Reasons Why She Is Losing Interest

Top 3 Reasons Why She Is Losing Interest In You

There are quite a number of reasons she is losing interest in you. It will happen at some point in every relationship once you’re not doing everything right. And you can’t do everything right always.

There are times you’ll be more focused on other things and neglect your relationship. It happens to the best of men. However, knowing what to do and how to turn things around quickly is important.

Here are the 3 top reasons the woman you have been with for a while will or is losing interest in you;

Top 3 Reasons Why She Is Losing Interest In You

  • You Became Complacent
  • There’s Someone In The Picture
  • She got Lazy

Before I go ahead and broaden the points made above, I want to share a quote with you

“In life, you can ignore reality. But you cannot ignore the consequences that come with it”


You Became Complacent:

Men are goal oriented beings and they tackle situations as they come. When resolved, they tend to move on to the next task. The same thing happens at the initial stage of a relationship. You worked hard to make sure you get her attention, you take her out on dates, you leave her surprise notes and messages, you were fun to be with, etc. However, as the relationship deepens you slowly begin to slip into complacency forgetting how you treated her during the initial stages of your relationship. You are now engrossed with other activities, you think you’ve conquered her.

You start ignoring the little signals and vibes she gives and slowly starts losing interest in you.

The dating never stops if you want to keep her interest. She needs to continue to receive doses of the fun and suspense you made her feel at the beginning of the relationship.


There’s Someone In The Picture

A woman can be losing her interest in you because there is someone else competing for her attention and because women are emotional beings and can’t have their emotions invested in two persons equally her interest level is more affected or increased by the person who is doing everything right. If the other guy continues to do everything right like you did at the onset of your relationship and she is insecure and has doubts about her relationship with you, she eventually cheats on you.

This is why you must continually look out for her attraction level and know where she’s at on a scale of 4-10. Anything below 4 can’t be salvaged.

In my book “Become The Man She Can’t Resist”, I explain in detail how to know where she’s at and what to do when she is below the expected level of where she’s in love with you.


She got Lazy

A lot of women get lazy at a point in the relationship. When a woman doesn’t work to get anything from you, she gets lazy of returning the affection and love you show her. When you continue to reward bad behaviour from her and she knows that no matter what she does, you’ll always be there, she starts losing interest unknowingly to her. This is when you send messages and she doesn’t reply yet you continue to send her messages regardless of her bad behaviour, you call her, she doesn’t return your missed calls, the enthusiasm to spend time with you starts plummeting, she has become too comfortable and knows her stand with you. Which shows you’re pursuing her more than she is pursuing you.

If a woman isn’t returning your love and affection, you must withdraw them lest she starts taking it all for granted and thinking it’s her birth right. If she takes you for granted, she won’t respect you and if she doesn’t respect you, she can’t be in love with you.

You should also be able to tell when the game is over and she’s no more interested

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