How To Grab Any Woman's Attention And Get Her Phone Number In 10 Minutes or Less Even Though You Just Met Her For The First Time

So there you are. You’re walking along the aisle in Shoprite looking at the prices of the items on the shelves. Some of them you put into your cart, some of them you ignore while whispering, “that’s expensive. Ugh!”

Then you look up and you see her. She’s also walking down the aisle looking like a model who just stepped out of a magazine.She is curvy in the right places, waist and s like Serena Williams.

Then she walks past you.You start wondering, “Should I talk to her?”, “Will she listen to me?”, “Is she with someone?”

Then you summon the courage and walk up to her.

What’s going to happen?

Will she talk to you?

Will she ignore you?

Will you ask her out?

Will she agree to go on a date with you if you do?

Will you get her phone number?

Okay STOP.

That was a hypothetical scenario, but I guess something similar has happened to you before.

You go somewhere and you meet a lady who knocks your breath away. Her beauty or personality pulls you in like a magnet.So you summon courage, and walk up to her, you drop your yarns now either of three things will happen.

  1. She will ignore you.

2. She will say NO, which is just like ignoring you. No difference.

3. She will respond, and possibly listen to you and when you ask for her contact details she will give it to you.

Here’s what happens when most guys walk up to girls they find attractive and talk to them.

1 or 2 above happens to them.

They are either ignored or they are told NO.


Because those guys lack what I call a “Set Up”.

What on earth is a “set up” you ask?

Let me explain it by telling you a story.

A few weeks ago, I was in Calabar for a wedding. I arrived on a Friday, and together with a couple of friends we met in the bar of the hotel where we lodged for a drink before heading to the Bachelor’s eve.

At the bar, we had an old friend who lived in the city paying for our drinks and then as boys are boys the conversation flowed towards women.

We started teasing one of us there saying he was slacking when it comes to asking girls out and dating them.Then our old friend, let’s call him, Dooka dropped a bombshell.

He looked at the friend we were teasing and said, “See Ade, don’t worry. I can show a way you can use to talk to a woman and get her phone number in 3 minutes or less.”“3 minutes?!” we all shouted as we turned our attention to him and waited to hear what it was. “Yes, just 3 minutes.

I have used it and it works”“So what is it?” we ask.“It’s simply psychology.” he said. “ So you simply walk up to a woman with full-on confidence, looking her straight in the eye as you say, ‘Hi, nice meeting you again. How are you doing?She will look at you funny and wonder where she met you.

Then you continue, ‘I sat next to you on the flight to Abuja last week and we sat together‘.Without missing a beat, you continue talking saying, ‘You know I forgot to save your number so I won’t mind if you give it to me again.’

And as you say this, you bring out your phone and wait for her to give it to you.Of course, she will protest and say ’But I am not sure I know you.

If I did what’s my name then?” You reply and say, ‘I will tell you after I get your number’.

And as she types her number, you say, ‘One last thing, let me have your name please’.It works.”As soon as he finished, we all screamed in delight and stood up to give him a standing ovation.

It was brilliant.

But it was as brilliant or as audacious as this next story.

Here’s what happened in the lady’s own words:

See what the guy did there?

He asked for her number, she said no.

So he left his phone with her and drove away. Later he called her that night and they spoke.

Today they are married.


Of course I can hear you laughing your head off, saying, “You no fit try this one with Naija girls o. Dem go sell your phone and you no go see them again.”Maybe. Maybe not.

It depends on the kind of girl and to be honest, most girls will be so shocked and so curious she will want to hear what the guy has to say.

Now you may not want to go claiming to have “sat together on a flight” with someone and you may also not have money to buy some super expensive phone you can drop with some lady who could very well disappear I agree.

Now, does this mean there’s no sure banker way to approach a lady and get her contact details, especially if there’s no time?There is. In fact, it’s one I have used many times and still use and it works like a charm.

Here’s how it works.So you meet a woman, and you are interested in talking to her, heck you are super interested in seeing her again. So what do you do?

Step One: You approach her with boldness.The first step in talking to a lady is looking her in the eye and approaching her boldly.

Step Two: Break The IceFind something about her you can start a conversation with. It could be her hair or she smells nice. Or she’s wearing nice shoes or is carrying a nice bag or just the energy she emits.

Compliment it and use it as your conversation starter.“Hey, that’s a gorgeous perfume you’re putting on. What’s it called?”

“Wow. I love your shoes? Where did you buy them?”“Your hair is lovely. What’s that style called?”So you need a conversation starter.

Step Three: Extend the conversation Take your conversation started and extend it. So here’s a hypothetical example. Let’s say I see a lady in a mall and as we go round the aisle shopping, I get closer, and I say,

“Hi, that’s a nice perfume you’re wearing. What is it called?”

Her: Oh thank you! It’s Elizabeth Arden’s Moonlight Dreams”.

Me: Never heard of it, but it sounds like it’s pretty expensive.

Her: Ah, not really. It’s sold for =N=16,000.Me: Ah I see, why did I ever think it was that expensive? So to tell you the truth, I am not even a perfume aficionado. Like I just buy 212 and that’s about it, but I want to upgrade and really get serious with them. So tell me, if I was your boyfriend, what perfumes would you have me buy and wear?

Her: (Lists a number of perfumes)

Me: Like how much do those cost?

Her: (Reels pout prices)

Me: That’s not bad. I like the name of the one you call (add name here). Can you share more about it with me?

Her: (goes on to explain further)

Me: (Listening and agreeing with her) When she’s finished, I will thank her and say, “Wow, that was a great lecture (and laugh). Look I’d really love to have you teach me more about this even if  I need to pay for it.

Would you mind letting me have your email address?”Then you provide her a pen and paper. Or you hand her your phone so she can type it in.

Guys, why are we asking for an EMAIL ADDRESS first?


It’s psychology. Asking for an email address is non-suspicious and non-threatening. Many people don’t check their email address and even if they do, they can always ignore and/or delete your email.

When you ask for an email address first, two things happen

  1. They are always 100% willing to give it to you and

2. They know they won’t be bothered via email they can simply ignore.

But what she doesn’t know is once she has said, “Yes” to giving you her email address, she has opened up her mind to saying “Yes” to you.

So as soon as she starts typing or writing down her email address, you say:

“Please also include your phone number there in case I need to call you.”Because she has said “yes” to giving you her email and she is already in the process of giving it to you and you ask for a phone number, it’s hard for her to say “no” at this point and she will most likely give it to you.

Of course, this will not work 100%. I would be lying if I said it did, but it sure does work over 90% of the time.

Go try it and see. But when it works for you, you just only won half of the battle.

The remaining half is actually getting her to now agree to see you, and eventually date you or sleep with you, depending on what you want.

To learn how to do that, go here:


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