Forget the "Go To School" HYPE: Read My Story. Thank me later

True Life Story of an EX Corper Who Went From N19,800 Allowee To 500k Monthly


It's not a joke. I wish I had someone tell me the rules of life. No one advised me. Not even my lecturers. But I did it without them.

It's not a joke. I wish I had someone tell me the rules of life. No one advised me. Not even my lecturers. But I did it without them.

And I am proud of myself and my current accomplishments. I know more are yet to come


By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll understand why going to school might not be the best option to the financial change you desire and you’ll also find out how I went from 19,800 allowee to 500k monthly.

Do you know that every day 1.5 billion children and adolescents around the world go to buildings called schools? Once there they spend long hours in classrooms where some adults try to teach them how to read and write, math, science and more. Annually, this costs 5% of the world’s GDP.

A large part of this money is wasted. An even greater waste is the time lost by those 1.5 billion students who learn little or nothing that will be useful to succeed in today’s world.

I think I am going too far already. lol

Let's come back home.

According to the former Minister for Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in 2014 wrote premium times that not less than 1.8million graduate enter the labour market every year.

NO, I am not making that up look at it below;

And do you know things get worse every passing year?

Here's another article by allafrica stating that 80% of Nigeria's graduates are unemployed.

It is not a good scene.


This is even made more unpleasant by the educational structure. This is why the unemployment rate keeps increasing each year. Students are not well prepared to face the outside world once they leave school.

See the statistics below so you understand better what I am trying to tell you.

And you know the scary part? This will continue to get worse as long as nothing is done about it.

The truth is, I use to be one of those who believed that to be financially free, I must have good grades in school and graduate as one of the best students.

I am one of those persons who never joked with studies, can’t even count the sleepless nights I had, reading so I could pass my exams, graduate with a first class and get a good Job.

I never knew it was a different world and ball game once I left school. Well, I graduated with a second class upper in biochemistry and it was time to go serve my country. 
And I had just got posted to Benue State.

No, I am not from a rich home (in case you’re thinking I am). So, preparing for youth service wasn’t as fulfilling like I thought it would.

My parents couldn’t get me all I needed to face the extreme temperature in Benue State.

If you’ve been to Benue State you’ll understand what I mean by “extreme temperature”. Camping was over and it was time to face the real dance.

The first 2 weeks were great as we were paid 19,800 in camp. The feeling of receiving monthly allowee lol. Every corper once had the feeling. Maybe not, for those who are from rich homes.

For me, it was a big deal.

Let’s get back to the story,

The third week I realized I had just 2,000 left on me. The fare to my place of primary assignment had taken half of what I was paid in camp.

Oh my G, this is not what I signed up for!

But I mostly feed on fruit I mutter to myself.

For the most part of it?

Well, it was!

Fruits in Makurdi are cheap, so it wasn’t taking much to buy some.

I remember calling home for help one cool Saturday morning. Here’s what my Dad told me.

“Chris, You’re now a man. Take care of yourself”
When I dropped that call, it sunk into me that I was on my own.
Now, don’t think my father is wicked.

In fact, I owe part of who I am today to those words from him.
What about my mom?

Well, she did her best to send what she could afford whenever she can.

Those words from my dad threw me into deep thinking. I have to do something else to survive.

I can’t rely solely on this Allowee and remain whole “I said to myself”
And that was when I started surfing the internet to see what I can do.

I stumbled on an article that explained different ways anyone can make an extra income.

Some of the things stated are;



Importation, etc

As I was reading through the article, I realized importation would be my best fit. Because I still have to report daily at my PPA and what will interfere would be a bad move.

Well, I followed the steps given, and I was able to get someone who was also a corper a tablet (not medicine o). Ehen

I shipped it using Dhl and it arrived within 5 working days
I made 10,000 just from that transaction and I didn’t even spend a dime. I just got the cash from him and placed the order.

Things were getting better but I noticed I had to always go out talking to whoever cared enough to listen, that I can get them any gadget they wanted.

Truth is, this was becoming tiring and I needed a way to make things easier for me and on me.

So, I went on searching once again to see if I could find a solution and that was when I met Jonathan. That’s his real name.

I told him I was going to write this and asked if I can use his name and he said it’s fine.

After my interaction with him, I realized there were so many things I was doing wrong. Well, I was trying to do it all on my own with the little information I had gathered from the internet.
One of the things I realized was; I don’t have to go out there looking for buyers. Rather, I position myself for buyers to locate me and I also need to do what he calls “product research” before buying any product.

Because there are certain products that sell faster than others.
And you don’t want to buy a product just to discover not so many persons want it.

He also showed me a product I can start with and how I can do this research on my own. And the product I started with was “waxvac” an ear vacuuming product (It helps remove wax from the ear).

My first month of selling it, I made over 200,000. I was stunned!
I had to reinvest almost everything and the next month, I made over 400,000 from just this one product. Until others started selling this same product and it became saturated.

Below is the facebook campaign he created for me to help me sell more.


Now, I am through with service and don’t even think about searching for a job.

I bought my mom a Samsung S9 2 weeks ago and the JOY I saw in her is enough to keep me working on my importation business. Soon, I am going to get her a car.



And guess what? Every man needs enough Raba to take care of a lady like you see in the photo.

Anyway, I spoke to Jonathan to see if he can make the training available for anyone who wants to know more on the subject of mini importation and his response is positive.

The thing is, if you’re reading this right now, then you’re in luck as Jonathan has decided to show even more in this free training which he calls the;

“The 10x profit mini importation blueprint” and he’s doing it for free.

This is same information other people are charging as much as 15,000 to teach. Personally, I think Jonathan deserves some accolades for what he’s doing.

What do you think?

All you have to do to access the free training is type in your details in the form below and register for the training. It’s free!

And It wouldn't take you more than 15mins to finish the training!

"The 10x Profit Mini Importation Blueprint"


(The Underground Method for Sourcing low priced, Hot Selling eCommerce Products and Quickly Sell Them For A 6Figure Weekly Profit)


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