that you’ll remain in her eyes. Hence you need to learn the answer to the question “Sweetie are you in or out?” Not that you are going to say it in that way, but you simply want to know as quickly as possible upon meeting a woman, if you have any chance with her at all.

The reason why most people get so fixated on another person is that they think moving on to finding another is painful and just try to settle for who they can’t have is less painful. You can’t project your high-interest level on another person. People can spend so much energy to avoid pain than they will do to gain pleasure. So messed up I tell you. And you need to cut this shit and not get caught up.


let woman goYou must understand that a woman who is interested in you, will make it easy for you to get into her world however she can because she wants herself in your orbit. Learn to read the subtle signs early and prevent yourself from chasing what keeps running and throwing your heart down the lagoon.

Stop making yourself believe you have to do something to get her interested. Oh, I have to call her some more, I have to send her flowers, I have to send her this and that. That’s all BS. If someone is not making the effort to get to know you, what the hell! Let them out the door.

Attraction is not a choice. You can’t make someone feel attracted to you. If they don’t want in, move on bro! stop wasting your valuable and limited time carrying a torch for a woman who is simply not attracted to you. There are better things you need to take care of! And get this “There’s always another bus every 15 mins”.

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