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Guys, I am sure this has happened to you before,Sometimes you meet an amazingly gorgeous woman who you just connect with, you are blown away by her personality, intelligence, appearance and can’t help thinking about how a life with her would look like.You were able to strike a rapport with her and got her phone number and you are now in contact. Then you went on the first date, and then the second date, maybe even a third date and you can see yourself dating her and you want her to be your girlfriend. So you decide, “today I am going to ask her out”The D-day comes and you make your intention known to her. You tell her she’s the most amazing thing that has happened to you and you want her to be your girlfriend.But, she says NO.Her reasons? She not ready yet. Or she says she has a boyfriend already. Worse, she may say, she sees you as just a friend and she’d prefer you guys just stay friends.But that’s not all. After that day, she goes cold, she no longer responds with the same enthusiasm as she did at the start, she starts giving you some wishy-washy reasons why she doesn’t return your calls and why she can’t spend time with you.You become frustrated, asking yourself what exactly you did wrong. At this point, two things happen to a lot of guys who face this issue with the women they like and are interested in dating.1. You may also become cold towards her. Then she sees you as a jealous jerk, someone who can’t take rejection and be mature about it. If you do this, you go further down the ladder of appropriate boyfriends, and she believes her decision was the right one.Only one person loses out here. You.2. You take it “as a man” and continue being friends with her. She is glad you didn’t end your relationship with her, but you still get put down the ladder of an appropriate boyfriend and because now you’re “just a friend”, she basically treats you as one of her fellow girls. She will date other boys but not you because women do not date their friends. She will bring her boyfriend problems to you to solve. And the truth is, you will hate every single minute of it but you can’t complain because hey, you’re just a friend.You really do not want to be in any of the two scenarios above. What you want is for the woman you’re interested in to also be interested in you and see you as the sort of man they would be willing to date.In this article, I’m going to tell you why women who were hot and aggressive at the beginning of a relationship go cold and eventually pull away. And how you can turn the tables around and get her to start chasing you again.Science has proven it time and time again that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear, the moment a woman gets a clear hold of all that there is to you (becoming a plain book), you start losing your value in her eyes and her attraction for you starts going down. And when this starts happening you because you don’t understand how attraction works the first thing you think, you have to do is something to get her attraction back up. For many guys, what they do first is they start begging her to change her mind. And when she doesn’t they beg some more, and then some more, even asking her friends to plead on their behalf. The pressure becomes too much and she becomes afraid and unsure of how to respond.Now here’s the thing, when you beg a woman to change her mind, you have psychologically given her power over you. You have put yourself below her, and as far as dating is concerned, that’s not a good thing. Here’s why.Women prefer men who are in charge, not wimpy men who beg and plead with them. This only shows you don’t value yourself or know your worth. A woman wants a man she can be comfortable with, one who has control over his emotions, who is a challenge, a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. If a woman sees you as weak, and begging to her is a weak behaviour, she will never date a weak man. Period.Another thing some guys do is, they try to do too much for the girl. This type of attitude is called “The illusion of action”.You think you have to do something to get her to like you more and that the more you do, the more she will like you. That is bullshit! When a woman who was initially aggressive starts taking steps back, it shows you’re pursuing her too much, you’re forcing yourself on her and it’s choking her. You’re becoming too needy. She wants some air, so she tries to get some space. And the more you pursue her, thinking if you don’t, you’d lose her, she backs off making it more likely you might just eventually lose her.You must understand that men and women respond to things differently and in the issues of love and relationships, women want you to take it slow but because men are visual, we want to get it all to a conclusion quickly. Hence, tend to come on too aggressive, asking for a relationship too soon.Well, you see my friend, women are emotional beings and their actions are almost always different from what they say. That’s why a woman tells you when she breaks up with you or rejects your advances, “It’s not about you, it’s me” or “You’re not the problem but me”. A man hears these words and they sound gibberish to him. But that’s because you really do not understand how to deal with these situations when they happen to you.What do you do to stay in control when you meet and like a woman and want to date her? What do you do to make sure you don’t enter the dreaded “friend zone” or if you’re already in it, to get out and turn things around? Don’t ask your female friends, they won’t tell you the truth because they don’t want to hurt your ego. Your guys can’t provide you good advice because they are also clueless (their relationships are shit). And if any of them are successful with women, they can’t tell you because honestly, they don’t know exactly what they are doing because they are just naturals (it’s inborn in them). But all hope is not lost. You can avoid getting sucked into the “friend zone”, and if you are in one, you can get out of it. You can become the man no woman can resist. How do I know this? Because, I was once like you, a wussy. Women used to walk all over me until I stripped myself of the “normal guy routine” and started using some ancient biological attraction triggers that have been used for more than 2,000 years since men used to live in caves and were gatherers. This is the same secret that the world’s famous lovers like Casanova, Mark Anthony, Elvis Presley, “Hugh Hefner (PlayBoy) Bill Clinton, etc used to get into the hearts and subsequently pants of the women they desired.Since I learnt these ancient secrets my life has completely changed, 100 percent. I am now “The Man”. I am now the guy who women want to be with and STAY WITH. I am now the guy who has it all.I am sure you want to have it all too, right? If you truly want to get the woman of your dreams to fall totally in love with you and keep her in love with you, then these ancient biological attraction triggers are what you should be using.I want to share what I know with you, and if you’re willing to learn from me, just do three things:

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