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Good Sex: What women wish men knew

[dropcap]Good[/dropcap] sex and sexual satisfaction are vital if you want to maintain a happy relationship. Sadly, a lot of couples struggle with this. A study on the sexual behavior of women found that heterosexual woman had fewer orgasms. The study, conducted by The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, and Chapman University found that while 98% of heterosexual men achieved orgasm during sex, only 65% of heterosexual women did.

One of the many reasons that have been found for many women, not into casual sex is that straight fellas suck under the sheaths to a reasonable degree. And the untold truth is: becoming a legend in bed doesn’t take so much if only you could be more attentive.

So, pay attention if you want to be Better at bringing her home.

Good Sex

Say no to porn

If you want to be amazing in bed, just forget porn. You’ll end up learning just the wrong things from watching porn. You can’t learn how to fight just by watching bruce lee fighting. The least fun-sex anyone is having is porn sex. It’s less about how it feels and more about how it looks good on camera. Porn sex is more about getting it to the penetration as quickly as possible, No mutual pleasure involved.


Good Sex Last Longer Than You Think

Not exactly what you’re thinking right now. Duration is part of what makes good sex. Studies have shown that women who have longer sex for longer durations experience orgasms more frequently. I’m not talking about a man’s staying power/strength. Constant hardcore sex starting hurting after lasting for too long. Porns make it look fine when it’s so easy with editing, seeming like it can last forever. Vaginal hang-time doesn’t equate good sex. Truth is, perfect penetration time to ejaculation is between 10 and 15minutes. What’s important is the overall duration of sex.

The way men handle female arousal and the differences in how males and females get aroused is one of the many reasons men are so lousy under the sheaths. Everyone is just different. Many women have a slow responsive arousal pattern. This is why it is important to start making love to her mind rather than I’m horny, so I’m just going to starting touching and kissing you. Because of this, a man can peak so quickly as he’s in a rush to get in, leaving his partner frustrated and disappointed. So instead of being quick to start the journey, wait for her to cross the finish line.

what makes good Sex

So how do you get her to the finish line first? Good, you asked…

Foreplay is the key. A lot of women are craving for this. So if you can become someone who loves foreplay, women will love to have you in bed.  But you must realize that a woman has more erogenous zones than just her boobs or nipples. You must find these spots and take advantage of them.

A kiss on the right spot can drive a woman wild. Running your hands through her clavicles can make her shudder in the best ways. Even running your fingers through her lips can just be what will get her engine humming. Explore, take your time to arouse her instead of being focused on the main event. Your goal here is to give to her and not get your shots out as quickly as possible.

This is why;

You should stop thinking with your d!ck and start thing with your lips, hands, and tongue

The biggest mistake you’d make whilst trying to have good sex is thinking your d!ck is all you need. In fact, you think to have the right gadgets, especially that just big enough to accommodate a secondary circulatory system is all you need to take your woman home, make her moan and then go on about her much you satisfied her is the wrong thinking. In all sincerity, she just hoping you don’t get off the plane while she’s still getting the engine warmed up.

make love to a woman

You need to know that while all men can orgasm just with penetration, just a few can reach that point with penetration alone. Penis shape, size, length are secondary haves. 91% of women will almost orgasm with a combination of oral sex, hand stimulation, and deep kissing and this does not mean pressure or speed. Far from it, attacking a woman’s clitoris with your like your you’re trying to take off and attached seal isn’t going to do the trick neither would finger banging. When it comes to good sex, oral sex and hands are important but then it’s very easy to end up being too intense and hurt her. Some women require intense stimulation while others lighter. The reason you have to ask her which she prefers. Don’t play a dumb. Also. It’s vital you take note of other areas of her vagina and not just her clitoris as it is bigger than you can imagine, with wings reaching down the sides of the pubic mound. Just rubbing your palm against the vulva can be more pleasurable than tracing the letter ”1”  with your tongue.

Having her sit and grind on your thighs while work on stimulating her can get her more excited than having your finger inside of her. (and please trim your fuc!ng nails).

And while you’re at it…

Good with Sex and women

Spice Things Up

God sex is more than just the technique you bring it. One worst thing you would bring under the sheaths is boring sex. Good sex can quickly turn mediocre if it becomes a routine. Bring in some fervor in it as the human brain craves excitement and novelty. Part of what made the honeymoon stage so passionate was the readings the brain was being flooded with(a lot of dopamine). The Sad news is, the human can be used to just about anything and that includes good sex. What was mind blowing 2 months ago can become boring today.

Boredom kills attraction quickly and a muffler of orgasms. If you want to keep your game tight and strong, then you need to employ variety. New positions, sex toys, role playing can make good sex into great sex.

This brings me to…

Using Words

Like I have said before, becoming a great lover has more to do with what lies between your ears than what lies between your legs. And I am talking about your brain and mouth. Talk form a great part in sustaining sexual arousal. Starting treating sex as more than just bodies. Flirt outside the bedroom, give compliments at little things your woman does in bed. Tell her how you like the way she turns you on. Tell her how you love the melody from her lips. Tell her what next you’re going to do to her.

The purpose of this is to stimulate her mind. Teasing and tantalizing one another keep the arousal heightened. Communicate with her so she feels comfortable talking about what she wants from you. Being good in bed means you’re ready to practice giving.

Being able to make her comfortable in communicating her needs and you providing them in bed is what makes you a great lover who she’ll always remember and good in bed.


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