Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where do I start from?

Answer: Start  by watching the first video on the members page  HERE and followed by The EXERCISES  

Question: What is the minimum amount I can start with?

Answer: You can start with N20,000

Question: Will the N20,000 cover for the shipping and facebook ads?

Answer: Yes

Question: How Can I use the Yandex Browser?

Answer:Check the module on product sourcing for the video

Question: How Can I Contact Steven?

Answer:Download skype on your phone or PC and  add his contact. When you've done that, simply send him a message. DON'T CALL  HIM

Question: I messaged steven and Daniel but they are not replying. What should I do?

Answer: Steven and daniel live in china and china is 7hrs ahead of Nigeria. They also have lots of persons to respond to. So you keep reminding them. If They  are still not responding, use chriasvicmall

Question: How do I pay Steven?

Answer: You can pay steven using paypal, money gram or western using. I advise you use paypal. Simply open a nigeria paypal account.

Question: Daniel is not responding. What do I do?

Answer: Send YINMEI a message. YINMEI is his colleague

Question: Can I use chrisvicmall for purchase only?

Answer: Yes you can. You simply provide them the china address of your agent (NBC or St Patrick's) you want them to ship to in china

Question: How can I edit my video?

Answer: Use camtasia on PC  HERE or inshot on mobile from your play store

Question: I am using a phone, how can I do all of these on my phone?

Answer: Make sure you are using a phone with good memory and set your browser to desktop view

Question: I don't have money now. Is there a way I can still start?

Answer: You can do what we call "crowdfunding" or pre-ordering like we call it here. So you find  agreat product people need and you ask them to pre-order. They can make half payment. And then you simply use the money to order for the products.

Question: How do I yaun to dollar?

Answer: You  can Click HERE

Question: which logistics company should I use?

Answer: You  can use any you're comfortable with the fees. Simply send them a message to ask for their shipping rates

Question: Can I start with 2 niches?

Answer: No, start with one. when you've expanded to a point, you can decided to try another niche

Question: Do I need to open a new Facebook  profile account?

Answer: No, whatever that requires Facebook, do it from your already existing profile. As it would be easier for your to get help anytime you run into facebook troubles.

Question: How can I download the video trainings?

Answer: simply go to

Question: How do I know the products I am buying are of good quality?

Answer: simply ask steven or daniel to help you with that. If you're buying directly from manufacturers use the criterias explained in the video

Question: Which niche is more profitable?

Answer: I listed some niches in the exercise page. check them out. they are all profitable. All you need do is research a product people in that niche need.

Question: How do I know how much to sell my products?

Answer: You need  to make your calculations. Calculate how much it takes to ship down one unit of your product and what it would cost to sell a unit and also ship it.

If it cost you 3000 to sell one piece of a product (this include the cost the piece, shipping of the piece + ad spend to sell the piece)

And you're selling the product for 6000.

So, you have a profit of 3000.

But you don't tell your customers the cost of the product is 6000.

You simply factor in the cost of shipping the product to them. Because you don't want to say the product cost is 6000 and then come and say age in that shipping is 2000 or 2500 or as the case maybe.

So how do you factor in your shipping cost?

You arrive at an average price.

Some region you will spend 1500 on shipping, some 2000, some 2500,some even 3000.

So, you use an average price which would be 2500

And then you add it to the original cost you had.

6000 + 2500 = 8500

Now you tell you costumers the product cost 8500 and shipping is free.

Question: How do I ship my products to customers?

Answer: You simply make use of EDS or Olaswift. Check the list of product page for their contacts

Question: How can I pay for a domain?

Answer: You simply make use of your mastercard or visa card and make sure they are activated for online transactions

Question: I downloaded the bonus file but can view it. What should I do?

Answer: The files are in a zip file. so, you need winrar or winzip HERE or unzip the file before you can view it. if you're using a phone , go to playstore and search "winzip"

Question: Can I start advertising on facebook frst before creating a funnel

Answer: Advertising on facebook is how many people out there do it. But you're not them. You're a member of the 10x blueprint and we do things differently here. So if you want to start from just facebook because you don't have sufficient money to get domain and hosting, that's fine but don't stop there. Try and createa funnel for your product(s)

Question: I have bought products and installed wordpress. What next should I do?

Answer: Please refer to your exercise page for guidance

Note: If after going through this age and you still can't find answers to your questions, kindly send me a message on whatsapp or ask your questions in the support group

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