​​​​List of CHEAP Hot in Demand Products

To order the products, simply contact my China point persons on Skype +8613802395910 (Steven)



Daniel of NBC Logistics on WhatsAppp +8615989271003.

Don't bother calling them. A message is just enough. Tell him you were referred by Jonathan and demand that you be treated with preference :)

Simply send him the names and website addresses of the product you want (always start with one product and choose a niche), and he will get back to you with the price list.

Also tell him to verify if the products are original. Note that any price he gives you is NEGOTIABLE!. Don’t Argue with him. He’s kind hearted and will treat you well.

Remember respect is mutual. After payment, tell him to send the products to miss wang (St patricks contact person in China) 

St Patricks China Address: 广州市荔湾区环市西路黑山三街20号宇宙服装鞋业广场C569,王小姐收,15920468789,请在包裹上备注客户名字和电话,请不要发龙邦快递,
C569 universe shoes market, No.20 heishan 3rd street, huanshi xi road, li wan district, guangzhou,

Atten:miss wang, tel:15920468789

Steven will provide you with a tracking number once it’s available and you send the tracking number to miss wang and she will tell you the cost for shipping depending on your shipping preference (Normal or express/fast)

You can also ask miss wang to provide you with their updated shipping fees.

If You're Using Daniel from NBC logistics, they can still do your shipping for you.

You can also ask daniel to provide you with their updated shipping rates and fees

Address: No. F2207 Warehouse F building,Xicheng Tongde Shoes Plaza,No. 31 Xicha Road Baiyun District,Guangzhou China

Atten: Daniel +86 15989271003

Shipping Logistics Companies To Use And Their Contacts

St Patricks Logistics :

China Contact: Miss Wang on WhatsApp (+8615920468789)

Nigeria Contact: ​Favour on WhatsApp (08164585092)

Chrisvicmall Logistics: go to www.chrisvicmall.com

NBC Logistics:

China Contact: YINMEI  (+8613412272121)

                                    DANIEL  on WhatsApp (+8615989271003)

                                     ISABELLA on whatsApp (+8615014278989)

Nigeria Contact: LEEMA  on WhatsApp (09094223792)

Note: Send them a message to be updated with their shipping rates and fees and choose the one convenient for you.

Once your goods arrive in Nigeria, you don't have to be in lagos to receive or sell your goods.

All you have to do is tell the local Coys below to help you pick up the goods from the logistics office address.

The local Coys can also help you store your products and whenever you have an order to deliver, you simply send the order details to them after verifying from the customer and they will help you ship the product to the customer.

Note: Make sure to watch video on management to know how to manage your business.

Local Coys and Contacts

  • OlaSwift: 08164549805
  • EDS: 08024240930 , 08068755874

    Note: Make sure you tell them you're from Jonathan so they can treat you well.

Additional Local Coys

Below Are List of products to get started with

always compare between sites to find best prices (see module for sites to buy from)

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