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From Your Friend: Jonathan Melody


Capturing a woman's attention is the first step to a successful seduction. You walk into a room and spot your target (beautiful woman) and your mind is instantly clouded  with thoughts of how to score her number, successfully seduce her and get her home.

My friend, you can violate every other principle of seduction but can still be victorious if you are able to hold a woman's attention long enough. Every woman has the "hot" and "cold" spots in her brain and your mission is to look out for how to activate the "hot" part of her brain. I want you to understand that every woman you meet is on a constant lookout for something new, something exciting, something intriguing, etc.

When you first meet a woman, her brain is on the "reject mode" and questions like "who is this guy? what does he want? Is this guy the same as every other guy or is he different?" starts flooding her mind. And while she's on her "cold" mode, calculating if she should give you a chance or shut you out, you have just a few secs to get her into her "hot" mode and capture her attention and if you can't keep her on the "hot" mode, she disengages and loses interest. Yes, a woman can lose her interest that fast!

So how do you break through her reject mechanism and get her into the "hot mode"? You do this by telling her an intriguing story. A wise man once said;

"Those who truly have powers in the world are storytellers.Storytelling not only shapes your personality, it magnifies it."

You see, when you meet a woman, the first things she sees are your appearance and personality. Women love stories and this is why you have a great number of them engaging with soap operas, Telemundo, Zee world and the likes. Before you chop off my tongue with "what happens when I don't know how to tell stories?". Well, you really don't have to be a great storyteller to pull this off. All you need to is have that one story developed and you tell it when you meet a new woman again and again.

Some time ago I watched a movie "The Playboy Book". The guy tells a story about himself and his grandmother, how close he was to the grandmother before he left for the city and later got a message of his grandmother being bedridden and need money to take care of her hospital bills, how he did dangerous things, risk his life to raise the money. But, the grandmother eventually died. The purpose of the story is to put her through a rollercoaster, a taste of pain and pleasure and engage her emotions.

And Oh, There was no such story. In fact, the Guy's grandmother died before he was born...hahaha

Women respond psychologically to same approaches no matter where she is from. So if your story works on capturing one woman's attention, it definitely would work on another. But there are a few things your story must have.

  • It must be simple to narrate
  • You have to be the central character to the story
  • There must be some sort of risk or danger or uncertainty (Remember the story earlier told of how the guy raised money through some dangerous activities yet the grandmother died)
  • It has to be time limited
  • There should be a hindrance or an unfavourable element


Stories with these 5 elements work so well and even those with just 2-3 will even work if you follow the principle of "stop and pull"

You must be able to stop and pull away when you are approaching the most interesting part of the story and watch her reaction. If you are a fan of the TV Series "Game of Thrones", you would have a grasp of what I am talking about. The series was smeared with cliffhangers that viewers fought hard to leak episodes yet to be made public. The suspense was that torturing that they couldn't wait. This is the type of feeling you want to create in her.

There must always be some suspense in your story or whichever approach you use if she's someone you just met or a long time girlfriend. This will make her know, there will always be something to talk about when she's with you.(women dislike boring and excessively discomforting silence).

You want to be different from every other guy she meets as most guys out there are with same routines;

  • Hi
  • How are you?
  • What's your name?
  • Where are you from?

With such openings, you'll only end up driving her into the "cold" mode. Because what this does is raise her guards with the thoughts of "Here's another typical guy, how can I get him to leave?!"

Now see this opening;

  • I think I might just regret it and be sorry if I ask you this.
    You'll notice that you're not asking her any direct question and this only raises her curiosity (women are just like cates; It is curiosity that killed the cat you know lol...You will find more on this in my book). When her curiosity is raised, she would be forced to ask what you're talking about. Because she doesn't see her self as a negative person (no one does). Hence, will be left wondering what exactly you'd regret asking her. So when she looks up and ask "what?"

You reply...

  • Asking your name?
    Now, she's going to laugh to that, she will be relaxed and tell you her name. What you just did is tell her you're a mysterious and a fun person to be around.

This opens the door to more topics and conversations. However, when you start telling her your intrigue story, you must be able to hold off at some point when the conversation is becoming more interesting and say "I would really love to complete this with you but I have to go now and hand her your phone and look away or set a date right there (stopping abruptly will install same emotions Games of Throne Fans Feel, anticipating for a new episode and handing her your phone and looking away forces her to type in those digits because she already sees you as a fun person. It works every time if you follow what I just taught you)" In my book, I talked about the right approach to setting a date with a woman right on the spot.

WARNING: Don't try to sound rehearsed as she would be able to sense that and find you cheesy and turned off. What I am teaching you here is contrary to what pickup artistes and most relationship gurus will tell you to do. Trust me, you don't want to sound weird and robotic.

Having a conversation with a woman shouldn't be structured with questions and answers but a mixture of pulse statements, questions, interjections and commands.

In case you don't know what these are. I will make an example of each;

Pulse statement: "I can feel your energy right from the other end of the room and I can tell you're a positive person" or the one I used to ask name above. The purpose is to get her curious.

Questions: These are regulars of course. Something like "What do you do or what's your profession"

Interjections: "Oh so you're a nurse and what do you like and dislike about being a nurse"

Commands: "OK nickname (you should already have given her a nickname), enough of work talk. Let's talk about sex, love, relationship, money or religion. Pick one!". Be careful here though. you don't want to bring up topics you ain't comfortable about or can't handle.

So you see capturing a woman's attention or getting the phone number is not hard. But sustaining her attention and getting her wet underneath her pants is where you need your game tight.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. If you're serious about having any woman you want attracted to you and have her thighs wet just for you, then you're probably going to want to have a look at "Attract Any Woman And Then Unlock Her Legs"

My friend, women are emotional beings and their actions are different from what they say. That’s why a woman would tell a man “It’s not about you but me” or “You’re not the problem but I or I am not in the mood right now”. A man hears these words and they sound gibberish to him. What does that mean he would ask himself or a lady tells you she misses you, loves you yesterday and today she is acting bitchy and pissing you off or she gives you her number yet she cancels the date and still says she really wants to see you.

What do you do to stay in control and not lose cool? That is why I have taken it upon myself to enlighten men on how attraction works and what women emotionally respond to. Your female friends won’t tell you the truth because they don’t want to hurt your ego. Your buddies can’t provide you good advice because they are also clueless (Their relationship is shit). Those that are successful with women, can’t tell you because honestly, they don’t know, they are just naturals'. And that's why I wrote the book Attract Any Woman And Then Unlock Her Legs. I was once a wussy, women were walking all over me until I stripped myself off Mr Nice Guy and started using some ancient biological attraction triggers. If you truly want to get the woman of your dreams to fall totally in love with you and keep her in love with you and get the cookie everytime you want it, then these ancient biological attraction triggers are what you should be using.

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