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What Exactly Do Women Want?

The dating preferences of women are the ultimate paradox. A woman tells you she wants something yet respond to another. Have you ever come across a group of women talking about men and asking where are all the nice guys yet they still fall for the bad guys?

This leaves men confused with the question “what exactly do women want?”

This is why you shouldn’t act according to what women say but what they respond to. There are two sides to every woman  “The strait-laced woman” and “The Fly woman”. The strait-laced woman is that woman whom society and religion have trained to respect and do things the societal way. You can call her the moral woman. The fly woman is the high/free spirited woman who wants to do her own thing and have mind blowing fun when no one is watching.

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What am I driving at? A woman wants the modern day prince charming!

And who is the modern day prince charming you ask?

He Gives Her Space

As much as women would tell you they want a man who calls and texts them every now and then. Which they find nice at the beginning of the experience, it soon turns smoldering to them and you start losing value in her face as you come on being too available. You need to give a woman the space to wonder about you, the space to miss you. I am not saying you should turn a cold d!ck by not calling or texting your woman. Far from that. Don’t just be on her neck every now and then wanting to know her every move.

One of the most frustrating texting time to a man is when a woman goes cold on you and never replies your texts. The average guy(Mr. Nice guy) would lose his cool but the modern day prince charming wouldn’t care but rather maintain his cool and allow her to come to him at her on pace.

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He Can Hold An Intelligent Conversation

Women don’t want to anchor or pave the direction of your relationship. They want you to be in control. Able to engage her in intelligent fights. You don’t want to always be a calm sea around her. She wants to be excited! She wants the trail of the experience. When it comes to love for women, it’s all in the process. You should be able to start/build and hold a rapport with her. If she’s being a spoilt child, tell her so and don’t argue with her and if she’s being awesome, tell her so and mean it.

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He Knows What He Wants

Like I said earlier, a woman wants a man who isn’t afraid to go for what he wants and able to stand on his grounds. Even the highly independent woman craves for such a man. A woman doesn’t want to be responsible for the direction of your relationship. I’m not saying you should start arguing with your woman on everything. No man! Make your points known to her, what you don’t want or want and go about your thing. Feminism and feminists (hey, I have nothing against them) have made a turn around in the relationship circle between men and women. In the early days, you wouldn’t find a man acting wussy and wanting to do all a woman asks just because he wants to please her (have you seen James Bond doing that?). But now, the tables have turned! No matter how people paint it, a woman isn’t looking for a pleaser but a man who knows what he wants and can stand his ground. And when it comes to sex, he doesn’t go faster because the woman requested and he shouldn’t orgasm before she does. Rather, you should give her multiple orgasms. For he’s confident and confidence is sexy.

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He’s Centered And Mysterious

Complacency is one of the reasons most relationships hit a dead end. Women want to have fun, they want to continue in same excitement they experienced from the onset. You should be able to bring in different activities to excite her every single time. You don’t have to take things so personal with a woman as she wants someone who can make fun of her and himself and still sound complimenting and mean it. Check this “Baby your boobs are as big as a watermelon and they can make any man go on a 360”. Did you see that? You just compared her boobs to a watermelon which is insulting and at the same time, you made her know no man wouldn’t find her attractive.  Try to learn different games to spice up your dating experience. No matter what a woman throws at you, it shouldn’t sway you off your emotional center because you know how to maintain your emotional center. Love should be playful and not serious.

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He Can Turn Her On Passionately

Have you ever wondered why woman want to marry nice guys yet they fall for the bad guys? Because they can’t help it! The bad boy is mysterious like I have said before. Building sexual attraction with a woman is kind of like baking a cake. You put the cake in the oven, you put the timer on, and you can look through the window with the light on in the oven and just watch it slowly rise.

What the average guy(Mr. Nice Guy) does is, he’s in a hurry and a rush to get the cake to rise, so he’s constantly opening the oven door every couple of minutes to see if it’s rising yet. What happens is, all the heat comes out of the oven, kind of like dissipating sexual anticipation, so it never really grows. You shouldn’t be in such a rush with women.

When it comes to attraction and women, patience and confidence go a long way in seduction.


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