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3 life lessons from a guy who can't move anything but his face.

Listen, it's no joke.

The only part this man can move is his face, yes of course, his eyes and lips included.

What am I even saying, those are part of the face right? lol

Anyway sha, his hands, feet, arms and legs are almost totally paralyzed, managing the occasional twitch and nothing more.

And yet...he has an amazing life and a fwaking-millionare

His name is Jon Morrow

So, how did he do it?

Just keep reading I am going to tell it to you without holding anything back.

  • He refused to follow the status quo:
    Many people are bent on following same paths their fathers and fore-fathers followed.
    Go to school, get a job , get married , give birth and then DlE.
    You've refused to understand that a lot have changed. The rules of the game has changed.
  • He Channeled His Pain:
    At some point or another, life punches everyone in the face. the punch may be hard or soft. But definitely, it would come.
    And your success is largely dependent on how you take and respond to that punch.
    Will you suit up and walk the streets asking for transport fare because your job interviewer postponed the date of your non existing interview? or you'd roll on the floor, moaning and groaning because one of your arm is missing?
    or you'd rock back on your heels and then keep going?
    Jon decided not to let his pain keep him down.
  • He was Couragous
    In 2013, I was a struggling brke student in delta state university.
    I wasn't ready to follow the status quo and I still remember using my allowee which was 10k to purchase a graphic course on how to design book covers and freelance on fiverr.
    First 3 months I only mde 80dollars which was equivalent to about 12k at the time. It was a total los for me after purchasing the course,laptop and data for 3 months.

    For many people, they would quit at this point but I refused to quit because I knew there was more.
    A year later, I made a net of 1m naira.

    Many will see this and start screaming, they have come again yadarada.
    And I don't blame them.
    It is only in Nigeria people think it is impossible to make 1m every single month legitimately. in case you don't know N1m is  only $2850
    That is not even up to the minimum monthly wage of people in several developed countries. Before I leave you, let me share a story of one of my mentors with you

Back in 2005, he attended a conference where the speaker introduced them to a great book called "Think & Grow Rich"

So, he spent the next 2 months looking for
the book and he eventually found a copy in
a bookstore. His name is Toyin Omotoso.

He bought it and read it from page to page

One of the main ideas that the author (late Napoleon Hill) passed is the fact that if you have a goal to make N1m a month, you should spend some time every day to imagine that you are in possession of that N1m.

The idea is:

If you can't see yourself in possesion of the N1m, it will be difficult to get it in your hands

Some people think this is rubbish but in my life, Toyin's life and many others, it has proven true over and over.

Today, Toyin is a co founder of a multi-million naira company here in Nigeria and has written a book titled "How to turn yourself into a live breathing cashmachine"

And I want to share it with you today, all you have to do is click the button below to access the book.

"How to Become a Live Breathing Cash-Machine...End Mon$y Worries & Change Your Life"

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