Finally Revealed: 3 Secrets Behind How I Made Over 30million Naira In 2019 From One Business Model Online 

#2 Is Highly Ignored

You're going to learn something really valuable in this short article.

It has to do with selling hot information and this very model made me 30million in 2019 alone.

I'll give you all the details shortly.

But first….

I want to appreciate you for taking your time to be here to read and I will do everything in my power to make it well worth your time.

So I've finally decided to do something I've been meaning to do in the last 3 months…

In this article, not only will you discover how I did over N30 million in sales from a single digital product….

I'll give the exact step by step strategy I used and I'll also give you 100% permission to sell this same product and you can keep all the proceeds.

But before we get to that part 

I'll be revealing the 3 biggest secrets the top 1% of high income earners use online that 99% are sleeping on…

These secrets are so simple, yet so powerful, you can use even just one to dramatically increase your monthly revenue with less stress.

.. you've probably thought about them and waved them off as not good enough. 

A few years ago… I used to think so myself, until I stumbled on these secrets and started implementing them in my online business.

The results were outstanding to say the least.

In a minute…

I'll break down each of these 3 powerful secrets and show you how you can use them to increase your monthly revenue by as much as 50% or more

But before I go into that…

I want to tell you a little bit about my experience selling products online.

Please read carefully. You'll learn something really valuable from this story.

You’re going to discover how the Top Internet earners generate their big pay days and what you can do if you want to follow their foot-steps.

I have been running my business now for the past 7 years, and a huge part of my business now is in selling physical products, digital products and consulting online.

And you know all I wanted to do back then was to be anonymous and just sell stuff online (the not loud gang).

I was a freelancer back then providing graphics design services on fiverr,

I would spend hours upon hrs designing book covers and logos and making a few dollars monthly. I was making an average of a thousand dollars back then.

After 2 years of being a freelancer and making cose to $30,000 I created my very first digital product called ecover mogul.

It was a video course on how to design bookers and offer the services online and I sold it for N10,000. Now this was like 4 years ago. It actually took me like 3 months to make my first sale of the course.

And I still remember it was 6pm in the evening, I was working on a client’s design from fiverr. When I got a notification on my phone and when I checked it was an email from someone saying he just paid for my course.

That moment was life changing for me because I realised if I could do it once, then I can do it over and over again.

Since then I have built my business around physical and digital products.

But information really sells with speed and the profits can be insane since you're not spending a lot of money sourcing and shipping physical products


I'm going to reveal the story behind a digital product that brought in over 30Million for me in 2019.

In my journey as an entrepreneur, I have sold different digital products like

  • Dating for men
  • Graphic design
  • Web design with wordpress
  • Trading cryptocurrencies

    But one in particular stood out for me

You see, in 2018, after making about 1million a month from Ecom for 12 straight months…

I started getting hundreds of requests to share my methods and tips.

After several weeks of pushing and relentless enquiries… I finally gave in.

So I launched The 10X Ecommerce Blueprint,

A comprehensive digital course that teaches people the exact thing to do in order to start and grow a successful ecommerce business and make six or seven figures in profits every month.

I sold it for N25000.

So far, over 1,300 persons have paid for it

That's over N30 million.


But what really gives me joy is the fact that the 10x Ecommerce program has created, 6 and 7 figures income earners in the last one year.

And guess what?

The 10x Ecommerce is only one branch of my online business tree,

Yet, I did over 30million in 2019 just from selling this program.

Just teaching others how to enrich themselves using the tips and strategies that have worked and are still working for me in Ecommerce

Here’s some proof from paystack and ​Expertnaire.

Paystack Accounts For Just 10% of Total Sales

Expertnaire Accounts For Just 9% of Total Sales

OR Making N100,000 And More Daily

I want you to imagine making 100,000 or more daily

  • What will that mean for you?
  • Are you going to change your children school so they become smarter
  • Are you going to be able to finally contribute in family meetings and put a stop to the embarrassment and humiliation?
  • Are you going to be able to finally living your dream life?
  • Are you going to be able to support your husband?
  • Will you finally get your wife a car?
  • Are you going to finally being able to take care of your parents and family?


Today, I want to show you how I made it happen and how you can use the exact steps and procedures I'll be revealing soon to scale or upgrade your income this year.

  • Even if you’re totally new
  • Even if you just started out
  • Even if you have no prior experience

Or if you simply want to upgrade your level of personal income and move higher up the ladder of financial prosperity

I’m going to be showing you a few concepts that I have discovered, that will hopefully make all the difference for you as 2020 stretches out in front of you.

So are you ready?

Great, in that case, let's get down to business

Lets talk about the 3 things every top income earner does online

The first concept I want to share with you is something I learned from my mentor about 2 years ago.

His name is Ronald Nzimora.

At the time I was already having some success online and he wanted me to talk about trading cryptocurrency in a Masterclass put together by Akin Alabi, The CEO of Nairabet .

The training had different classes,

  • Blogging
  • Ecommerce
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Information Marketing

On the day of the training, after taking my session, I tried to convince people to buy a course I put together for anyone interested in making money trading Cryptocurrency.

I thought I was going to make a ton of money selling that course, but You know what?

From a hall of over 100 persons, Only one person paid for the cryptocurrency class.

Now here's the lesson.

After the class, my mentor sat me down and told me what I would never forget.

He said and I quote:

"Jonathan, what happened today is to show you that not so many people want to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. If you must sell anything, sell what a lot of people want."

He went ahead to tell me how so many people registered for other classes because they really wanted what those courses offered .

But amongst the courses he mentioned, ecommerce stood out for me.

In fact, I later learned that a rough figure of N5m was made from that ecommerce class.

5million, One Class!

At that point, I started asking myself

How many ways can I think of that a person can use to make a couple of millions in a few hrs?

A few answers popped up in my head. .

No 1. Real Estate : you can close such a deal on a good weekend

No 2. Winning a lottery

No 3. Robbing a bank

Now, these were literally the only ways I could think of at that time.

But I knew there had to be a legit and less complicated way one could generate a couple of millions in a few hrs selling something that people wanted.

And that was when I realized for the first time that to make millions fast….

I had to create or find hot information products that lots of people are hungry to buy. 

So, would you like to discover how to find what a lot of people want to learn about and turn it into a high paying income business online?

OK great!

So let's talk about the 3 secrets of top income earners on the Internet.

  • Secret number one

There's a thousand and one information products you can sell and make a fortune from.

You can even turn what you know into a high income business….

But you must first confirm that there are a lot of people who are yearning for what you know and are willing to pay for it without hesitation.

and this is very simple once you know how to use the Internet for profitable research.

What a lot of people don’t know is that most of this work has already been done by others and all you have to do is leverage on the numbers and statistics.

Here are some amazing tools you can use to find out what a lot of people are hungry to buy

1. Google trend
2. Google Keyword planner
3. Youtube
4. Online Marketplaces like amazon and clickbank

You can easily determine what others are desperate to spend good money on.

For example, here’s the result from a little search on Google Trends

This tells me that many people want to know about the Rural and Northern Immigration Program For Canada.

So that’s secret number one.

You must make sure a lot of people are ready and willing to pay for what you want because it’s solving a very pressing problem for them

And this brings us to secret number 2.

  • Secret number two

If you want to have an unfair advantage selling online, one of the secrets I have learnt and discovered in the last 2 years is that, the person who can pay the most to acquire a customer wins.

Let me explain :

If you really want to make a lot of money selling your products to a lot of people, you must be willing and ready to spend money to reach a lot of people.


The only way you can pay more to acquire a customer is when a customer worth more to you than your competitors.

So how can you make this happen?

By building your very own sales funnel

Now, what is a sales funnel?

It's simple:

A sales funnel is a deliberate sequence of engagements designed to get people to say yes to your offer.

So someone lands on your page and buys, do you have something else to sell to them?

That something else is called an upsell

It’s just like you walking into a cinema to buy a ticket for a movie and then the sales rep would ask ; “would you like popcorn or drinks” added to your order?

I can count how many times I have seen a movie in a cinema without ordering for popcorn and drink. Maybe twice or 3 times in the last 12 months and I pretty go to the cinemas almost every weekend with my wife.

That’s an upsell

So, do you have an upsell, a downsell, cross sell?

Do you have a product you’re selling on the back end?

That’s important because…

If you’re able to make your customer worth more to you by having a sales funnel in place?

That’s when you can have an unfair advantage in your business.

But there is one more thing you should know. It is as important as secret number 1 and 2.

And that brings us to secret number 3

  • Secret number three

I'm going to be very honest with you…

If you really want to have sustainable long term results, here’s one thing that you need to know.

I'm going to illustrate this secret by telling you a true life story.

When I finish my story, I'll tell you how you can make a lot of money every month using the same processes I used to sell over N30million of a single digital product in 2019…

I'll give you everything from the sales scripts, the emails, the ad copy and more.

In addition…

I'll also give you full rights to sell the same product and keep all the money so you see for yourself how amazing this strategy is.

And above all..

I'll give you private access to do a partnership with me that will be worth several millions of Naira to you in the following months.

But before I go on to that, here's the story behind secret number 3 of high income earners who make a solid seven figures every month selling something online.


What if I told you there was a point when I struggled to get back in shape. I would go to the gym and just lazy around.

I became so lazy, I had a bot belly.

I would pay for gym membership and only show up once in a blue moon or almost not at all.

Please pay attention here so you see why this secret is key to financial prosperity.

One day, after registering every month and failing to put in the work, the sales rep at the gym reached out me and told me something that really hit me deep.

He said :

"Sir, I have been watching you for the past few months, you register but don’t really show up. And I gave him the usual excuse of work and no time to come to the gym"

He suggested I pay a little extra at a discount to have an assigned instructor to me since my main excuse was that I didn’t have time.

So I paid for a personal instructor.

And on our first meeting, he had put together the various routines for different days.

I was impressed.

And the way he structured it, I knew when was leg day, when was arm day, abdominals and aerobics.

The first week was still a struggle but he wouldn’t give up on me. He would call to check up on me and make sure I showed up and within a month my bot belly was beginning to get trimmed down and the abs line were starting to show up.

And that's when my gym instructor told me something I would never forget.

He said:

“Mr Jonathan, If you can be consistent with me every single time you get back home early, I promise you will get massive results”.

I agreed that I would do my best.

And I did, because NOW I had a real pro holding my hand and inspiring me every step of the way…

Everytime he takes note of my progress and even increases the weights and reps. And all of these happened in just 2 months of working with him.


It's simple

I believe I was able to get rapid results in two months, compared to what I achieved with my physical fitness in the last 2 years only because I had two very important things in place.

No 1: I had a System

What is a system?

For me, a system is a pattern you follow.

After my personal instructor drew up a system for me.

l knew exactly what I was to do every day to achieve my fitness goals.

Mondays were aerobics and abdominals,

Tuesdays were chest and abdominals,

Wednesdays are biceps, triceps,

Thursdays are legs.

And by simply following this system, I reached my fitness goals really fast… IN just 2 months…

Something I couldn't do in 2 years.

​And that's because I had a coach with a proven track record by my side helping me with tips and strategies to achieve my fitness goals

Everytime I was near the breaking point and just want to stop, he would say “Bro, just one more rep” and I would try to lift one more rep.

And again, he would say “give me one more”.

It was always one rep away.

My point is..

My coach pushed me to do the things I would otherwise not do if I were to do it myself and that is the power of having a coach.

You get results really fast because they reveal stuff you never would have discovered early on your own.

​So if you want to reach your desired level of financial income in the shortest time possible you gotta have a system that works…

A system that's proven.

You gotta have a coach..

Someone who has a track record of massive results… HOLDING YOUR Hand, standing by your side, walking you through the system…

​Every high income earner you see online is always in one mastermind or the other for coaching.

And if you're willing to learn the exact system I used that made me over 30million from selling a digital product in 2019 step by step…

I am ready to show you everything.

Let me know in the comment box if you’re ready!


You know, I have come to the realisation that the more you give the more you receive.

So this is what I want to do, I want to raise more millionaires in 2020 and to do this, I want to launch a program

This program is called… IBM.

Here's what IBM is about….

I typically allow serious players like you, to leverage on my proven system so you don't have to go through the painful challenges I went through to get to this point.

This training will consist of 5 modules.

Module 1: Introduction to IBM
Module 2: Prepare
Module 3: Create
Module 4: Publish
Module 5: Promote

Here’s what you’ll get inside

  • How to decide of which info product to create
  • How to increase the perceived value of your product by applying one single strategy and have people pay what you want without them arguing.
  • The 3 questions you must ask before creating your product: Don't do this and you're doomed for failure.
  • Discover the one thing you must do to ensure you generate sales everyday and eliminate money problems forever.
  • How to get other people to promote your info product for you and increase your revenue
  • How much should you sell your info product: There are products that sell better with higher prices and some better with lower prices.
  • How to create your info product even if you don't know how to write.
  • How to get your first sale even if you haven't ran an add ever.
  • The one strategy you can use today to make your first sale even if you don't have your info product created.
  • Understanding the Big 4 and how promote effectively on Facebook

In a minute, I'll explain how you can access this program at a ridiculous bargain.

But first, you need to understand something

Imagine gaining 100 pounds overnight, then waking up to declare that you want to lose the 100 pounds right away the next morning…

Sure you can try, but the experience will be demoralising and overwhelming.

It’s the same as you saying…

“I want to start an information marketing business or I want to sell a digital product just because Jonathan is making money from it”

And then you go ahead and do it without knowing the steps and strategies I used and the different phases I went through to hit those numbers.

What if, instead of losing 100 pounds in one morning, which is almost impossible…. you lose 1 pound in a week?

Isn’t that more achievable and more realistic?

And of course, when you lose that one pound, it becomes more exciting to lose more because now you’re able to celebrate your success…

Building an incredibly profitable 7 figure info business is pretty much the same thing.

First, you need to start with step one

Which has to do with finding and attracting that core group of people who will pay top money for information that they really want.

Then step two… is about knowing how to get inside their heads, speak the language they understand and getting your first sale

Step 3 is replicating the process.

Now, you know on the surface, what steps you need to take.

But I know you're wondering how you can implement all of this without making mistakes and without losing money.

And. That's why I've decided to make you a special proposal.

I am going to give you an inside look into the dipsy doodle funnel I used to make over N30 million in 2019 selling hot information on Ecommerce.

This funnel still works like crazy.

It brings in around 500k every month even if I've stopped running ads since October 2019.

So you're getting a proven system that's still working as we speak.

This funnel and my money making tools for information publishing are valued at $799 = N291,600

But you're getting it for Free.

And you'll also have the opportunity to partner with me in business…

You and I will set up an actual business venture and you'll have a taste of the incredibly lucrative world the top 1% income earners on the Internet enjoy…

If you think you're already making serious money, wait until you see for yourself what this is about….

How many of you listening who wouldn't mind having a system that consistently makes you an additional N500,000 to N1,000,000 monthly?

Great, alright then.

Here's what's happening today

I'll give you access to everything I've promised you this far….

The blueprint and funnel I used to make 30million selling information on Ecommerce

The full rights to own and sell this course and pocket all the proceeds…

Does that interest you?

I'll show you how to sell it so you don't waste time and money trying to figure it out on your own..

When you sign up for my IBM program that is to launch in 2 months,

I'll tell you how much you have to invest to gain access to the IBM experience and even be part of my 90 days to 1million challenge.

But first…

Here's what you should know about this program…

Apart from the money you'll be making from the N30 million 10x Ecom blueprint I'll be giving you….

I've designed the IBM program to show you how to find high value hot information that sells really fast…

You could be making an extra 700,000 or more a month with what you'll learn on this amazing program…

So how much will it cost you to gain access to IBM and all the incredible resources I'm going to give you today?

When I launch the IBM officially, it's going to sell for N150, 000… but when you sign up today…

You pay only 50,000 and you join the 90 days to one million naira challenge which is already going on.

An amazing bargain,

When you consider you could be making ten times that amount per month when you start implementing the tips and strategies I can teach you.

And don't forget I'll also give you free access to my exclusive 90 day to 1 million challenge where I'll take you behind the scenes and show you step by step..

Exactly how you can go from 0 to 1 Million in 90 days.

I'll tell you everything from the world of Facebook ads… To Market research to… creating irresistible offers and more.

You'll see how the money works here… you'll also see for yourself how I overcome the different marketing problems you're likely to face in online business…

I'll be with you every step of the way for 90 days…

You get a video to implement each day. We are currently on Day 40.

And you'll also have the opportunity to partner with me in business so you can see a different and more profitable side of selling on the Internet.

Okay now I have to honest with you

The amount of work I'm putting in to this means I can't possibly keep this open to too many people

So I'm only doing this for the first 20 persons who sign up today…

Once I have the first 20 sign ups…

I'll end the offer so I can focus on the 20 who signed up and get them started immediately on this Breakthrough program.

I'm not sure I'll ever make this offer again at this low price…

If I did, I'll price it at 150k which is how much it will sell when I launch it officially.

But today, you can save 100k

Get in now for only 50k and gain access to

Here's what you'll get;

  • 100% ownership of the 10x Ecommerce Blueprint. 
  • The Exact funnel I used to sell it fast and generated over 30 Million Naira in 2019 Alone
  • Access to the 90 day to 1 Million challenge where I'll take you behind the scenes (This is is what no one ever shows) and show you how you navigate the waters of Internet marketing and make 1 million in 90 days or less 
  • The opportunity to partner with me in Business.
  • Access to the IBM Program once it is launched

If you're seriously motivated to upgrade your personal level of income this year…

Make a payment into the account below.

One more thing

I've been getting hundreds of requests for an opportunity like this but I have never really thought about doing it.

​Until now

Which means the 20 slots are going to fill up pretty fast since there's about 5000 persons watching this webinar with you right now

If you secure your spot today

It won't be too soon

And you're saving 100k.

So go ahead and sign up now for only 50k.

PS: I’m putting a lot of work into this. Reason I am limiting it to an extra 20 persons so I can work closely with you.

And a little side note: Whether I get the 20 persons or not, this offer closes by 6/03/2020

We are currently on day 65 of the 90 days to one million naira challenge and over one million Naira made

So, if you’re serious about increasing your income this 2020, below this paragraph there's an orange button that says Sign me up. Go ahead and click on it and once you complete your payment send your details to 0803 526 8343, so you can be added to the group and join the 90 days to one million naira challenge.

So what’s it going to be?

Join the 7 figure players or continue to be average?
The choice is yours

Click on the button above to get signed up.
I hope to start working with you soon.

​Jonathan Melody
The Guy Who Truly Cares About Your Success

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