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Reasons Why Modern Relationships Are Falling Apart So Easily Today

The fail of modern relationships. What is really happening you may ask? Looking for reasons why relationships fail in the modern society? Even with the amount of time and emotions we invest, relationships still head for the rocks? Has the concept of love eluded us that we are no more concerned to make it last?

Reasons why relationships fail

We seem not to the prepared. We have become narcissists on the loose. Uncontrollable, more concerned about our own needs than the other, not ready/willing to give. We just want things laid on a platter of gold! Quitting so soon and not prepared for the growth.

We are just in for the excitement, thrill, and fun that comes with being with another. We hardly spend time together and even when together we can’t just create memories. We are so concerned about our immediate gratification! Oh, what level of selfishness. We are more concerned about the adventure than the beauty of being loved and in love. We don’t have the time to love the other because we are so busy chasing the things that would someday all go away. Nothing is worth our time anymore-not even love.

why is my relationship failing

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We’d rather spend an hour each with a hundred other than a day with one. We want options because of course, we are social beings. This keeps dragging us down the drain and eating deep into our relationships like a cankerworm eating up the buds and leaves of a tree. We take so much pleasure in lies than being truthful. Reasons why relationships fail: We don’t know why we lie but we still lie anyway. At the slightest distraction, we give in to temptation and we are out. We want perfection when we are not even perfect.

reasons why modern relationships fail today

We no longer value the importance of spending time together. Technology has replaced physical presence with texts, instant messages, video calls. We have had too much of each other and so what’s the need of spending quality time together?

We just can’t stay in one place for too long. We get bored so quickly, as quick as the air leaving a deflating balloon. The thought of settling down has become so scary. Reasons why relationships fail: We still need more time for some more fun. We want to believe we are different and can’t/don’t conform to social norms. We are rid of all morality and commitment.

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We have become more driven by sex more than we are by love. Loyalty has been hastily kicked out the window. Reasons why relationships fail: We find the temporary fulfillments more important. It’s OK to cheat on even the one we say we love. Love means nothing to us more than it’s felt on our lips. We are more controlled by logic than we are of the heart. No, we can’t take a mile flight just to see the one we love.

Reasons why relationships fail: We have become a scared generation. Who are we to blame? We got ourselves here. We let this eat this deep into us. We can’t just let down our guard and be vulnerable. Our hearts have been shattered too many a time we are scared to bare our souls than we are to launch ourselves down the depth of the dead sea.

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We place more value on things than we do on relationships. We let go of the wonderful people because of course there are more fishes in the sea. Despite the conquests we’ve had, here we are bugling at the game of love.


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