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Saturday, September 30th, 2017

Dear Friend,

How are you doing? You see, I have been getting lots of questions about women and why they act the way they do even to the most loyal man and in fact, they are good questions and you should take a look.

  • Have you ever asked yourself why the women you want never want you back?
  • Have you ever seem to do all a woman ask of you only for her to dump you for another man?
  • Do You want to be able to create sexual attraction almost immediately with any girl you meet?
  • Have you ever had a girl you have a romantic interest in telling you” Let’s just be friends or let’s take it slow or I’m not just ready for a relationship or it’s not about you but me”?
  • Have you ever wondered why women run after the guy who seems not to care about her?
  • Has your girlfriend ever told you “Let’s take a break or I need space or I am confused” just when you thought all was fine?
  • Do you find your woman always nagging and bitchy and don’t seem to be happy?
  • Is your girlfriend/wife withdrawing and when you ask her what’s wrong, she tells you everything is fine?
  • Is there a friend you want to become your lover but don’t know how to go about making her your lover?
  • Has your woman ever told you “you don’t listen to me”?
  • Have you ever felt it’s impossible to understand or it takes some unique powers to understand women?
  • Have you ever thought women are generally bitches and don’t know what they want?
  • Have you ever seen a lady attracted to an ugly guy and you wonder what is special about him?
  • Have you ever wondered why a woman gives you her number only for her not to pick up the phone when you call?
  • Are you sick and tired of having to bear with the routine torment of women rejecting you every time you ask for a date?
  • Are you fed up with watching other guys going out with hot girls in the shopping mall - and sometimes you think it's injustice when even a guy uglier than you is having the type of woman you admire most?

If you answered yes to ANY of the questions above, then this letter might have been written just for you and you should take it seriously

Why should you take this seriously? I will tell you why

I'm about to reveal to you the secrets that are destined to set your seduction techniques on fire and guaranteed to piss off all the poseurs claiming to have the inside track on seduction techniques and boost your skill level if you ACT NOW

You see, certain qualities turn women on without them even knowing it. We call these qualities "Triggers" because when executed, women will do things they normally wouldn't do. They will sleep with a guy on the first date because they feel connected to him. They will want to rip off your pants in public because they just can't help themselves.

The best part is, you don't have to be good looking or have tons of money.

When you use these triggers, you will be the guy women crave to be with. The guy that women think about when they are alone in their bedroom. Men will respect you, women will want to date you. You'll get to attract even the hottest girl in a room without saying a word.

You will be irresistible

What I'm about to share with you is very powerful. This is not meant for guys who want to abuse/hurt women. You must use these triggers with caution.

Some of them you can use instantly and some of them you will have to practice. Once you master them, you will  have lots of women to choose from

year ago, I never thought I would write this letter and make it public. However, the number of requests from friends, demanding to know my seduction methods kept growing and growing.

And with good reason...

These ancient seduction techniques have proven time and time again to be the most effective techniques to get any woman addicted to you.

I understand and I am aware a lot of people claim that.

But here are the facts

Just one week after revealing these techniques to 5 of my friends (most of whom could barely talk to women). 3 were able to re-attract their lady and the other two were running around town, making out with girls and taking them back home.

And guess what, NONE of them was or had the movie stars look or a fat bank account.

In fact, one was overweight and balded and another a dropout with almost nothing to his name. 

And almost all NEVER believed how powerful the seduction secrets were. But after the first 3 days of applying the techniques, their opinions were SHATTERED!

Let me tell you a little bit about them...


GEORGE- A Middle Aged Man In His 50s

George approached me in my inbox after reading one of my posts on Facebook on how to turn a bitchy woman into an obedient lady. His main reason was his wife.

They have been married for 5 years but she has recently become cold and bitchy. He still loved his wife and can't seem to get through the walls she has put up a. He just didn't know how to go about it.

After introducing the ancient biological seduction triggers to him, he was able to re-attract his wife using just 2 of those triggers.


BEN- My Neighbor

Ben came into my apartment one day, telling me he is having a hard time relating with people especially ladies. He's an engineer by profession. He is bearded and chubby and even after losing some weight, he still considered himself not attractive.

Truth is, Ben worried me the most and  I knew if I was going to fail with these techniques, it was going to be him.

And that was why I was super excited 3 days later when I saw him coming home with a charming damsel. I was nearly knocked-off my feet with surprise.


CALEB-A Young Reserved Man

Caleb like many men out there had self-esteem issues. When he speaks, you can barely hear him. I met him at the gym. He comes into the gym faces his routines and vam! he's out. He actually reminded me of myself back in the old days.

He works in a publishing firm as a writer that I had to convince him if he wanted to be successful with women, he needed to try the attraction triggers. I had to bet him N30,000 (3 Months subscription to the gym)that within a month, he'd be a MACHINE when it comes to seducing and attracting women.

Needless to say, I won that bet!


ISRAEL-A Web Developer

Israel walked up to me after seeing me score phone numbers of 2 girls I had just met at the mall. He came to me with a great attitude, but still massively insecure about his looks and height. He didn't imagine a short, chubby guy actually picking up women. He wanted to know the secret.

And guess what, 30mins later after I had told him the secret body language that attracts women and right there while still in the mall, he had the phone number of a gorgeous, intelligent woman in his hands!



Joshua was in his 200L When I met him, young, a good looking lad who never had problems having women but still wasn't happy and wanted more with them. I realised he was having problems with his inner game.

He used the ancient biological attraction triggers on 3 of his female friends who had initially seen him as just a friend and 2 weeks later, all 3 of them were pursuing him!

The Ancient Biological Attraction Triggers Changed Their Game And Life

And they can do same for you too...

 My friend, you are about to discover the holy grail of seduction. You can use this techniques to make any girl to want to have sex with you or you can use it to turn that one girl into your girlfriend and get her to obsess over you, need you, miss you desperately when you re not with her. But I must warn you, if you choose to use these techniques, women will become literally addicted to you, so that they crave you sexually just as a drug addict craves his drug of choice and would do anything to obtain it. This is why these techniques are not publicly available until now.

Imagine if you know these techniques, who would you use it on?

Would you use it on a girl who "just wants to be friends" you can make her your friends with benefits? that you can easily send her a simple text message and she'll be INSTANTLY over at your place, wearing sexy shorts anytime you feel horny or maybe you'd use it on one of your ex-girlfriends or some girl you went out with in the past but then she blew you off.

All you have to do is take her through the attraction stages using the techniques to make her come back to you, begging you to bang her one more time because you're the only man who can give her what she wants and craves.

This is what you have been waiting for to turn yourself into a chick magnet and today is your lucky day. Because today you have the opportunity to be among the 300persons these techniques will be available to before it gets pulled off the internet and vanishes forever.

This is once in a life time opportunity as these techniques work even if you're short, fat, bald, broke or even if you have less than an average penis size.

The reason these techniques works like voodoo magic is because you're pushing a button that floods her brain with desires to be with you and triggers a primal, animalistic craving just for you.

The best part of these techniques is that

  • It's stealth
  • Undetectable
  • Totally under the radar so she 'll never see it coming, and she'll never know you're using it on her.

Using these techniques will short-circuit the "The rejection mechanism" and make her want to f!ck you, no matter what you look like and even if you totally SUCK with women and it's guaranteed to work everytime you use them.

My Fear

There's one thing I fear having these ancient attraction triggers handed to too many people and they using it without responsible guidelines.

In The Wrong Hands, This Is Dangerous

These attraction techniques have proven to be the most effective and most powerful methods to seduce any woman.

And the scary part is, when you even mention you have such knowledge, you'll have people break down your door. I have one who, whenever he called me for dating advice, he would exclaim with "Joebalash!"

These techniques are that powerful!...

And this can be you.

And you know what?

  • It doesn't matter if you've never approached a woman in your life.
  • It doesn't matter if you're a beginner and have been struggling with dating for decades.
  • And it doesn't matter if you still think I'm lying to you about how powerful and easy this is.


Not at all. The ONLY thing that matters is your desire to attract and keep the most beautiful, intelligent and passionate woman in the world.

Do you know that every woman out there has what is called the "Filter Mechanism"?. This is what she uses to filter guys and determine who and who is not worthy of her. Using These techniques is what would make you stand out from the tons of guys who will approach her and have her begging you just to penetrate her.

 Just read what happened to George after applying the attraction triggers with his wife


Jonathan, I'm so glad I saw your post that day. You saved my marriage. I now know what it means and feel like to be a superior man.

I'm sure you get emails like this all the time. I have to tell you I had my doubts, especially when it was against what I knew about women. But I have to say you are 100% right. I apply all techniques and they all work.

It is really starting to come together for me at this age.

I don't know how to thank you. Just to say I am absolutely a believer in the attraction triggers.




 The fact is, these triggers are powerful and they work fast.


Now Before You Get This, Here's a Taste Of What You'll Find Inside This Guide So You Know It's Right For You


  • A secret biological "hack" you can play on your body to start sending off scents designed to turn women on in your presence. (Scientists have known about this for years, but for some reason, it's virtually unknown to 99% of men).
  • How to exploit the 'curiosity factor' and boost your success rate with women by up to 200% 
  • How to make her wet between her thighs and beg to have you inside of her anytime you want
  • Why good looks, wealth and big time career DOESN'T necessarily equate to being surrounded by chicks! (Hint: the ugly guys whom you see at the shopping mall are hanging out with hot girls - and you're going to find out what they know that you don't!)
  • How to "ethically manipulate" a woman into being helplessly drawn to you.(If ALL you do is just this one, laughably simple thing, you will automatically stick out in a sea of dudes, and be more desirable to women.
  • A "ninja" way to use the infamous friend zone (when a woman tells you she "let's just be friends speech") to make her MORE attracted to you! (Almost nobody understands how to do this, and those who do usually do it on accident.
  • The one thing that most men do and you're probably doing that repel women twice as fast than keep them interested...and often drives her into the arms of another man
  • The mixed signals women give that usually throw 97% men off balance and leave them unsatisfied and bitchy (Hint: It's not about what she says but what she does)
  • How to turn the friend zone to your advantage. (You'll look forward to being friend zoned -- because it can help you get better and hotter women than you would normally.)
  • The 3 things most men do that make them appear NEEDY and INSECURE...and ruin any chance they had with a woman.
  • How to use texts and phone calls to get her to start CHASING after you to kingdom come (Hint: The TOP secret of the master seducers).
  • How to make a girl work to impress you in the first 10minutes of meeting with her.
  • "The takeaway test"...How to cut DOWN  the chances of a woman standing you up after setting a date to ZERO
  • The 3 things you need to make women attracted to you. (And NO -- they have nothing to do with looks, money or being a smooth talker.
  • A curious "mystery phenomenon" that lets ugly, scummy, outright loser men effortlessly steal a typical handsome and successful nice guy’s girlfriend right out from under his nose.

Let's take a break


This is extremely important to know.

       (Especially in today's hostile dating environment where women are becoming stronger and independent.)

       After you read about this phenomenon on page 48, you will understand why that ugly guy who lives with 6 of his friends in a single room apartment was able to steal the “good” church-going girl from under your nose... Why all the money you make didn’t mean jack squat to that chick who now pines for a broke musician who’s screwing 10 other women on the side, and only calls her when he needs money... And, why women routinely dump “nice” and “dependable” and “kind” guys for the manipulative “jerks”, “assholes” and “douche bags” they swear they hate.

       But don't worry. 

       This GUIDE  shows you how to use their exact same tactics...

Without Betraying Your Values 
Or Having To Become 
A Complete Dick To Women.


       This powerful tip gets women chasing YOU. 

       (Instead of you chasing them.)

       And, gives you complete peace of mind dating hot women.  

       Plus, it's perfect if you're a frustrated "nice guy" who women always pass up for bad boys who treat them like dirt.

       But that's not all, here are even more secrets you'll learn:


  • How to know exactly what she means when she says "It's not about you but me" and how to turn it around and have her beg you to have a committed relationship with her.
  • When exactly to say the "L" word and not look like a fool in her eyes.
  • The secret HACK that would set you apart from other guys and have her chose you over any other guy that comes her way.
  • The right time to go for the KISS even if you're shy and not get KICKED between your legs.
  • 12 things you can do when with her to instantly boost her attraction level and have her begging to give you her number.
  • 6 "counter intuitive" things you must do if you want women to stay attracted to you in a long term relationship or marriage. (Most men do the exact opposite of these 6 things -- and, as a result, are usually the ones getting dumped and divorced. 
  • A strange"6th sense" possessed by EVERY woman and it's responsible for millions of break ups and divorces... and how to exploit it to get a woman to love and want you, and not even consider leaving you.
  • Why you should never ask a woman you want out on a "second date."  (And the one thing you should do instead to ramp up her attraction for you through the roof).
  • The single best (and easiest) way ever invented to get women who go cold on you to thaw out and start chasing you down... practically begging for your attention. (Women who go cold and withdraw WANT you to do this on a biological level -- give them what they want and they'll reward you like you want.) 
  • What to do when a woman tries to play "Head Games" with you and turn the table around, have her STOP and focus on impressing you. 
  • The reason WHY women are addicted to romance novels, drama and soap opera and how to use this knowledge and have her addicted to you.
  • The secret language of women that no dating book talks about that will help you advance things with women TWICE as fast.
  • The best way to start and keep a conversation with a woman (women wish all men knew this and it can only be found in this guide).
  • Here's one of my favourites...How to make a woman want you more than you want her.(This one never fails)
  • How to get an instant date with a woman without getting rejected...Guaranteed
  • Many guys don't have the confidence to approach women..You'll learn how to polish your self-image and have the confidence to meet any woman.
  • The exact words to say to a woman when she asks you "Do you have a girlfriend"...This will get her more interested and see you as a high valued man.
  • How to use the simple 'negging' strategy to break the ice with the hottest women you meet!
  • How to be sensitive without losing your man hood in the process!
  • The one (1) thing you  need to do whenever you are with a woman...this will make her become eager to spending more time with you and increase her attraction level...guaranteed
  • And a whole lot more...


The thing is,


This easy-to-read eBook doesn't show you pick up lines you need to memorize to pick up women... it shows you how to make a few little "tweaks" to the way you think and act to make women want to come to you instead... while never even thinking of wanting to flake out, play hard-to-get games, or cheat on you when you date them.

      You don't need to pretend to be who you're NOT


You Don't Even Have To 
Leave Your Comfort Zone.
The fact that you are and have read upto this point means you are very lucky and I am not telling you any of these stuffs to brag. To be honest, it used to be totally bad for me to ever get laid let alone get the kind of girl I wanted.
I still remember the shame I used to feel when women rejected me. The shame when you find yourself sitting next to a cute girl, you try to make some friendly small talk. But she just look down at her phone and pretends like you don't exist or you are having a conversation with a girl, but then you run out of steam and words and doesn't know what next to say and then you mistakenly say something stupid (or even worse, you freeze up and say nothing at all). And she just have to make up some reason why she has to go and leaves you there alone, knowing that you're fucked up. Then there is the disgusting shame you feel when you're not even man enough to try.
You come across a beautiful sexy girl and you would love to introduce yourself, you know this deep inside you that this could be your only chance to know her, maybe date her and hopefully take her into the bedroom for the indoor Olympics. But there's this little voice at the back of your brain telling you not to bother, to save yourself the embarrassment of rejection and then she's gone from your life forever.


Now Imagine...

If you knew the perfect things to say to her, charm and tease her, tickling her emotions in a way that gets her tingling with excitement and turned on, so that she's feeling strangely horny all of a sudden. Fantasizing what it would feel like to have you inside her.

Just imagine her 

Approaching and asking you for your phone number and wants to make plans to see you again as soon as possible. Because even though she normally doesn't do this with a guy she just met, you have successfully triggered an overwhelming sexual desire inside her. These are the ancient triggers proven to work over and over again.

And the good news is that you can start applying them on a girl you just met instantly and install intense desires into her brain using the techniques.

WIthout the use of these techniques, I guarantee you will continue to suffer shame and rejection and sexual frustration . But when you know and start using the techniques and you will, just a moment from now. You'll be able to choose women worth your time and effort.

Imagine all the stress and frustration and shame you've felt in the past magically melt away as your friends and colleagues now look at you with awe, respect and jealousy, simply because you've discovered the techniques to activate the ancient biological attraction triggers and create sexual chemistry with any woman.


       This eBook is only N4,999 or $14.01

       And, it comes with an iron-clad "can't lose" guarantee:

       It's short, and you can read it in one sitting.

       Then, apply the principles inside. If at any time you don't think this is the best material you've ever read on how to get women chasing you (instead of you chasing them) ... if you don't have a peace of mind with dating women you've never experienced before... if your friends don't beg you to tell them what your new "secret" for attracting hot women is... just send a message to and your refund will be processed within 24hrs

       You do not need to call anyone.

       Nor do you need to talk to anyone.

       Just email me and it would be taken care of -- with no quibbles or trying to "talk you out of it."


You Can Even Keep The eBook 
Just For Your Trouble.


       That means there is no way you can possibly lose.

       It either works... or it's free.

The best part is, all of the hard work has been done for you, no need for cheesy pickup lines or have to memorize some bunch of creepy lines that will only make you sound like a broken radio.

With these techniques all you need do is chill and get this information directly hard-wired into your brain and make it become a part of you so that by tomorrow, you'll be fearlessly introducing yourself to any woman, saying the perfect things to drop her guard and pass her filter mechanism and then seduce her whenever you want, wherever you want.

You might be wondering how I discovered these techniques. Well, I have been studying different seduction techniques, psychology, the female hormones and how to trigger them in the last 3-4 years and have tried a bunch of these techniques and have been able to separate what works from what doesn't and also, have figured out a step by step process that triggers a hidden spot in the female brain and unlocks her deepest sexual cravings and focuses them on you like a laser beam. No matter how you look like, no matter how much money you make and no matter if you think beautiful sexy girls are out of your league.

Just go through the material and you'll be set. No complicated exercises, no long routines to memorize, nothing to practice. These techniques will be hard-wired into your brain that you know what to say or do or even recover when you mess things up with a girl.

       Finally, if you download your copy of this life-changing eBook today, you also get the following instantly downloadable 3 valuable bonuses 100% free containing my NEWEST materials.

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       Here are some of the secrets inside:

  • A secret way to get your woman to feel an almost irresistible desire to comply with your wishes. (This is a bit "unorthodox," but is completely legal, ethical and safe. It is also used by master negotiators in business to get others to do as they want.)
  • How to make even the most stubborn woman bend to your will without argument or drama. (Works especially well if she nags, threatens to withhold sex or tried to make a loud scene in public to get her way.)
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  • Why helping her with the housework will NOT get you more sex -- no matter what the ivory tower relationship skirts say. (In fact, helping around the house will ensure you get less sex!)
  • What to do when your woman misbehaves in public (and tries to embarrass you or pressure you into doing what she wants).
  • Why women don't really want a "white knight" who puts them on a pedestal and worships the ground they walk on. (And what they really want instead!)
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Will this help me in understanding spiritual sex?

Absolutely! The information in this book has been put together to make you understand the spiritual sex.

Will I be able to put this information to practice easily?

Most definitely! The strategies and techniques have been mapped out clearly in this guide so that anyone can start using it.

Wow, this is too good to be true! Will this cost me a bomb?

You Guess that right. It's absolutely free. All you need do is purchase "Become The Real Man She Can't Resist". I want everybody to be able to have access to this information because I knew what it was like, struggling without anyone to guide me… Now that I’ve found the way, I want this ultimate guide to help you!


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Saturday, September 30th, 2017

When I was first starting on the path to succes and understanding women and dating, one single most important thing I did was immerse myself in lots of materials from the best coaches who were already having the kind of success I wanted.

The truth is I put alot of hard work and dedication into perfecting all I had learnt. I made lots of mistakes during this time. And I want to guide you while you apply these techniques.

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Let's Wrap This UP

Here's a recap of what you're going to get


Attract Any Woman And Then Unlock Her Legs

How to use the ancient attraction triggers to attract and re-attract the woman of your dreams and Sexual Tension

Secrets To Online Dating

The secrets and unwritten strategies to landing yourself on a date with your dream lover using the internet

4 Rules To Get Her To Do What You Want Almost Immediately

how to get the kind of obedience from a woman that has her wanting to follow your lead, please you, and help you achieve your goals as your "helpmate" - without any of the naggings, whining or sexual blackmail or usual female "drama queen" nonsense.

Spiritual Sex And Satisfaction

How to have mind blowing sex the spiritual way

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Get all your questions answered and have you guided step by step to understanding women

Here's what a woman has to say about the book

I bought this book because I am a woman in a destroyed relationship trying to understand my probably soon-to-be ex-fiancee better. I’m a scientist and a feminist – someone who would instinctively cringe at a title like “Become The Real Man She Can't Resist” I bought it mainly because I had read articles and other books on communication in relationships and found those well-researched, reasonable, and helpful – but honestly, I wasn’t expecting as much with this one. I ended up reading it several times over. I would agree wholeheartedly with Jonathan's descriptions of what women want, how women flirt, how women process emotions, how women communicate, how women test and how women feel comforted and loved by their men. The only thing I would disagree with in this book is Jonathan's support of "space-maximizing behaviour" like manspreading. Noo! Encroaching on my leg space to show your dominance is not attractive, research be damned.

On the whole, though, I understand myself better, and I also understand better some deeply painful conflicts I’ve had with my spouse that are apparently extremely common in heterosexual relationships. I understand my man better. As a woman in a failing relationship whose, issues with my fiance are highlighted throughout (and it goes both ways –Jonathan correctly identified my fiancee’s complaints about me as the most common issues men have with women), my needs and perspective felt validated in this book. If you’ve ever been in a failing relationship, you know those self-doubts – is it mostly me? Am I being unreasonable or crazy asking for this from my partner and my relationship? Ladies, if you are going through a painful and confusing breakup, this is a surprisingly therapeutic book to read, as well as a solid guide on what to look for in your next mate. And men, listen to Jonathan. If you have a woman whom you love but you’re stuck at an impasse in your relationship, put your wall down. Try following Jonathan’s advice for a month or two. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain, even if your situation with this particular woman doesn’t work out. If you’re a single man who has read this book and you are this “hero” Jonathan describes, go forth and spread Jonathan's recommendations to your male brethren. And if I’m single in six months, call me!

Let me ask you this, my friend:
What would this knowledge be worth to you if you can get just ONE more date with an intelligent and attractive woman?

Now ask yourself: What if there's even a chance that this book can actually teach you how to turn that woman that friend-zoned you to becoming your romantic girlfriend or get dates with wonderful women as often as you want or make your woman fall in love completely with you?

How much would it be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand dollars? More? For most men, this would be priceless, that I know for sure.
Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of success with women will be worth the investment. I personally invested more than 2 years and thousands of dollars to learn how to become successful with women.

If you've ever asked yourself why a great guy like you just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to women then all you have to do is read this book to find out everything you've been doing wrong.

You are been handed so much for sure: You're going to meet women you like, who you find attractive and knocks your socks off for the rest of your single life and want to get her phone number because you want to meet her again or get physical with her...

The question is, are you going to know exactly how to ACT around her to succeed? or are you going to let each of these opportunities slip and never know what might happen?

I have one last thing to share with you.

After the study of human behaviour for many years, one thing is certain. If you don't make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there's a slim chance you're going to do anything about it in the future.

I want to show you the way if ONLY you would let me.

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To your success with women

Jonathan Melody



P.S. All the techniques and strategies have been PROVEN and tested by me personally on real life situations and can for you. It doesn't matter where you are from or where your woman is from. Plus you have lifetime money back guarantee


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