Finally Revealed: 7 Alarming Things You Must Know Before Starting An Ecommerce Business. 

#3 Will Blow Your Mind


In 2013 when I started my ecommerce journey, I wasn’t opportune to knowing what I know today which would have helped me prevent many pit holes along the way.

I know you’re reading this because you probably have heard so much about the ecommerce business and how people are making so much from it. But you still have doubts and clouded with uncertainty.

You still don’t know where to start.Well, it’s your lucky day and be grateful you haven’t started yet before finding this page and if you have, it’s not too late to set things right.

In this article, I will be sharing with you what I wish I should have known when I started in 2013 and what everyone who plans to start an ecommerce business should know before starting

  • Get A Hot Product and You’ll Sell Fast? Wrong!​

It’s sad that this is the most peddled lie in the ecommerce space.

This is the reason why there are so many tools these days telling you they can help you discover hot selling products.Let me make this plain to you. 

Having a hot selling product won't guarantee your success in the ecommerce business.

A hot selling product shouldn’t be the first thing you think about when starting an ecommerce business.

From experience and statistics, your market or audience has a greater role to play. So you need to understand your market.

Many gooroos will make you believe that what works for the USA Market will work for the Nigeria Market. That’s a big fat lie you shouldn’t believe and I will tell you why.

  1. The USA market has more disposable income when compared to The Nigeria Market

  2. The Order of Needs in the USA market is different from the Nigeria Market

If Nigeria is where you want to sell your products and services, you must be in the know that the Nigeria Market is distinctively divided into two;

  1. The high value market

  2. The mass market

This is why you must understand your market before you decide on a product to sell.

Imagine someone trying to sell a snow scraper to the Nigeria market or even trying to sell the heated sweater to the Nigeria market because it’s in high demand in the USA.

What do you think will happen to such person and the products?

You will end up turning your bedroom to a warehouse of unsold goods.

So before you think about a product, think about the market first. Knowing this will help you choose the right product to sell to your market. Products that will solve their problems!

For instance, You can’t try to sell shoes and clothes to someone who is dying of an ailment or is hungry.

You won’t make a sell. Hence, you must know your market intimately, their fears, pains, passions, etc.

This will guide your decision in choosing a product and even how to sell your solution to them.

Note: See products as solutions and not a means to getting rich.

  • You Don’t Need Money To Start? LIE!

This one is common. This is a shitty lie the gooroos tell you so they can sell you their shitty courses.

Ecommerce business is not for someone who is struggling to eat, it’s not for someone who only has N2000 in their bank account.


I have had people come to me in the past, they don’t have money but want to start an ecommerce business. I simply tell them to look for something else.

When I started back in 2013, it was with my pocket money from home.Even though you’re trying to do dropshipping within Nigeria, you still need money to get started.

You need at least N50,000 to have a good start in this ecommerce business. I have had a student start with N10,000 but that will only give you a taste of what is possible with ecommerce.

Maybe 2 to 5 pieces of a very light weight and cheap product.

You see, it doesn’t stop at buying your products, you need to set up your product pages which would cost you money, you’d need to advertise which will cost you money.

You need to have money to spend to be successful. 

Anyone who is afraid to spend money in their ecommerce business won’t be as profitable as expected

  • You Will Fail !

I know, you probably wasn’t expecting this right? You think it’s all rosy. Well, I'm not going to sugar coat it for you.

Running an ecommerce business is hard if you’re not business minded or you are without guidance.

Sometimes, you’re going to launch Facebook campaigns/ads and they will fail.

No sales and you’ll have to try again.

This is why having a coach will help you in this business. Someone you can go to when things get tough because things will.

Sometimes, order hijackers will try to steal your customers. 

You still don’t understand? No?

Let me explain a little.

When you advertise on Facebook, you will find people commenting things like “how much” “how can I get it”, etc. And while you’re talking to these customers, other persons are also trying to talk to them. 

So you finally send out the product just to have it returned and the customer saying someone else delivered same product to them before you did.

How do you overcome such? In the recent case study I created, I explained how to deal with things like that.

And oh, your gooroo didn’t tell you that you’ll have your Facebook advertising account banned when you violate Facebook advertising policies and sometimes even when you didn’t violate any policies.

In such instances it will be very frustrating if you don’t have someone to talk to.

Some days ago I shared with my students a template for recovering disabled ad account after testing it and recovering 2 of my disabled ad accounts.

And they were all excited. So, you want to make sure you have someone who is dependable as a coach even as you start this journey.

  • Build An Email List and Build a Business

This one sounds obvious right? But many people still overlook it.

No one will tell you this but I will. If you want to build a sustainable ecommerce business, build a customer list (mostly contains names and emails).

There’s nothing as powerful as having a customer database. While ecommerce email marketing is ignored by many, this makes up 80% of my revenue in ecommerce and the few other big players in the industry.

You won’t hear many people talking about this and it’s really not their fault. It either they don’t know the potential of increased revenue that lies in having a customer list or they are afraid to share.

Either way, you must learn to build a list if you want to  be different and generate sustainable income with your ecommerce business.

To make this a bit clearer to you let me explain further.

Imagine you own a store and you sell hairs (please, I am not saying you should go start selling hairs. In fact, I strongly advise that you don’t). A 100 people visits your store and 10 of them buys and 90 don’t, what else do you think will happen?


You will only end up making just 10 sales and losing the 100 people afterwards.

But with a list, you’d be able to communicate with these people and even sell more products to them.

With the list, you can now know how best to direct your sales message which leads me to the next point.

  • People Need To Trust You To Buy From You

Selling is the same thing as trying to woo a girl. Now you can’t enter a restaurant, see a beautiful lady across a table and then you approach and the first thing you ask her is;

will you marry me?

What do you think would happen? She probably might pour her drink on you , or maybe say yes but I will bet on the former.


Now, it’s the same thing when trying to sell to someone who doesn’t know you and you most likely are going to sell to strangers and not your family members...correct?

Of course!

So just like the case of the girl, you want to introduce yourself , make her laugh , get to know her more , build rapport , etc.

So when you say “marry me” she can say “yes!” because she already trust you.

This is important because you see in every market people are in different stages and to guide them through to the point where they trust you and your business and then say “yes” to buying your solution (product) , you need what we call a sales funnel.

I define a sales funnel as a path (usually made up of a series of pages) you take potential customers through to make a definite decision.

  • You Must Know Your Numbers

This is one BIG mistake a lot of people make and they are not even aware they are making this mistake.

Some time ago an old school friend messaged me on Facebook.

He said he’s currently into mini importation (one of the gooroos taught him how to).

So what was the problem?

His reply was that he doesn’t see what he makes. Sometimes he runs into a loss.

So what did I do?, we looked at how much he was buying the product, how he was shipping the product , how much he was selling the product and how much he was spending on advertising.

I found out his problem was a game of numbers.

He was spending so much on buying and shipping the product that he wasn’t spending enough to reach a lot of people who need/want his products.

  • Be Patient And Keep Learning

I know you have been told how much you can make in ecommerce but I want to let you know that you can't become an overnight millionair£ with an ecommerce business.

Ecommerce is relatively new. Hence you must be patient when starting your own business.

The major successes in ecommerce are from consistency and building a brand and if there’s one thing you must know is that choosing to run an ecommerce business simply means you’re now a digital marketer.

In other words, it is a continuous learning process for you, you have to continually learn how to grow your business and market your business.

This is what is going to keep you ahead of others.

The truth is that, if you are not doing things right your ecommerce business probably won’t be around by this time next year.

That’s why I have created a FREE training on;

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  • How I made close to N6m within 3 months selling just one hair product.

Heck, I’ll even show you the only 3 categories of ecommerce products you should be buying that ensures you quickly sell out.

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About Jonathan Melody

I still remember one sunny morning in the month of December, in the year 2016.

I had woken up hungry with just N1,263 left in my uba account.I tried using the ATM to get out N1K but couldn't (BVN issue) that I had to walk from NNPC rd somewhere in Ejigbo to Okota in Lagos State so I could use the banking hall.

The issue still wasn't resolved that day. I got back home and was crying. I prayed and cried for a change.

You might think I wasn't doing nothing. But you're wrong, I was a freelancer, designing book covers. But things had become rough and the funds for the jobs I had completed on fiverr were yet to be cleared.

Later that month I was introduced to this one perfect business by my mentor. It wasn't my first time of hearing about it, I had tried it way back 2013 but failed. However, he told me this one thing "Jonathan, you're doing it all wrong. You need to use the 3 step formula"

The first month I applied the 3 step formula, I made N300k. If you've done this business in the past without results, it's most likely you're doing it all wrong.

I’d say 92% of mini importers I have communicated with desperately need to revisit 3 basic concepts.

To give you some background on why (in my opinion) I’m qualified to teach…

My name is Jonathan Melody and I imported my first product in 2013 and when I tried to scale, I failed. 3 years later, I met with my mentor (Ronald Nzimora) who shared with me 3 things that took me from doing zero to six figures and I have shown over 17000 persons the same methods I use and working closely with over 1000 persons and many are now soaring in ecommerce success.

When I look at the eCommerce marketplace today I see people making these three mistakes which are widespread; And My mission is to tell and show as many persons who are willing the right way to go about starting and running an ecommerce business and I hope you're sm@rt enough to take advantage of this.

PS: I LOVE transparency!

So in the interest of full disclosure, there will be an offer at the end of the Free training to work more closely with me on implementing what you learn.

This is TOTALLY optional. It’s only for those who want my help further.

Whether you take me up on the offer or not is completely up to you.

Either way, you’re going to get a TON of useful FREE information you can use on your OWN.

So the training will definitely be worth your time!

You Still Want To See More Of  What Others Are Saying?

Even Though this training is Free, I don't Know how long it would stay that way. So take advantage of it while you still can

PS: I LOVE transparency!

So in the interest of full disclosure, there will be an offer at the end of the Free training to work more closely with me on implementing what you learn.

This is TOTALLY optional. It’s only for those who want my help further.

Whether you take me up on the offer or not is completely up to you.

Either way, you’re going to get a TON of useful FREE information you can use on your OWN.

So the training will definitely be worth your time!

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