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How To Get Over An Ex Quickly

Is it Possible To Get Over An Ex

Getting over a break up with someone one once shared everything with is never easy. However, there’s a how to get over an ex.

I remember when it happened to me(It has happened severally in the past). But there was one that hit me so hard. I felt used, I felt stupid to have ever loved her the way I did. I was so heartbroken that I could feel the pain in my stomach and chest. I was emotionally tortured at that time. My taste buds died. I would lie on my bed and cry. I couldn’t believe how it happened. How she just let go so easily. My business and health started suffering as I cared less and less about them. But thanks goodness I was able to pull myself backup within 2 weeks! And I want to share these same tips with you.

Even though these tips are directed towards males, it can be used by anyone(male or female) to get over an ex.


Steps On How To Get Over An Ex Quickly

These are same steps I took and I am very certain this will help you get over him/her

Forgive Yourself: I know you might be feeling sorry and stupid and upset for loving your ex the way you did. But if you want to get over them, you need to stop beating up yourself. Accept that it happened and you gave it your best. We are humans and we grow through mistakes. You have to understand that every relationship is an opportunity for self-growth.


Let it out and Let go: It’s OK to cry it out if you must. Let the negative emotions you feel out. Don’t try to hold on to the hurt or to how you have being hurt by this person. I know it can be really hard to let go and forget all the memories shared. I’m not saying you should forget these memories but rather you should embrace and appreciate them. Don’t think of them as bad persons because they changed the terms of the relationship you had with them. It’s not about them but you. Your self-worth and value at this point are more important and that you should focus on.


Let your close friends in: Sometimes, during the course of our relationships, we tend to abandon close friends. Now is the time to talk to them, spend time with time. Your close pals will help ease your pain as well as make you heal faster. You want to spend more time with them than you do alone.


Get Fit and Healthy: If you’re really into the how to get over your ex, this is an important step in the process. I know the end of the relationship had eaten into you. But you can’t let your body and health suffer. This is the time to hit the gym and get fit. Start eating healthy. Your time with them is over doesn’t mean your life is over. There’s so much out there to achieve and you don’t to ruin it for yourself just because someone couldn’t see the gold in you.


No Regrets: While it’s OK to reflect on the relationship, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for things you did or shouldn’t have done during the relationship. Accepting the split will not only make you heal faster but also make you feel less lonely. Focus on only the positives of the split.


Get a New Hobby: Find something new to engage yourself. Learn a new skill or start reading new books or learn how to cook the meal you always wanted to. Just do something new to keep you busy. Now is the time to increase your value by learning something new and have a shift from depression.

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Love yourself: Remember the first step on how to get over an ex was about forgiving yourself? If you have done that, now is the time to start loving and dating yourself. Take yourself out, start treating yourself the way you want others or a partner to treat you.

This step will help you to destroy any form of emotional suffering. One reason why you still feel attached to your ex is; she gave you something you couldn’t give yourself. It could be that she made you feel wanted and appreciated. It could be that she helped to give a boost to your self-esteem. Whatever it is she gave you, now is the time to start giving that to yourself.


No Contact: If you’re serious about the how to get over an ex, then you want to take this very seriously. Do not contact her, lose all form of contact. Emails, phone numbers, resist the urge of spying on them to see what they are up to. Spying on your ex will only aggravate your pain. Make a conscious effort not to contact them; no birthday wishes, no condolences, no season greetings. Their role in your life is over so keep it that way. While some will say it isn’t good to burn bridges which I agree to. But for now, we have to burn that bridge. No, they ain’t your enemy.


Don’t rush into a new relationship: Yes it is possible to fall in love again. But stay away from the relationship rush for the now and focus on developing yourself. Be who you want your future partner to be. What are the lame things you did in your previous relationship? Now is the time to work on them and become a better version of you.

Don’t get caught up in the process of getting over your ex that you lose yourself. It’s not about them but you. So focus on yourself and become an interesting person.

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