How Anyone Can Get A Brand New Laptop

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[dropcap]I came across a guy’s post on Facebook the other day lamenting how he could turn things around if only he can afford a laptop.[/dropcap]

hot to get brand new laptop

And I felt his frustration for a young chap who wants to succeed but no known means to get himself a laptop. You say it’s no big deal? then you don’t know how it feels to be without access to a good and functional laptop.

 cheap new laptop

Well, all that is over as I want to share how anybody can get a brand new laptop for just $30. This might not interest some persons but you’ll kick on your left foot if you don’t read to the end. So come along!

Listen, my friend, the fastest way to get yourself a brand new laptop without much sweat is to join a membership program that offers incentives to their members and today I want to introduce you to one.When you join this program, you start making money and that ensures
that you don’t give up. This Membership Program is called Real Alliance Network.

What is Real Alliance Network?

real alliance new laptop
Real Alliance Network is a Membership Program Where members get access to internet training products like Internet Marketing eBooks,
Training videos, WSOs, Software, Templates, Graphic Packs etc.It’s a place for first-time marketers, experienced entrepreneurs and small
business owners, entry to mid-level candidates, and marketing managers that are in need of marketing materials. The program is created to help anyone whether a newbie, intermediate or experienced get easy access to top quality internet marketing products from top marketers in the world. With this membership, you have a lifetime opportunity to learn, earn and grow your wealth. The most important part of the program is that you can earn while you are learning, giving anyone an opportunity not only to grow in knowledge but to also make money at the same time. Our products cover every model of online marketing like affiliate marketing, blogging, Search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, email marketing, web metrics, social media marketing, importation, web design, blogging, markets and niches, business
principles, joint venture marketing strategies etc.We realize there is a lot to cover so we have 6 learning stages or membership levels. We have the Starter, Impact, Deluxe, Master, Elite and Legend Membership Levels. The learning stages get better and better as you move from one membership level to the next one. Every member joins at the Starter membership level and progresses to the next membership level based on how many invites he brings to the site. More on that later.

What Makes Real Alliance Network Membership Program Different to Other Internet Marketing Membership Sites? As a member at Real Alliance Network, you’ll get access to thousands of dollars worth of high quality internet marketing and business strategy training programs, for a one time out of pocket pennies on the dollar of just $30!

So This Is How It Works…

There are six different membership levels. You join at the Starter membership level and you grow until you get to the Legend membership
level. The first membership level is the starting point. It’s all about understanding what it’s like to work from home and work for
yourself, to help you with your motivation and give you all basic tools you need to get started. This is so because they want to make sure every member gets rewarded for inviting others to the program.
From the second to the sixth membership levels, you get access to more advanced products which will help you grow as a small business owner or marketer. You also get more commissions and amazing gifts/bonuses.

Are you getting the gist?

new laptop very cheap

Their products cover every model of internet marketing like
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Facebook PPC & Ads
• YouTube Video Marketing & Advertising
• Google Adwords PPC Training
• Social Media Branding
• Email Marketing
• Lead Generation
• Direct Response Marketing
• Speed Blogging
• Membership Training
• Shopify & Ecommerce
• Amazon Drop Shipping
• Digital Marketing Strategies
• And Much Much More!

You get all these products in form of eBooks and Video lessons. You also get quality Softwares, premium themes, plugins, scripts etc.

They have a forced matrix system built upon the binary marketing system of 2 X 2, 2 X 3 and 2 X 4 matrix plan.. It’s a follow me set up where your downlink members are following you as you progress from stage 1 or your first membership level to stage 6 or your final membership level. The Starter Membership level or Stage 1 is a 2 X 2 matrix system while the Stage 2 to Stage 5 have 2 X 3 matrix plans and Stage 6 has a 2 X 4 Matrix plan.

  • Every member is required to invite 2 members each and any additional members introduced will spillover making the matrix fill
  • The program has spillover effect as members invite other members.
  • The system has no breakaway or splitting. Every downline follows you to the next stage as they fill their matrix.
  • Whenever you complete a rank or stage, you are rewarded with great BONUSES.
  • Members have access to products that cover their membership level.
  • You only pay for your first membership level registration. That is you pay only $30 out of your pocket. You pay for your next level
    membership with the commissions earned.
  • The fees for each membership levels from 1 to 6 are $30, $30, $50, $100, $200 and $600.
  • The membership fees are automatically deducted from your commissions after you have completed a matrix and are upgraded
    to the next membership level.
  • Members have access to new sets of products that cover their membership levels as they upgrade.
  • Members are paid commissions whether the downline is from direct referral or from spillover.
  • In addition to commissions, members also get bonuses after completing each matrix stage or membership level.

Take a look at what the compensation plan looks like


STARTER Membership Level

how real alliance fives cheap laptop

  • Reg fee is $30
  • This stage has a 2 X 2 matrix system
  • Total number of referrals is 6
  • Commission is $6 per referral
  • Total commission is $36
  • Bonus is $10
  • To upgrade to next Stage the matrix has to be filled
  • Once filled, you are automatically upgraded to the next membership level and fee for that level is automatically deducted
    from your earning.IMPACT Membership Level

cheap laptop from real alliance


  • As the six (6) members in your link complete their feeder matrix, they follow you down to the Impact Stage. Its a follow me matrix
    so every member in your first matrix joins you here.
  • Reg fee is $30 deducted from your total commissions earned from Stage 1
  • This stage has a 2 X 3 matrix system
  • The total number of referrals in the matrix is 14. All your downlines
  • from membership level 1 joins you here once they complete their matrix
  • Commission is $10 per referral
  • Total commission is $140
  • Bonus is $100
  • To upgrade to the next stage or membership level, the matrix has to be filled.

DELUXE Membership Level

make money with real alliance

  • Your downlink members are still following you, so 14 members from the Impact Stage follow you to this stage. This stage is a 2 X
    3 Matrix system.
  • Reg fee is $50 automatically removed from your total commission from Stages 1 and 2
  • Total number of referrals in the matrix is 14
  • The Commission is $20 per referral.
  • Total commission is $280
  • Bonus 1 is $300
  • Bonus 2 is an HP Laptop
  • To upgrade to next level, the matrix has to be filled.

Now you can see how easy it is to get yourself a brand new laptop and there are more you get to have access to as well as commissions and bonuses.

Click here to Join and  learn more about Real Alliance Network


From my heart to you


Jonathan Melody

Author, Graphic Artist, Peak Performance Coach, and Entrepreneur

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