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How To Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

When you want to mention well-known methods of earning online, Affiliate marketing is one of the first to come to mind.

If you’re just starting out online, this is one of the fastest methods of making yourself some money. And for someone who already knows what it means to have a business online, promoting products from others is a great way to increase your income.

The notable thing about affiliate marketing is that as an affiliate you have nothing to worry about other than a product with potential for substantial sales. Every other thing is taken care of by the product creator.

Having a website is not a priority when it comes to affiliate marketing. You can choose to send people directly to the creator’s sales page and make money. The downside to this is the fact that a lot of other affiliates will be doing same and you’ll be faced with competing with them for same space. However, you can break out of this by promoting your affiliate links more intelligently and constructively.

What makes the big affiliates stand out is because they promote other’s products just the way they would promote theirs. And in turn, make loads of money.
They create their own pages different from that of the product creator and prepare the minds of the potential prospects through pre-sells.

They also pay for their own advertising to gain quality and highly targeted prospects. These players understand the 80/20 rule. And have so mastered these things and know exactly what works and what doesn’t in other to attract prospects otherwise called leads.

This is one of the reasons they make lots of money because they understand the game of being an affiliate so well. They know they would generate more money if they spend on advertising rather than relying on free advertising.

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Some of the strategies they make use of are listed below;
• PPC also known as pay per click advertising
• Reviews and personal testimonials
• The use of Niche sites directed to the products they promote
• Guest blogging
• Sweetening offers by adding their own bonuses through their affiliate links
• Giving away free yet valuable contents in form of articles and e-books
• Email Marketing

Even though all of the above-mentioned strategies are highly effective, the importance of email marketing can’t be over emphasized.

So you see, while other affiliates are busy ctrl C and ctrl V with solo ads and the rest, the supercharged affiliate marketer is bent and busy developing his own selling content. He puts a spin on his methods making the offer more alluring and appealing to the prospect. And yes more original. This sole method generates them more sales

But that’s not all they do…

There are other things they also do; they don’t hop on every product released and start promoting. They make sure to judiciously select products and programs they are confident about and can be effectively promoted.

Even though experience and instincts play a part when it comes to picking a product, there are factors to help pick a product worth promoting. Factors like;
• Is there a market for it? How is the market demand?
• Is the sales page well organized and able to convert prospects to buyers?
• What is the overall quality and value of the product?
• Do you have enough information about the product to aid your marketing?

So you see these affiliates didn’t get to where they are in a glimpse of an eye. There’s a lot of work they put into what they do. Time and effort are mandatory to be ahead of the pack.
And a substantial income that can be generated over and over again, month after month and year after year, for as long as they wish to continue marketing and promoting affiliate products the ultimate payoff?

Choosing The Best Product To Promote

It can be overwhelming trying to choose the right product with the great potential to promote. Especially when you are faced with loads of programs and products.
Most times you wouldn’t know for sure if a product has great potential until you start promoting it. However, this can be diminished if you stick to certain factors to distinguish products with high potential from products with almost to no potential.

Firstly, you need to determine if there is a market for the product and then find out what the target audience is and if they are interested in the product.

Secondly, how does the sales page look to you? It has to be clean and appealing and able to grab attention and if trying to override it is worth your time.
You need to make the decision of going all in or out. Is it really worth your effort? Go with your instincts.

Thirdly, should you start promotion, will it make you enough profit? Some creators can be very generous when it comes to giving their affiliates commissions while others can only part with a little percentage. You will see most of these when you look into digital and physical products.

For instance, selling e-books and software products can make you as much as 75% to 100% commissions while with physical products commissions can be somewhat low(5% to 10% on the average)
Even though the percentage is important, you must know that price of products still matters. If you sell a physical product worth $1800 and a commission of 10%, that’s $180 in commissions.

On the other hand, selling products with low prices need you to generate a large volume of sales to make a substantial income.

Fourthly, the quality of the product is very important as you can’t promote a product you are not confident about. If you do, maintaining it, in the long run, would pose a problem.

Lastly, You want to make sure you can keep track of activities such as visits, click-throughs, the number of sales, etc.

Be certain this can be done, either with an independent tracking tool or the program provides that. This would keep you up to date with how your products are performing and thus, allowing to determine what campaign you need to tweak, terminate or scale.

Time To Finding Affiliate Programs

Basically, finding great affiliate programs, 3 methods are employed;
1. Conducting adequate research on a specific niche
2. Using the services of an affiliate network
3. Going through the directories of the affiliate network

Now, you must be informed that the fist method would require a considerable amount of time. But. Trust me it would be worth every effort. Of course assuming every other thing is in place to guarantee your success.

This would involve determining your target market, your choice of specific and relevant keywords.
Searching for a program would be in two stages
In stage one, a list of keywords and highly targeted phrases and of course relevant to the product would be needed. A further search on each keyword will be done which in turn leads to niche markets and products.

Adding your keyword to the word affiliate would be the start of stage two. For instance, “cat training affiliate” or “affiliate cat training”. What this would produce will either be a program tied to the keyword or a content site already an affiliate. Either way, this allows you to take action regards becoming an affiliate for a particular keyword.
With this option, all you need do is sign up with the affiliate network and you get entitled to promote products from their directory.

Even though affiliate networks might not provide you exact matches to your search queries, they can be awesome time savers.

Here are a few affiliate marketing networks;

These are extremely good networks with almost products from every niche.

However, I would like to point out that of the listed networks, only Commission Junction offers all ranges of products, services, and programs – both digital and tangible.
You can also check out amazon

On the other hand, click bank only has digital products. If it can’t be downloaded, it can’t be found in the marketplace ( ).

For the third and fourth option, you get to sign up to promote products you choose independently and creators get to approve your requests. These affiliate networks only provide the platform to search and keep products and processes organized.

Here are several popular affiliate marketing directories…

Associate Programs

Affiliate Match

Affiliates Directory

Affiliate Programs Directory

If you need more resources, simply conduct a search using the term “affiliate program directory”.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing and would like to be taken by hand with outlined steps, I recommend Affilorama. They have all the necessary guides suitable for beginners to professionals and it is free. You can join their program by clicking here.


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