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How To Turn The Table Around And Make Any Woman Chase You Even When She Has Gone Cold

From Your Friend: Jonathan Melody


Sometimes you meet an amazingly gorgeous woman who you just connect with, you are blown away by her personality, intelligence, appearance and can’t help thinking about how a life with her would look like.

You were able to strike a rapport with her and got her phone number and you are now in contact. But at a point, she goes cold, she no longer responds with the same enthusiasm as she did at the start, she starts giving you some wishy washy reasons why she can’t spend time with you.

You become frustrated, asking yourself what exactly you have done wrong. In this article, I’m going to tell you why women who were hot and aggressive at the beginning of a relationship goes cold and eventually pull away. And how you can turn the tables around and get her to start chasing you again.

Science has proven it time and time again that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear, the moment a woman gets a clear hold of all that there is to you (becoming a plain book), you starting losing your value in her eyes and her attraction for you starts plummeting. And when this starts happening, so many guys because they don’t understand how attraction works would think they have to do something to get her attraction back up, they try to plead or go as far as asking her friends to plead on their behalf. This type of attitude is called “The illusion of action”.

You think you have to do something to get her to like you more and that is bullshit! This will only show that you don’t value yourself or know your worth. You must understand that men and women respond to things differently and in the issues of love and relationships, women want you to take it slow but because men are visual, we want to get it all to a conclusion quickly. Hence, tend to come on too aggressive, asking for a relationship too soon.

When a man starts doing this, the woman becomes scared and unsure of how to respond and starts backing out. A woman wants a man she can be comfortable with, one who has control over his emotions. When a woman who was initially aggressive starts taking steps back, it shows you’re pursuing her too much, you’re forcing your foot down her throat and that’s choking her, you’re becoming too needy. She wants some air, so she tries to have some space. And when you start pursuing, thinking if you don’t, you’d lose her, she starts backing off the more and you might just eventually lose her.

Women fall in love slowly than men. You must give her the space to decide, to miss you, to put herself in your orbit. So when a woman starts backing off, you also take steps back instead of trying to come on heavy on her. Scarcity creates value when you give her enough space and time. She will start missing you (if you have done everything right in building a rapport and appearing as a fun person and a man of value, and if she still has her attraction level in the 5s or 6s). And would try to put herself in your orbit by contacting you.

If you have just met a girl and you started out well or you have been in a relationship for a while.But things started going downhill, this is what you should do; Your sole purpose is to make sure whenever you spend time with her, you make sure she has maximum fun. If you just met, give her time before reaching out again to set another date (5-7days in between dates is fine). And during this time be sure to stay off the phone.

If you have been in a relationship and she suddenly starts going cold, you pull back, if you use to pick her calls immediately, allow it go to voicemail, if you usually call back immediately or reply immediately, wait for at least 1-2hrs before replying. This would make her start wondering what you’re up to. And the more a woman starts thinking about you, the more her attraction level starts going up.

I explained this in detail in my book “BECOME THE REAL MAN SHE CAN’T RESIST” Where I talk about how to meet women and make her fall in love and also make them stay in love with you for those who desire a long term relationship with her.

Whenever a woman reaches out make sure to set a date. You simply say “great to hear from you, when are you free, I’d love to see you”. She might say something in the lines of “I will be free Thurs and Fri” and you say “Fri it is” You can ask her to bring along a bottle of wine so you can make dinner together. Set a definite date and when you’re together, make sure to make her laugh. Let her have a great time.

She would call/ text you if she did have a great time (When a woman calls or texts you that she had a great time with you, she really did and that should be what you aim for). The more space you give her, allowing her to contact you first, setting definite dates when she does and making sure she has a great time, the more her attraction level will start increasing and she starts chasing you more and more.

If a woman is chasing you, she can’t be getting rid of you. You must let her come to you at her own pace. But if she calls and you try to set a date and still don’t get a positive response from her or she didn’t  give an alternative on when she will be free and this happened twice consecutively, you don’t call her again and if she calls, you don’t try to set a date until she asks for it. However, if this happens twice and she never called, move on and find another. There’s always a bus every 15mins. It’s just that she never had the hots for you. Your aim is to go for those who want you as much as you want them.


WARNING: What you just read is hard to practice, especially if you’re totally enchanted by this woman. But if you can follow what you just read, I guarantee you, she would start chasing you. And when a woman starts becoming relaxed and comfortable, her legs open. You want that right?   Understanding women can be very tricky. And I don’t blame men who say women are too complex or complicated to understand. Or you see memes stating the guide to understanding women have not been invented.

Well, you see my friend women are emotional beings and their actions are different from what they say. That’s why a woman would tell a man “It’s not about you but me” or “You’re not the problem but me”. A man hears these words and they sound gibberish to him. What does that mean he would ask himself or a lady tells you she misses you, loves you yesterday and today she is acting bitchy and pissing you off or she cancels a date and still says she really wants to see you.

What do you do to stay in control and not lose cool?  That is why I have taken it upon myself to enlighten men on how attraction works and what women emotionally respond to. Your female friends won’t tell you the truth because they don’t want to hurt your ego. Your buddies can’t provide you good advise because they are also clueless (Their relationship is shit). Those that are successful with women, can’t tell you because, honestly they don’t know, they are just naturals. You can become the man no woman can resist. I was once a wussy, women were walking all over me until I stripped myself off Mr. Nice Guy and started using some ancient biological attraction triggers. If you truly want to get the woman of your dreams to fall totally in love with you and keep her in love with you, then these ancient biological attraction triggers are what you should be using.

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