Your Headline... 5 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Productivity


Ask 3 “Yes” Set questions.

For example, if we say “Are you writing a presell article right now?”, in your mind, you’re saying, “yes”. Now we’re in agreement.

Getting people to say “Yes” a couple of times at the beginning of your pre-sell page generates trust. It creates a bond between you and the reader. They start to realize that you understand their problems, what they’re going through, and agree with their frustrations.

This introduction doesn’t have to be long — one or two questions will do.

Lead In To A Story:

If you answered “Yes”, to any of these questions, then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s why.

Use A Story To Outline The Problem:

Now that you have them agreeing with you, it’s time to explain the problem.

Use a story to do this.

The story should reveal how you had this problem or how someone else had it, and how they suffered from it to no avail.

Then ask if they’re having this same issue.

If they are, spell it out for them, figuratively (or maybe even literally). Outline why they have this problem and how the problem works.

The way to convert someone into a paying customer, to get them to trust you, is to explain the problem they face better than they ever could.

This section can be a paragraph or two. Depends on the complexity of the problem you’ve chosen are your focus.

Add Numbers:

Do your research.

Including statistics, referencing academic or scientific studies, or evening mentioning reliable sites that support or prove the problem goes a long way to making your pre-sell page more believable.

After all, transforming a potential customer into a loyal one all comes down to trust.

This also has the added bonus of letting your readers know that they’re not alone. Which is a great way to keep people engaged.

You can incorporate this into your problem outline or have it as a separate paragraph — whichever works naturally with your content.

Bring it Home with the Solution

You’ve got the reader’s agreeing with you. You’ve got their trust. You’ve outlined the problem and given them reliable data and sources proving that they’re not alone. And that there’s help. Now’s the time to bring it home … by hinting to a solution, one they may not have tried before.

Explain how you (if you’re the one affected) or how other people have found a solution to this problem.

DO NOT reveal what the solution is.

Research comes in handy here as well. Find or create case studies that show how the solution you’re proposing has helped others.

Give a timeline of the results you (or others) got using the solution or provide proof that the solution has worked for people exactly like your readers.

Close the loop and invite the opt-in:

Then get them to click on your pre-sell link and close the loop.

Example: Invitation: Will this work for you? I believe 100% it will.

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