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Voice Over Jobs : How To Make Money From Voice Overs

[dropcap]Seeking[/dropcap] voice over jobs? My dear friend I want to assure you that you don’t need weeks or even months to get ahead in the voice over industry. The only way to make what you want to be a reality is to have a plan. As you might have known, there are basic essentials skills needed of every voice-over actor;

  • Artistic abilities
  • Technical expertise
  • Business skills

While the first comes naturally most times, the second needs a dedication to learning how to record your voice as a marketable product and the third you must not overlook. It’s a business and has to be treated as such no matter how small you’re starting.

This is no small industry, I am not saying that to scare you. A lot will be required of you as an actor. Even with its demands, you still get to have lots of fun and make a lot of money.

So How do you get started?

We have mentioned that the first skill needed is your artistic skills and for you to excel you must hone those acting skills of yours. You must not be Brad Pitt to get on camera and do a voice over. The emotion behind your voice is very important. More reason you have to invest in yourself. Remember when talent doesn’t work hard, hard work beats talent.

Here are some steps to prepare yourself;

  • Invest in lessons
  • Take online classes
  • Listen to other voice actors voice123 is a great place to start
  • Go to and start listening to other voice actors.  Use the search feature to put in the keywords and parameters that you think match your voice. Find some demos you like and some that you don’t. Figure out what it is that makes you like or dislike a demo. Also, sort by “popular” so you can hear what clients are finding the most interesting.
  • Set up a home studio: There are a lot of forums, blog posts on the best equipment for a home studio. However, I will advise you start small. Few things you’ll need

voice over jobs

  • A quite space
  • Sound proofing materials
  • Microphone
  • XRL cable
  • Mixer
  • Firewire Cable
  • Computer
  • Recording software

I will recommend Adobe Audition: This is one powerful tool that will allow you get into some serious audio auditioning (from producing commercials with music beds to adding sound effects and even more) Yet still very easy and simple to make use of.

Other programs include;

  • Audacity: This is free and very simple to use
  • Twisted Wave: an easy audio editor
  • ProTools: This is quite expensive but it’s the most robust program on this list.
  • Just try to use one that works best for you.

Where do you start getting voice over jobs once you’ve gotten yourself ready?

  1. Fiverr: Fiverr is a great place to start receiving voice over jobs and start earning. In case you not familiar with Fiverr. It’s a marketplace to market creative services (from graphic design to video editing to article writing to voice overs) starting at $5. Fiverr is grown so large that a lot of persons find themselves there to get their jobs down. I would encourage you to sign up for an account because unlike membership sites, it is free to get started. $5 is just a starting price so you don’t have to allow that scare you as you can earn as much as $1000/voice over job.  However, for each job 20% is theirs.


where you can find voice over jobs

Do you still think it’s not worth it? Check this out

available voice over work for actors

This lady has completed over 4000 projects(excluding those who didn’t leave a review) and let’s assume each job was done for $5.

4647 x $5= $23,235 -20%

$18,588(This is just an estimation as we didn’t include unreviewed jobs and of course she would have jobs worth more than $5). I just believe you get the point here?

  1. Use google search to find your local chamber of commerce:

When you search for your local chamber of commerce websites, go to the member directory. There you should find businesses or companies that would gain value from your voice over services and reach out to them. Connect with them on social websites of by a quick email. Just think of where a voice over fits in their business, let them know about it and if you impress them with your work, you might just earn yourself another voice over job.

I did a search for Illinois Chamber of Commerce and here’s what I found

providing voice over jobs for money

I will suggest having a personal website/blog to upload some of your work. Designing a blog can go a long way in helping to show your voice over works. You an even decide to do a custom sample just to WOW your prospect.


  1. Get Voice over jobs Through worldwide exposure on Bodalgo: Bodalgo is a pay to play site that brings voice over jobs from outside the US. One great thing about Bodalgo is the fact that they don’t actively market to actors. Rather, spend on finding businesses with voice over works to post. You won’t see many English speaking job postings but the jobs are usually from higher paying clients are mostly located outside the U.S.

money from voice overs

You can register for Bodalgo and select “I want to register as a voice talent”. You can only see public job postings as a free member. I recommend you upgrade as they have 3 membership paid plans.

A monthly plan called the “Bodalgo 30”- it costs $30 per month

A 6-month plan called “Bodalgo 180”-which costs $130

A year plan called “Boldago 360” which cost $250


You can always start with the monthly plan if you are not ready for the yearly plan. Trust me it would pay off massively.

  1. Audition Invitations with Voice123: Premium members of this platform receive the opportunities to audition voice over work daily through their smartcast system. The system just takes the information given by the client and invites the best matching voice for that project automatically. With this, no need for initial completion as only those who fit would be selected. And so you know, voice123 brings people who have voice over work straight to your inbox and in volumes. Here, you’ll get to choose voice over jobs you have time for and worth your efforts.voice over jobs available online

You have a free forever plan once you register with them and can be found in searches be able to submit up to 10 demos. But in case you want more, you can sign up for a premium account ($395/year). You’ll have better search rankings and get invited to audition.


  1. Start submitting proposals on upwork: Just like Fiverr discussed above, upwork is a great marketplace with lots of jobs to bid for. You have to submit proposals to clients and if clients love your job, you get to work with them. You have to be aware that Upwork takes 10% of every fee. So you’d prefer to add that fee to your charges.

where to work as a voice over actor

Getting an account is easy. Head to Upwork and sign up as a freelancer and choose the basic membership to get started. Once the account is created, start searching for voice over jobs. And if you find one you’re interested in, submit a proposal.


  1. Convert Blog contents into podcasts: You’ll agree that blog posts are amazing as they provide a great level of valuable information on any subjects just like the one you’re reading now on voice over jobs. You can have a podcast website, find out contents people are interested about and read them out. A lot of persons prefer to listen to an audio than reading. You can make podcasts on almost anything from vacation places, best meals, etc. Getting started, you need to search online for top blogs with valuable contents people would love and connect with the bloggers.

Now go make some money

easy money from voice over jobs

Bags with money


Conclusion: I have covered a lot of methods/techniques to choose from and start earning. However, choose what you are comfortable with. Don’t try to start with all at the same time. Starting one method will just be perfect in finding voice over jobs. Is there anything you think I didn’t cover in this post? Please do let me know in the comment box.


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