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Here are some of the things you should be able to do at the end of this article

•How To Source For Hot Selling Products

•Where To Buy The Products At a Very Cheap Price

•How To Ship Them Down To Nigeria

•How To Start Marketing Your Products

You might be tempted to ask;

Why should you consider Mini Importation?

I don’t know how you found this page, maybe through the many persons I had helped in the past to change their financial situation using the power of the internet.

There are so many things you can decide to venture into, but why must it be mini importation?

I will tell you a few things

  • You don’t need a physical store to start mini importation
  • You don’t have to buy in bulk or store mechandise
  • You don’t need to be where your customers are
  • You can easily make 1000% gain
  • You can easily scale your business
  • You can start with as little as =N=20,000
  • You don’t need to be educated
  • You don’t need to have a laptop

All you need is your willingness, capital, a device that can access the internet and your journey starts from there.

I shared what you’re about to learn with 2 friends and see what they said

So, you want to pay attention and read carefully.

Also, If you can read to the end of this article, I will show you how you can get started within the next 72hrs and make your first profit.

Who Am I?

My name is Jonathan Melody(Oviomaigho) and I am a Sales funnel strategist and a graphic designer. My mini importation business journey started way back to 2013. But, I will save that story for another day. This guide is all about you and how you can get started with your mini importation business. So, I will get straight to the point and not bore you.

My Recent Test

Recently, I made a research and saw the need for a product and had to test it out. You always want to test a product with a few pieces before buying more of it.

So, I bought 10 pcs of the product (a fitness product that helps tone the muscles and helps burn belly fats)

I listed the product on Jumia and within a weekI sold 7pieces. I actually sold the 10 but 3 were not successfully delivered.

And guess how much I made from the sale?

146,000 in pure profit all within a week.

Did you ask how?

I got the product for less than a dollar from one of the websites I source products from.

This same product is selling for $14/piece on Aliexpress. See image below;

And you know what?

I sold it for N25,000 on jumia

When you add and subtract, it leaves me with 146,000 

Now is that amazing or what?

If it’s not to you, then I wonder what is?

So what is the first thing you need to know getting started?

You must do your own research to find out exactly what people need.

You don’t just want to import any product because you feel people will like it.

And when you do this, you have to do it within certain niches that have been proven to be profitable.

They are;

  • Health/Fitness/Beauty
  • Tech/Gadgets/Security
  • Luxury/Jewelries

Products in this category will sell so well in the market.

If these are categories to stay within, then what type of products should you avoid?

  • Heavy weight: Avoid products that are heavy
  • Bulky: Avoid products that are large
  • Temporary solutions: Don’t buys products that promises temporary solutions
  • Expensive (≤$10): Buy products that are within 0-$10. Anything above $10 will make it difficult for you to make substantial profit.

When you have identified your niche, the next thing you want to do is find hot selling products and you can do this on;

  1. Nairaland
  2. Aliexpress
  3. HSN
  4. Facebook

We are going to use Nairaland as our examples for this article.

Let's Look at Nairaland; Head to and get an account if you don't have one.

Nairaland is the most busy forums in Nigeria.

Once you've signed up, click on one of the niches we talked about above. For this article, we would use the "health" category on nairaland

And click on "views" like you see in the image above.

The reason for this is to make sure we are looking at what lots of people have interest in.

See the results below. But you want to look deeper to find problems to provide solutions;

Finding Products On Facebook

I want to assume you already have a Facebook account. Of course that's how you probably got to this page? lol

Now, what you want to do is search terms familiar with Nigerians;

  • Payment on delivery
  • Free delivery to lagos
  • 60% off
  • 50% off

I did a search term on "payment on delivery" and here's the results;

Then, you can filter by "photos",  "videos" or "posts"

I filtered by "video" and here's what I had

Here, you'd find products people are selling and then you want to check the views, when it was posted and the comments to see that people need the product.

Once you have been able to make your findings like the above, the next thing is to buy your products.

Here are sites you can products;

  1. Aliexpress
  2. Alibaba
  3. 1688

Aliexpress is dominated by retailers and wholesalers, Alibaba and 1688 is dominated by manufacturers and you can really find cheap products on 1688.

From our research, you see people need a product to clear black spots.

So, we head over to aliexpress, alibaba and 1688 to source for products.

Buying from Aliexpress

The first thing you want to do is register for an account. It's very easy to do and next is search for what you want.

In our case we need a black spot remover. Here's what I found after the search

Now, because this is a market place, you don't want to just click on buy now. So you want to check for the credibility of the seller.

So, you check how long, the seller has been doing business on aliexpress.

You check the feedback from other buyers to what they are saying.

The sellers rating and badge to see if it's a top brand, gold or diamond sell (This makes it safer to buy from the seller)

You can see this seller has been on aliexpress for close to 4years and have a great positive rating and a top brand.

And with this we can buy from the seller.

So you fill the number of pieces you want and click on buy now like you see in the image below;

After clicking, you'd be required to complete the following steps

So, your address and phone number will be required. Make sure they are correct and for your address, use the correct postal code. You can go to NigeriaPostCodes to get your correct postal code.

On this step, make sure to check if your order is correct. You can leave a message for the seller. But always try to have a chat before ordering so you can negotiate for better price.

Then choose your preferred shipping method. DHL is usually the fastest thought it's very expensive but you're sure to receive your products within a week.

Fill in your card details and click on "confirm and pay" and if successful, you'll receive a message from aliexpress stating that your order was successful and when to expect it and you'll be updated with the tracking code for your goods.

Below are some of my successful orders on aliexpress

How To Buy On 1688

1688 is written in chinese. Hence you need to first translate it to english. To do this, you need a Google Chrome Browser and The Google Translate Extension.

Once it's successfully added, search for your product using the search bar on 1688. I did a search and here is same type of product for black head and because my Google translate extension is installed, you can see it asked to translate the page for me.

Also you can see the price is in chinese yaun and not dollar. When I did the conversion on google, here's what it gave me.

From the image above you can see the cost of one mask is less than $1 as against the $3 of aliexpress. 

Below is the translated page

Now, you'd need an agent or someone in china and understands chinese to purchase from 1688. All you need to do is copy the link and send to the person who will help purchase and also send it to you here in Nigeria.

After successfully receiving your products, 

How Do You Sell Your Products?

You want to make sure you sell your products the smart way and not start hawking or begging people to come buy your products.

Below, I have highlighted means to start selling your products;

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Jumia
  • Konga
  • You Own Website

Check out one of the videos I found on Facebook from the product research I showed you above;

This person is selling it for N8,500 and let's assume he sells 20 pieces weekly. = N170,000

Cost of 20 pieces going by what we saw on 1688 is $10 = N3,700

Cost sending 20 pieces to you here in Nigeria using agents = N15,000

Cost of shipping to your customers = N30,000 

Cost of ads N2,000/day = N14,000

Total is approximately N70,000

N170,000 - N70,000 = N100,000

That's a pure profit of N100,000 within a week.

That's how profitable you can be with mini importation if done right.


If you find all of what you just learnt still complicated and would like a more detailed explanation and learn more and also, you want to start as soon as possible, then I have something for you, I want to show you what 92% of others who are into mini importation don't know. Click here to access it

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