9 out of every 10men asked will respond with the in the lines of “Men are logical, women are emotional”. I can bet even you reading this, thinks in the same light.

While you’re right. What you fail to know is that women are as logical and rational as men. And men are no less emotional. How they respond to situations is what differentiates them.

So what really differentiate the male and female?

Take, for instance, a friend’s father or mother or someone close to them dies, a man will try to find a solution and see how his friend is OK. But a woman will step into the friend’s shoes to feel what the friend is passing through. This is why she’s going to cry and the man wouldn’t.

Every woman responds to certain situations or conditions using a logical mechanism. This logical mechanism is the reason why a woman can perceive deceit, this is why she can tell something fishy is about you when you’re just meeting her. This is why she can just tell how nervous and less confident a man is when he tries to approach no matter the frame the man wears to mask it.

This logical mechanism is responsible for her survival through hard conditioning.

So, while a man is after the physical appearance of a woman, she’s is stepping into the aura the man carries. And when you hear her say “something isn’t right about that guy.” You wonder how she can tell something is wrong with a person she barely knows.

Two days ago, I was scrolling through my timeline and saw the video of a man explaining the difference between the male and the female brain. He was talking about how the parts of the female brain are connected and the male’s distinct and well separated. What this man was trying to illustrate is the connectivity of their brains.

This connectivity is the reason a woman wouldn’t be aroused by the picture of d!ck but will be aroused seeing the picture of a couple cuddling or kissing.

A woman feels every part of her brain. This is why a woman does so well even far better than a man when she chooses anything and pursues it. This is why she experiences mood swings and you start to question. “How can someone who was so happy a min ago turn out to be this bitchy?” This is why she can be seeing two men and thinks she’s in love with the both of them.

Whatever is thrown at a woman she responds to it in two ways. Understanding how she responds gives you the right tools the loving her the right way. If you don’t know and that understand these responses, you’ll have little to no success with women.

In Game mastery system I teach men how to understand women and love them the right way.

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